Adamant dragons OSRS Guide [2022] – An Underrated moneymaker

Nobody ever talks about Adamant dragons in OSRS. That is a shame. They are quite a fun monster to fight and have a pretty decent drop table. Yes, rune dragons are better for making money, but those are too strong for plenty of players, even after completing Dragon Slayer II. 

This guide is all about killing adamant dragons, aka addy dragons, effectively and making as much money as possible in progress. We are always looking for a way to get GPs, exp, and AFK as much as possible! 

What are adamant dragons?

Adamant dragons, also referred to as addy dragons, are the slightly stronger brother of the mithril dragons. They can only be fought after you have completed the grandmaster quest, Dragon Slayer II. They are found in the western chamber next to the entrance of the Lithkren Vault. 

Like all other metal dragons, adamant dragons drop bars in the same metal they are made out of. These dragons give you an exp bonus of 10% if you fight them and respawn every 22 ticks or 13.2 seconds. They are immune to both poison and venom.

Adamant Dragons can be fought whenever you want after completing the quest. These creatures can also be given as a slayer task by the slayer masters named Nieve, Konor Quo Matten, and Duradel. 

Adamant dragon stats

Combat Level338
Hitpoints 295
Max Hit29 melee and 50 dragonfire
Attack StyleMelee, Ranged, Magic and Dragonfire

While these monsters have a weakness to magic, this is not a good way to kill them. The Adamant Dragons are very weak to stab attacks and dragonbane weapons. These elements make the Dragon Hunter Lance an extremely potent weapon here. 

How can I get to Lithkren vault? 

To get to the adamant dragons, you need to go to the Lithkren Vault. To go to the Lithkren vault, you need to go to fossil Island. You can do this with either the boat or the digsite pendant. When you have arrived at fossil Island, you can use the mushroom teleportation to get to the mushroom meadow. After this, go southwest until you get to a boat. This boat will take you to the Lithkren Vault. 

When you are traveling to the Lithkren Vault, it is a good idea to bring a second digsite pendant with you. Once you are in the vault north, there is a monument that will unlock the Lithkren vault teleport on your Digsite Pendant. You can find both the adamant and the rune dragons in this place. 

How to get to lithkren vault - strange machine

Useful adamant dragons drops to pick up

A lot of people underestimate just how profitable adamant dragons are. The average kill here is worth 30k. That means you can easily make over a mil an hour here, as they are much easier to kill than the rune dragons next door. Adamant dragons are a great monster for ironman accounts due to the amount of alchable drops they have and useful runes you can get here. 

Must pick up adamant dragons Drops

Dragon metal slice – The absolute best drop to at the Adamant dragons is the Dragon metal slice. These monsters drop this metal slice about once in 5000 kills. It is worth a stunning 45m gp. 

Adamant platebody – There is only one adamant armor drop here. That is the adamant platebody. These are worth 9,5k each and can be attached for about that amount. 

Rune mace and scimitar – These dragons drop both of these. These drops are pretty good to get. You can alch them for the amount they sell for on the Grand exchange. They have a 1 in 15 chance to get these. 

Dragon med helm – you can get these 1 in 110 kills. A dragon med helm is worth 59k and can be alched for that amount of money.  

Dragon platelegs and -skirt – Both these dragon armor pieces are dropped here. They drop these 1 in 110 each, which is about 20 times as often as, for example, the bronze dragons do. They are worth 161k each. 

High-level runes – Adamant dragons drop a good amount of high-level runes. You can get wrath, chaos, and death runes here in pretty large amounts. Pay attention; they do not drop blood runes. You have a 1 in 5 chance to get a rune drop. 

High-level herbs – Just like some other metal dragons, they drop noted high-level herbs. The herbs you can get here are the grimy advance, grimy ranarr weed, grimy snapdragon, and grimy torstol. Worth it picking up, but quite rare to get. 

Materials – If you are planning on grinding adamant dragons for the dragon Metalic slice, you can get a massive amount of materials here. This makes them great for ironman accounts that want to get their crafting up or need high-level bossing supplies. Adamant dragons drop the following materials

  • Adamant bolts (unf), 20 to 40
  • Adamant javelin heads, 40 to 50
  • Diamonds, 1 to 3 noted
  • Dragon javelin head, 20 to 30
  • Adamantite ore, 8 to 20
  • Adamantite bar, 5 to 35 noted
  • Dragon bolts (unf), 15 to 20

Elite clue scroll – A nice added bonus to get here is the elite clue scroll. This is a significant drop to get as you can get many lovely goodies for completing it. If you do not like to do clues, you can leave it on the ground. However, you will probably regret that later.

Draconic visage – About 1 in 9000 adamant dragons drop the draconic visage. That makes this the rarest drop you can get here. These are worth only 3.5 mil each now. So you won’t get rich from this. This is only a bit less rare than at the iron dragons, so don’t go out of your way grinding for this here. 

Dragon limbs – If you want a dragon crossbow as an ironman, the adamant dragons are a magnificent monster to grind. The drop rate here is about 1 in a thousand, which is slightly less than the rune dragons’ drop rate (1 in 800). 

Adamant dragon drops osrs

Dragon metallic slice drop

Let’s talk more about the best adamant dragon drop, the metallic dragon slice. This makes it one of the most incredible monsters to grind. It is one of the only regular monsters in OSRS with a 40m drop and is not a boss. Unlike lizardman shamans, the other drops you can find here are worth a ton of money too. They are also pretty AFK if you know what you are doing. 

Killing around 5000 adamant dragons to get a dragon metallic slice drop will take you quite a while. However, due to the high-level materials, you will get a ton of excellent bossing supplies like dragon bolts and diamond (e) bolts for your account later on.

dragon metal slice drop

How to effectively fight adamant dragons – strategy

The best way to kill adamant dragons is by using melee. While fighting them with range or magic is possible, this is just not worth it. They have a high defense against ranging, and magic does not have a high DPS. That is why we will only discuss the melee strategy at the Adamant dragons. 

Recommended stats

Adamant Dragons are strong metallic dragons that should not be underestimated. When fighting them with melee, you will need to have stats of 85+ to fight them efficiently. At level 90 and higher, these monsters get a lot easier. Of course, you will need to have 70 prayer to use piety and protect from magic. 

  • Attack level 90
  • Strength level 90
  • Defense level 90
  • Prayer level 70

You can manage with lower stats, but I would suggest training them up to this before you start grinding here. 

If you do want to fight these with ranging, I would strongly advise you have at least level 90. Adamant dragons have a +90 range defense, which makes you far less accurate. When you use range, you will have the best results using a dragon hunter crossbow due to the passive extra damage effect against dragons. For bolts, you should use diamond (e) bolts. The special effect of these bolts is that they lower the monster’s defense you are fighting. 

Recommended gear and items

Below you can find the best slot items for melee when fighting Adamant dragons. I have also included the alternative to these items in case you do not have access to them due to you being an ironman or if they are simply too expensive. 

HeadSlayer helm – when slayer taskSerpentine helm
amuletAmulet of tortureAmulet of fury
capeInfernal capeFire cape
chestTorva platebodyBandos chestplate
legsTorva plate legsBandos tassets
weaponDragon hunter lanceGhrazi rapier
shieldAvernic defenderDragon defender
Arrow quiverRada’s blessing 4God blessing 3
glovesFerocious glovesBarrows gloves
bootsPrimordial bootsDragon boots
RingBerserk ring (i)Treasonous ring
Special attack weaponDragon clawsDragon warhammer
Gear to fight adamant dragons
Addy adamant dragon gear optimal guide

If you do not have an item, no worry, you can still kill these. However, you will not get as many kills an hour. So make sure you get as many of these good items as possible when grinding these. 

For your inventory, I recommend you bring these items:

  • Dragon claws
  • Digsite pendant
  • Extended anti-Dragonfire Potion
  • House teleport tab
  • 3 to 4 prayer potions
  • Divine combat potion
  • Super antipotion (unless you have a serpentine helmet)
  • Rune pouch
  • Food like sharks or manta rays
Inventory adamant dragons guide

It is possible to swap a couple of these items out. However, don’t go too liberal in doing this, as items like the extended antidragonfire potion are a must-have here. 

EXP and Profit

Adamant dragons have a high defense against ranging. So make sure you use melee to get the optimal exp and profit an hour. You can get up to 50 kills an hour here when you have max stats and max gear. 

Adamant dragons will make you around 1.2 mil an hour. This is on par with the brutal black dragons in the catacombs of Kourend. However, the majority of this is draconic metal shards. The law of large numbers says you will get this drop about once every 5000 kills; however, you can get it after two kills but also after 25000. 

Luckily, a ton of money is in the supply drops you get at these monsters. So make sure you pick up as many drops as you can. 

Adamant dragons OSRS FAQ

What to pray against Adamant Dragons?

To protect yourself from damage, it is vital that you pray to protect from magic. Otherwise, you will run out of food way too quickly. You should use your piety prayer to do more damage and hit them more accurately if you are using melee. 

Best way to kill adamant dragons? 

The best way to kill adamant dragons is by using a dragon hunter lance. This weapon uses stab and has the highest DPS out of all osrs weapons. It would help if you used a super combat potion and piety. If you are going for kills an hour, use Bandos armor; if you want to AFK, you should wear full justiciar. 

What is the weakness of adamant dragons?

Adamant dragons have one glaring weakness. That is stab melee attacks. They only have a +30 defense against this attacking style. If you combine this with a dragonbane weapon like the dragon hunter lance, getting kills is very easy here, even if you are not max combat. 

Final thoughts

If you are looking for an AFK moneymaker with exciting drops, the adamant dragons might be the best monster there is in OSRS. Due to the Dragon Metalic Slice being over 45m, you can get a pretty massive payoff if you are lucky. However, they are still high-level monsters such as the Cockatrice.

Even if you don’t have a ton of luck, there are still drops like the draconic visage and dragon limbs. You also get many supplies drops here that you can use as an ironman if you enjoy bossing and need to do some serious DPS. In short, these are some of the best metallic dragons – and monsters overall – to fight AFK.  

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