AFK magic training OSRS 1 to 99: Easy, fast, and profitable methods

Like many players who love OSRS, the less we actively do in the game, the better. However, finding a training method that is fast, profitable, and AFK can be challenging. So we wrote the ultimate guide on AFK Magic training in OSRS! 

We will discuss all the possible methods to train your magic while being AFK. We are starting from level one, and we will be going to level 99. While we will focus on the most optimal method, many tips will be given along the way for those who want to use other spells and strategies. 

AFK training magic levels 1 to 57

We are starting at the very beginning. The great news is that you can start training your magic AFK from level 1. There are a couple of methods that you can use to do this. We have ranked them from most to least passive. 

Splashing combat spells 

  • Time AFK: 15 minutes 
  • Magic XP an hour: 11k with fire strike, up to 34k with earth blast
  • Profit/loss: 100k to 1.1 m depending on the spell used

The most AFK way to train your magic levels in OSRS is by splashing rats. Unfortunately, this method is about 15 minutes AFK at a time and requires you to click once to restart the timer. 

The downside to this way of training is that the xp an hour is relatively slow, and you won’t get any drops. Also, the rune cost can be pretty high if you decide to cast other spells than fire strike and fire bolt.

You can do this method all the way to level 99 magic. However, members have access to a few methods that aren’t as AFK but are much better magic xp an hour.

You have to have a meager magic attack bonus to do the splashing combat spells method. This low bonus makes sure you miss every attack. You need to have a – 65 magic attack. The key to getting this low is by using green d’hide vambraces and full iron or full iron and the cursed goblin staff. 

To get the optimal xp an hour here, you should switch to a better combat spell as soon as you can. 

afk magic training osrs

Killing crabs

  • Time AFK: Up to 5 minutes
  • Magic XP an hour: up to 40k an hour
  • Profit/loss: Up to 1.1m 

An alternative to splashing on rats in Goblin is fighting ammonite, sand, or rock crabs. When fighting these, you should have prioritized defense bonus over magic accuracy. Due to the crab’s low defense, you will have a very high accuracy even when wearing metal armor.

I recommend you fight the sand crabs on Fossil Island. Don’t bother picking up any of your drops, and use the best spell available to you at your level. You can get up to 5 minutes of AFK magic training at a time using this method. 

  • From level 1 to 17, use strike spells
  • From level 17 to 41, use bolt spells
  • From level 41 to 57, use blast spells*

* If you have chaos gauntlets and want to save money, fire bolt is a good enough spell to train magic and still get a decent amount of xp an hour on a budget. Chaos runes are easy to get and are much more affordable than Death Runes. The Chaos gauntlets will make you hit 15s with a fire bolt. 

Do not bother picking up the drops you get here. No drops here are worth spending the time picking them up.

Superheating items

  • Time AFK: 1 minute
  • Magic XP an hour: 120k an hour
  • Profit/loss: 280k gp

Starting from level 43 magic, you get access to the superheat item spell. While not as AFK as killing crabs or splashing, the magic xp an hour you get here is much better. You can AFK for up to a minute while the ores in your inventory are being smelted.

Superheating ores will get you about 120k xp an hour if you pay moderate attention and bank and restock your inventory quickly. However, since you need one ore, one nature rune, and four fire runes, you need to invest some money.

Unfortunately, there are no bars that will make you money using the superheat item spell to train. 

afk magic training splashing osrs

Magic training AFK levels 57 to 80

From level 57, you get access to better spells and superior xp rates. However, these methods for training your magic are not as AFK splashing. The cost can also be quite high depending on how you train and what spells you use. 

Generally, it is more than worth using these methods when you get to level 57 magic. 

Nightmare zone

  • Time AFK: 15 minutes
  • Magic XP an hour: up to 130k an hour
  • Profit/loss: around 750k loss an hour

My favorite way to get some AFK magic training is the Nightmare zone. Like training ranging in the Nightmare Zone, this activity is a very passive way to train your combat levels. 

Due to the fact you can use absorption potions to tank damage, you can do something else for up to 15 minutes at a time. Therefore, I strongly advise you to unlock the weakest quest bosses to magic before you start training in the NMZ. 

When doing this method, you should prioritize your DPS. That means you should use spells like fire blast, use a tomb of fire, an occult necklace, and other magic damage boosting items like the Kodai Wand if you have these. In addition, I would advise you to use a super magic potion, which you buy from the barrels or the imbued heart. 

Training in the Nightmare zone will take up to 130k magic xp an hour. So while you can AFK train magic for up 15 minutes, it does come at a pretty high cost of 750k gp an hour if you use high-level spells. 

You can make some of your money back by trading in your NMZ points for herb boxes in the reward chest. 

nmz afk magic training osrs

Afk desert bandits

  • Time AFK: 5 to 10 minutes
  • Magic XP an hour: up to 200k xp an hour
  • Profit/loss: up to 1m gp an hour loss

Many players use the desert bandits to train their melee stats. However, you can also use magic on them due to their low magic defense. While this method is pretty expensive, you can get some excellent magic xp an hour here. 

When using prayer, your Desert Bandits setup should be decent tank gear or proselyte. Your magic attack bonus does not matter due to the bandit’s low magic defense. However, you should bring a god book to ensure they are aggro towards you.

These are some items I recommend you bring to the desert bandits:

If you want to AFK as much as possible, Blood burst and blood barrage are the recommended spells. When using these two spells in tank gear, you don’t need to eat food to restore your hitpoints.

While blood burst and barrage are great for training magic AFK in OSRS, both spells are costly due to the blood rune cost. An alternative to this method is using fire wave, the fire tomb, and proselyte armor to protect from melee. The xp an hour is lower, but the cost is much less. 

If you don’t have the levels required for these spells, start with your most vigorous fire-based magic until you can use blood spells. 

Enchanting Diamond jewelry

  • Time AFK: 1 minute
  • Magic XP an hour: 100k xp an hour
  • Profit/loss: break-even to 150k profit depending on GE prices

Enchanting Diamond jewelry is the first profitable AFK magic training method we have on the list. While the profit is not very high, you still earn a bit of GP while passively getting your magic levels up. 

You can start using this method from level 57 onwards. To make diamond jewelry with a profit, you should check the prices on the GE. Some jewelry will make you a slight loss, while others will get you a profit.

You can AFK up to 1 minute at a time doing the enchanting diamond jewelry method. Depending on how fast you can bank and restock your inventory, you can get around 100k xp an hour.

Note: Turn on the auto-cast to make this jewelry. 

training magic afk osrs

High alching with shortkeys 

  • Time AFK: 0 seconds
  • Magic XP an hour: 70k an hour
  • Profit/loss: up to 100k profit on average

High alching with shortkeys is taking the term Away from keyboard very loosely. However, you don’t have to pay attention to doing high alching this way. All you need to do is mindlessly press the number 5 key on your keyboard to click. 

You can do whatever else activity on the other screen while just clicking on the same spot repeatedly. You can expect to make a slight profit doing high alching if you pick the right items to alch. 

Magic training levels 80 to 99 AFK methods

From level 80 magic onwards, the skill gets a lot more profitable. While not as AFK as training magic in the NMZ or killing bandits with blood barrage, using these two methods is still passive. 

If coins and profit aren’t an issue, you can keep doing bandits or the NMZ. However, if you want to make a couple of mils on your way to 99 magic, Plank Make is the way to do so! 

Level 80 to 86 String Jewelry

  • Time AFK: 1 minute
  • Magic XP an hour: 150k xp an hour
  • Profit/loss: 500k loss an hour

String jewelry is a passive method to get your magic level up in OSRS. You can get up to 150k xp an hour and AFK for a minute at a time. All you need to do when training your magic this way is rebank and fill your inventory with jewelry and strings.

The downside to this method is that depending on the current GE prices, you will lose around 500k gp an hour. However, while string jewelry is costly, it is a decent spell to use on mobile. You can use string jewelry to 99 magic if you have the money.

Note: You must have done lunar diplomacy to unlock this spell. 

Level 86 to 99 Plank make

  • Time AFK: 1 minute
  • Magic XP an hour: 110k xp an hour
  • Profit/loss: 230k profit an hour making Mahoney planks

Once you get 86 magic, one of the best ways to OSRS AFK magic training is unlocked: Plank Make. This spell gives you the ability to turn logs into planks by using lunar magic.

It is possible to AFK up to one minute at a time using Plank Make and get 110k xp an hour doing this. So you can profit around 230k an hour training magic with Plank Make. However, getting a profit is only possible if you make mahoney planks. All other logs will turn into a loss. 

Just like String Jewelry, this spell is chill to do on mobile. 

Note: To be able to cast Plank Make, you need to have completed the quest Dream Mentor and Lunar Diplomacy. 

magic training afk osrs

Conclusion and final thoughts

Osrs has a lot of methods to train your skills, and magic is no different. Training your magic AFK in 07 Old school Runescape is easy and can be profitable. There are many options for you available, and even as a F2P player, you can train skills without paying attention to your screen.

Optimal AFK Magic training progression

This table displays the best way to get your magic level up while AFKing. We have decided on this method by considering 1) Xp an hour, 2) How AFK it is, 3) Gp loss or profit an hour.

Of course, you can switch out the training tactics that make more sense for your account and goals with those discussed above. 

Spell nameLevel RequiredXP an hourGP Loss/profit hr AFK timeNotes
Air strike1 magic1k an hour-4k15 minutesSplashing
Fire strike13 magic15k an hour-8k10 minutesKill crabs
Fire bolt35 magic40k an hour-110k 10 minutesKill crabs
Fire blast57 magic70k an hour-210k15 minutesNMZ
Blood burst68 magic200k an hour-500k 10 minutesKill bandits
Plank make86 magic110k an hour+120k 1 minuteMahony planks
Optimal AFK Magic training progression

If you are looking for profitable monsters with good drops to fight, you will not be able to AFK a lot. However, these are often pretty strong and require you to pay attention to the game. 

AFK magic training FAQ

What is the best way to AFK train magic in F2P? 

The most AFK way to train magic in F2P OSRS is by splashing rats with a -65 magic attack bonus. This way, you will never kill the rats and stay in combat, thus giving you 15 minutes of AFK magic training time. 

What is the fastest AFK magic training in OSRS?

The fastest way to train your magic AFK is by killing Desert bandits with Blood Barrage. This method will give you over 200k magic xp an hour and about 10 minutes of AFK time. 

How long can you AFK in OSRS?

When your account is not in combat, you can AFK for up to 2 minutes. After that time, you will be logged out automatically. When your account is in combat with an NPC, you can AFK for 15 minutes. When those 15 minutes are over, your account will be forcefully logged out by the game. 

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