Afk range training osrs: 11 methods for fast ranging xp

Ranging is essential if you love fighting bosses and grinding for awesome drops. However, if you are like us and have a busy life where gaming often has to take a backseat, knowing how to do afk range training in osrs is vital to get to a high level. This article will discuss some of the most afk ways to train your  skill in ranging fast.

1. Nightmare Zone

The best way to train your range afk in osrs is by using the Nightmare zone. To unlock this method, you need to do a couple of quests to unlock the best bosses in the Nightmare Zone. The Nightmare zone gives you the ability to AFK for up to 20 minutes. You can use absorption potions to absorb the blunt of the damage the quests bosses deal with you. We suggest you use the following bosses for optimal ranging xp:

  • Sand snake
  • King Roald
  • Count Draynor
  • Trapped Soul
  • Me

These bosses will get you up to 100k AFK ranging xp an hour, and the number of points they give you will help you (almost) break even if you buy herb boxes. 

  • You can start using this method effectively at level 70 range. 
Afk range training osrs

2. Ammonite crabs

Ammonite crabs are the easiest monsters to train ranging AFK on a low-level account. Just like rock crabs, they have very low defense, high hit points, and hit only 1 at most. However, the crabs are aggressive for 10 minutes, and it is pretty easy to reset their aggression.

If you are a low-level player, you will only need a bit of food to survive these monsters. To be able to access the ammonite crabs, you need to have completed the Bone Voyage quest and have access to the Fossil Island. 

  • This method becomes effective at level 30 ranging.
range afk

3. Desert Bandits 

An old-school method of training AFK that still holds up to this day is ranging desert bandits. Head over to the Bandit Camp in the Kharidian Desert and wear a Zamorak or Saradomin item. The bandits will remain aggressive for as long as you wear these items. 

Thanks to the fact that the Bandits only use melee, using the protect from melee prayer and god d’hide is the perfect way to train here. You can train here as a pure or as a regular main account. You will get about 70k ranging xp an hour here. However, you will not make any gp here due to the lack of drops these monsters have.

  • I suggest you have at least level 60 ranging before training range afk here.
Afk range training

4. Swamp Crabs

A pretty unique way to train is fighting swamp crabs. These are a great alternative for rock and ammonite crabs if that spot is crowded or if you don’t have completed the Bone Voyage Quest. 

These swamp crabs have 75 hitpoints and a max hit of 1. You can fight these close to Part Phasmatys. Just like sand and rock crabs, swamp crabs are disguised. You can find them disguised as a swampy log. 

The significant difference between these crabs and others is the fact that they have a higher defense against melee and magic. However, their ranging defense is -55. That means the swamp crabs are perfect for afk range training in osrs.

  • Due to the low-range defense, you can start fighting swamp crabs at level 1 range.
osrs Afk range training

5. Abyssal demons in the catacombs

The catacombs feature a ton of monsters that are aggressive towards you. Abyssal demons only use melee, so you can pray, protect melee against them and fight a couple of them at once. You do need to have a level 85 slayer to harm these creatures.

You can tag up to six of them and fire away with your blowpipe or another strong-ranging weapon. This way, you can afk for up to five minutes and get some pretty decent drops like the abyssal whip and abyssal dagger. Training on the abyssal demons doesn’t just get you good drops, but also many totem pieces for you to kill Skotizo in osrs

  • AFK range training on Abyssal Demons is effective at level 80 and up

6. Fire Giants in the catacombs

Fire Giants are a great alternative to killing abyssal demons if you do not have the required slayer level. While you can’t get interesting drops here, they are pretty decent xp and will also drop totem pieces and ancient shards.

To fight fire giants effectively here, you should have prayer-boosting armor and use the protect from melee prayer. When doing range training here, you can AFK for up to 4 minutes at a time. 

fire giants afk ranging

7. Brutal Blue dragons

Brutal Blue dragons are pretty decent monsters to AFK. However, if you are an ironman, you can get many supplies to train crafting and other skills in killing these monsters. You can find this type of blue dragon in the Catacombs of Kourends. You will also get totem pieces and ancient shards for killing these monsters.

Alternatively, Brutal Black Dragons can also be fought AFK the same way these dragons can. You need a level 72 slayer to harm and kill brutal black dragons. 

  • Brutal Blue dragons have quite a high-range defense, so I suggest waiting till level 75 range.

8. Temple spiders

Temple Spiders are a pretty chill way to train your range AFK. You should use protection from melee when fighting these in the Forthros Dungeon. Thanks to the fact that the Dungeon is multi combat, you can use a cannon here too. 

You do not need a spider slayer task to fight the temple spiders effectively. If you use a cannon and a blowpipe, you can get up to 100k xp an hour in doing this method. The temple spiders also have many profitable drops to help you earn some coins back.

  • The temple spiders have pretty low defense, so you can start ranging them from level 60 ranging.
ranging afk training osrs

9. Flesh crawlers

The flesh crawlers are a pretty decent monster to kill for low-level players who want to get ranarr weed and fire runes. These monsters only hit 1 at most, so you can stay quite a while, even if you are a low level. The Flesh Crawlers are also pretty decent to train range AFK in free-to-play. Alternatively, you can also fight chaos druids and thugs in the Edgeville Dungeon for herbs and clue scrolls. However, this method is less AFK because you are in the wilderness. 

  • We suggest you have at least 30 range before starting to grind out flesh crawlers.

10. Hill giants in the wilderness

The hill giants in the wilderness are great for f2p players to train, ranging afk. That is because they are aggressive to all combat levels and have a double chance to drop the giant key. This key gives you access to a very fun boss for f2p players: Obor. Do keep in mind not to bring too much good gear if you are AFK. Other players can attack you and get your items. 

Alternatively, you can also use the same strategy to kill moss giants in the wilderness to get mossy keys. 

  • You can afk range train in osrs on hill giants effectively starting at 30 ranging.

11. Giant spiders

Other great monsters to afk train range on which both f2p and members can grind are the Giants Spiders you can find in the Stronghold of Security. The spiders reside on the third floor of the Dungeon and have 50 hitpoints. Since they have no drops, low accuracy, low defense, and are aggressive for 10 minutes, you can AFK Here for quite a while if you have a high defense level. Most players consider the giant spiders the best monster to AFK train range and other combat skills in f2p. 

  • We recommend you to have at least level 60 range to kill these giant spiders effectively.
ranging training afk f2p

Conclusion: osrs afk range training

There are many ways to train, ranging AFK to old-school Runescape. Some methods like the Nightmare Zone can give you over 100k xp an hour and help you break even. If you have followed this guide and want to go bossing or make a profit fighting monsters with ranging, then check out the following articles:

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