Abyssal lantern OSRS Quick Guide [2022] – Best logs and how to use the item

A new update often means getting new items. The Abyssal Lantern in OSRS is one of the most recent additions to the MMO and is fantastic to train your runecrafting in the Guardians of the rift minigame. 

If you are not familiar with how this item works, it is easy to get overwhelmed in choosing the best logs to use for the osrs abyssal lantern. However, if you use it right, the item is BIS for the minigame. 

What is the osrs abyssal lantern? 

The abyssal lantern is a reward you can get after completing enough rounds of the Guardians of the rift minigame. You need to have the appropriate logs and a high enough firemaking level to use this lantern. 

The purpose of the abyssal lantern is to give additional benefits and perks during the Guardians of the rift minigame. The different logs you use to light the lantern all have various benefits. Outside of the minigame, the abyssal lantern is a great light source for surviving dark dungeons and exploring caves and dim-lit areas in osrs. 

osrs abyssal lantern

Best logs to use for the abyssal lantern

Since you can only use one of these simultaneously, choosing which logs to use is essential to get the best benefits possible. There are nine different logs that you can use to light your abyssal lantern. Each will give an additional advantage that will help you train your runecrafting in the GotR activity. 

1. Redwood logs

The best logs to use for the abyssal lantern are redwood logs. These have the effect that your runecrafting pouches will no longer degrade. 

In addition to that, you also get the effects of the oak logs (5% double point chance) and the results of the willow logs (an opportunity for 5% more runes crafted). You need level 90 firemaking to use these logs. 

2. Yew logs

If you don’t have an abyssal needle or 90 firemaking, the second-best logs you can use are the yew logs. Using yew logs in your abyssal lantern will give you a 10% chance to double the contribution points for action. 

You need level 60 firemaking to light these logs and level 60 woodcutting if you want to chop them yourself. 

3. Magic logs

If you want to get the most gp an hour, you should use the magic logs. Using magic logs will increase the number of runes you craft by 10%. 

To use these types of logs, you need to have 75 firemaking. This effect applies to every kind of rune, including blood runes. These points can be used to get extra rewards. 

4. Blisterwood logs

Another great type of log to use is the blisterwood log. These logs increase the blood runes you craft during the minigame by 20%. Since blood runes are the most expensive runes, you can runecraft here; having more of these per trip significantly increases the GP an hour here. 

Since these are untradable, you will need to get them yourself. I suggest wearing a lumberjack outfit for the woodcutting xp boost when chopping Blisterwood logs. 

5. Willow logs

Willow logs are another decent log to use in your abyssal lantern. When you lit the willow logs, the number of runes you craft per action increased by 5%. You need six logs to lit the abyssal lantern.

Willow logs require 30 firemaking if you want to light them. They are also some of the cheapest logs you can use here. 

best logs abyssal lantern osrs

Tips and advice

If you get another abyssal lantern from the minigame, you can exchange this one for 100 extra pearls. Talk to the NPC named Apprentice Felix to make the trade. 

You can use purple logs, but these will give the same effect as regular logs. So using these rare logs is a waste. 

You do not gain any firemaking experience when you light the abyssal lantern. This is because the six logs you use to light this will disappear without you getting any experience with them. Therefore, you can not boost your firemaking by using better logs. 

Unlike most other light sources, you can wield the abyssal lantern in your shield slot. Thus, this saves you an inventory space if you were not planning on using a shield. 

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