Cockatrice Slayer Guide – Easy xp and gp

cockatrice osrs guide

Cockatrice has been present in the expansive world of RuneScape since 2005. These slayer monsters rank among the most frequently vanquished NPCs by new players. However, in OSRS, their drop table and experience per hour remain quite competitive. This OSRS monster guide aims to provide comprehensive insights into these low-level slayer creatures, covering how to … Read more

Prayer Flicking Guide [2023]

prayer flicking guide osrs

Combat in OSRS can occasionally become complex, especially when you lack a suitable mechanism for support. Prayer is one such mechanism, providing bonuses to aid you in combat and more. However, the challenge arises due to the rapid depletion of Prayer Points. It’s almost like blinking, and suddenly it’s gone, leaving you empty-handed. Fortunately, there’s … Read more

OSRS Best F2P Range Gear

osrs best f2p range gear

Ranged Weaponry – A choice of every civilized player. In OSRS, people usually prefer Melee; some just want to try something novel like Ranged Combat. In Free Play PvP Combat, people typically don’t want to participate in Range Combat, preferring the two-hand sword or a spell that just doesn’t make sense here. But, with the … Read more

Best F2P Melee Gear

best f2p melee gear

Melee combat is undeniably the most popular choice in OSRS, primarily because it offers greater freedom in terms of limitations. In Ranged combat, costly arrows often deter players from pursuing that path. In contrast, Melee combat is more straightforward. However, in terms of overall combat prowess, dominance in melee hinges on your ability to close … Read more

OSRS Ironman Slayer Guide 

guide ironman slayer osrs

If you are seeking adventure in the game, or specifically a greater challenge, Ironman mode is just right for you. It strips away essential features like trading, PvP, etc. For an Ironman, Slayer is one of the most valuable and enjoyable skills to train. That’s why we have created the ultimate OSRS Ironman Slayer Guide. … Read more