AFK fishing training OSRS – best 6 methods ranked

Fishing is one of the most relaxing skills in OSRS if you don’t have an active playstyle. Often you can just click on a fishing spot, do something else and click again half a minute later. This article will rank the best AFK fishing training methods in OSRS from least to most AFK. We also take into account GP and Xp an hour! Of course, your fishing level is quite a significant factor in this. 

7. Barbarian Fishing

  • Time AFK: 30 to 40 seconds
  • GP an hour: none
  • Xp an hour: 50k Fishing, 6k agility, 6k strength

Barbarian Fishing in osrs is a decent way to get your Fishing up without looking at your screen too much. While it is about as AFK as Fishing for swordfish and Tuna, barbarian fishing makes a list. Next to fishing xp, you also get Strength and Agility xp AFK. So getting to 99 fishing this way will also get you over level 70 agility without training this hands-on skill. 

If you one tick train this skill, you can get equivalent xp rates to firemaking and crafting, around 135k xp an hour.

best afk fishing methods osrs

6. Monkfish

  • Time AFK: Around 50 seconds on average
  • GP an hour: 100k gp an hour
  • Xp an hour: 35k fishing xp an hour

Monkfish are one of the best staple foods for ironman accounts. They are AFK to catch, and you can quickly build up quite a big stack while training your Fishing. Monkfish are very easy to bank, and you can one-click bank them on OSRS mobile. Unfortunately, both the xp and gp an hour is lacking a bit. This method is about the same xp an hour as runecrafting but without the profit.

5. Sharks

  • Time AFK: around a minute
  • GP an hour: 150k gp an hour
  • Xp an hour: 25k fishing xp an hour

Sharks are one of my favorite fish to train my Fishing on. They are very AFK to catch, you don’t have to bother banking a lot, and sharks are always helpful on an ironman. If you are a regular account, you can still sell these for a decent amount of GP. While fishing sharks is okay money and does not require you to pay a lot of attention, there are much better methods in OSRS to train your Fishing. The xp an hour is abysmal. 

best afk fishing methods osrs

4. Dark crab

  • Time AFK: Up to 1.5 minutes
  • GP an hour: 350k gp an hour on average
  • Xp an hour: 40k xp an hour

Dark Crabs are one of the most profitable ways to train your fishing levels. Due to the price of raw dark crabs, you can earn up to 350k an hour here with a high fishing level. The downside to the dark crabs is that you have to catch them in the wilderness resource area, where you can be attacked by PKers occasionally.

The best thing about dark crab fishing training is that the spot barely moves. So you don’t have to click and can just keep fishing at the same place. Due to that fact, dark crab fishing is one of the best methods to train your Fishing on mobile.

3. Karambwans

  • Time AFK: 2 minutes
  • GP an hour: 200k gp an hour on average
  • Xp an hour: 40k fishing xp an hour

Fishing karambwans is one of the best AFK fishing training methods for people with a lower fishing level. You only need to have level 65 fishing to fish for karambwans. The spot never moves, so you can AFK up to 2 minutes at a time here without any trouble. The xp an hour here is around that of fishing monkfish. However, the gp you make here is significantly higher.

If you have an ironman account and want to AFK train your fishing levels, karambwans are preferred to monkfish. Karambwans can be used as combo food, are caught about as fast, and heal two hitpoints more. 

2. Sacred eels

  • Time AFK: 2.5 minutes
  • GP an hour: 500k gp an hour on average
  • Xp an hour: 24k fishing xp an hour

Sacred eels are high-level fish that requires you to have 87 fishing to catch them. However, there are a lot of benefits concerning training on Sacred eels. First, catching them is very AFK, and second, you make a substantial GP an hour. This large amount is because you can get zulrah scales here. Keep in mind that your cooking is an important skill here too. 

The only downside to sacred eels is their xp an hour. You will get somewhere between 22k and 24k fishing xp an hour here. So, you won’t be able to level quickly doing this. 

Ps: fishing sacred eels is a safe way to get zulrah scales if you are a hardcore ironman who doesn’t want to take any risks. 

afk fishing osrs guide training

1. Infernal eels

  • Time AFK: up go 3 minutes
  • GP an hour: 200k an hour
  • Xp an hour: 30k fishing xp

The best AFK fishing training method in OSRS is catching infernal eels. These fish have been designed especially for this purpose. When using this training method, you can stay AFK for up to 3 minutes at a time. That means you can do some work or watch movies while training your Fishing. 

To catch infernal eels, you need to have level 80 in the fishing skill and 25 herblore to make an oily fishing rod. The profit an hour here is quite decent. You can earn up to 200k gp an hour due to the onyx bolt tips and lava scale shards you get here. The xp an hour is pretty decent, too; at 30k an hour, this is worse than monkfish but much more AFK and about as profitable. 

OSRS AFK Fishing training FAQ

What is the fastest AFK fishing xp osrs?

The fastest fishing xp in OSRS is Barbarian Fishing with tick manipulation. This training method requires you to pay attention and has a steep learning curve. However, players who have mastered tick manipulation can get up to 135k xp an hour doing this method.  

What is the most profitable AFK fishing training method?

The most profitable way to train your Fishing AFK is the Sacred Eels. You can AFK here for minutes at a time and get zulrah scales as loot from catching these eels. By using this method, you can make about 400k an hour.

What should I wear while training Fishing in OSRS?

The best outfit to wear when training your fishing levels in OSRS is the Angler Outfit. The Angler outfit gives you an exp bonus of 2.5% on every fish you catch. This outfit can be worn at level 34 fishing and will earn you up to 337k xp on the way to 99 fishing.


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