About us

OSRS holds a special place in our hearts. Most of our staff members have been playing since 2005, which is over 17 years ago already. Time flies, but exp is forever. 

While most of the writing team at OSRSboss.com stopped playing for a while after Evolution of combat on Runescape 3, we came back when the 2007scape version of the game came back. Like most of you, we didn’t quit Runescape at that time; we just took long breaks. 

OSRS Boss is a fan website all about Old School Runescape. We love the nostalgia, the grind, and the fact that we can AFK the game if we want to. 

Unfortunately, most of us are in our mid-twenties. Unfortunately, that means that we can’t dedicate our full attention to playing this medieval clicking simulator with our full attention. 

That is why in a lot of our OSRS guide, we will mention how AFK’able the monster, skill, boss, or content is that we are discussing. No worries if you are an active player who pays attention to the game. We always try to calculate the maximum exp per hour you can get playing optimal. 

At OSRS Boss, we discuss a lot more than just boss monsters. We write articles about items, skills, regular monsters like Ankou’s, and NPCs. Sometimes we also write a review or an opinion piece on new content.

How do we work?

When we write an article or a guide on OSRS, ensuring that the information we are giving you is correct is our main priority. That is why all the people writing the guides on OSRS Boss are active players with tons of experience. We tested, used, or fought it when discussing a monster, an item, a boss, or other Runescape content. 

Our goal is to give as in-depth of a written how-to as possible. That is why we all actively test out the content, crosscheck what we are writing and proofread what we have written. 

When you look at our content, you will see that we love to discuss things in-depth. The reason for that is quite simple; We just love OSRS and writing about it.

We follow a 4-step process when we write a guide:

Find a topic – Duh. We start by looking around on the web to see if there are monsters, items, bosses, or content that just aren’t getting the love they deserve. These are guides just too outdated to be useful or when there isn’t any exciting content about it. 

Research & play – Okay, so we have found an exciting thing to write about—time to test it ourselves and start playing that part of the game. When we have checked out this content, we start writing and researching what people want to know about this. We make sure we answer all the FAQs and cover the topic from A to Z. 

Proofreading – Before publishing a guide or an article, another writer must proofread and crosscheck. That way, we make sure all the information in the directory is 100% accurate and useful. We also look around if Jagex has some official documentation about the content that we can reference too. After that, we check if we can find some tweets by Jagex staff members (AKA Mod Ash) to find extra info that might be interesting to refer to in the guide. 

Updating – OSRS often – but not often enough! – has updates in theory, which often means that the meta changes. That is why we often revisit our content to ensure it is entirely up-to-date and consider new gear, new skills (sailing when?), and new tactics. So when you read a how-to on OSRS Boss, you can be assured that it will be up-to-date! 

Our values and goals

Help players: The entire goal of our Runescape fansite OSRS Boss is to help the community. We want to write excellent articles to help you get exp faster and make more GPs. No matter if you are a noob or a pro.  

Accurate: Since we double-check everything we publish, you can trust our content to be trustworthy and authentic. 

Helpful: We keep our guides up to date and check every update on the official RuneScape website to make sure that they still hold up and are discussing the optimal way for players to do something.

About our team

Writing about this over 20-year-old clicking simulator is a team with a ton of passion for OSRS and helping the community. All of us have been playing since we were a kid and still love every second of the grind. 

Some of us have maxed accounts, others have an alt for just about every activity you can think of, and of course, we have a couple of PK’ers. We are a pretty cool group that loves to hear feedback from the community, so feel free to reach out any time you want! 

Here is some more information about the OSRS Boss writing team! 

Tommy Goodman

Tommy has been playing RuneScape since 2004 when he was about 11 years old. After taking a significant break when Jagex removed the wilderness and imposed trade limits in 2008, he returned to play OSRS in 2018. 

Tommy loves fighting bosses and trying out the most optimal way to kill them. Besides his main account, he probably has over ten alts for things like 10 HP pking and Group Ironman. You can add him in-game on his account: Fish_an_Oak.

Favorite OSRS boss: Great Olm (and Barrows if they count as a boss)

Favorite skill: Slayer

John Radlinski

John has been playing since Runescape Classic, so he is old. He won’t tell us how old, but we have our suspicions. John is maxed on his main account and loves finding the best XP rates for skills. At the moment, he is hard at work, maxing out his skiller and doing a ton of medium clues. 

Favorite OSRS Boss: Jad

Favorite skill: Ranging

Jack Huang

Jack loves flipping on OSRS and can’t shut up about the GE Tax. He is the leading man for our money-making guides on Runescape. Jack likes to fight bosses, but only if they make a decent amount per hour! 

Favorite OSRS boss: Verzik Vitur

Favorite skill: Runecrafting (yes, really)