Ankou OSRS Guide [2022] – one of the best f2p monsters

Ankou is a pretty underappreciated monster in OSRS. For Free 2 Play players, they were for quite some time the best monsters to kill for range training before Ogress came to OSRS. Members drop a good amount of runes and are straightforward and quick-slayer tasks.

In this Ankou OSRS guide, we will discuss all you need to know about these ghostly skeletons who have their roots in real-life mythology as henchmen of the death! 

What are Ankou

Ankou are an undead monster. They are known for the fact they often drop death and blood runes. The exciting thing about these monsters is that they have F2P exclusive drops. That means some drops on their drop table will only appear when killing them in a F2P world. 

While most P2P players don’t go out of their way to fight them just for the sake of it, they are often forced to kill them for slayer. You can get the Ankou assigned as a Slayer task from various slayer masters such as Nieve, Steve, Duradel, Konar, and Krystilia. 

Combat LevelLevel 75, 82, 86, 95, and 98. 
Hitpoints 60 at level 75 up to 100 at level 98. 
Max Hit8 at level 75 and 10 at level 98
Attack StyleCrush (melee)
WeaknessRanging, Strength and Magic – All defense stats are 0

Where can I find Ankou

Ankous can be found in both F2P and P2P worlds. In the last few years, these monsters have gotten a lot of extra spawns, so it might be confusing to choose the best place to kill Ankou. In this list, we will briefly discuss all of the locations where you can find these creatures and what spots are best for P2P and F2P. 

  • Catacombs of Kourend: You can find 10 spawns in the Catacombs of Kourend. This is my favorite place to kill them in OSRS since you get ancient shards and totem pieces. Reaching them is very easy with a Kourend teleport. The Ankou found here are level 95. The only downside to this location is that you can not use a cannon. You can also find hill giants here.
  • Stronghold of Security: At level 4 of the Stronghold of Security, the Sepulchre of Death, you can find multiple spawns of Ankou. You can find a room with 23 spawns and level 82 and 86 ankou. There also is a room with 9 spawns, with slightly weaker ones of level 75. This is the best spot for F2P to kill them. It is advised to use a safe spot when ranging. 
  • Stronghold Slayer Cave: Some people when they are on a slayer task prefer to kill their Ankou in the Stronghold Slayer cave. You can find level 75, 82 and 86 variants of the monster here. The Stronghold Slayer Cave spawns are harder to reach than those in the Catacombs of Kourend. So I would not kill them here. 
  • The Forgotten Cemetery: The Forgotten Cemetery in the Wilderness is crawling with Ankou. There are 21 spawns of level 86 Ankou at the Cemetery. This is in level 30 wilderness, so you need to take a teleport like a glory to make sure you can escape potential PKers. The wilderness is also home to moss giants.
  • Wilderness Slayer Cave: If you have a Wilderness Slayer Task, then you can best kill them in the Wilderness Slayer Cave. You can find level 98 Ankou here, that have an increased drop table. This makes them a bit.
Ankou catacombs of kourend

Useful Ankou drops to pick up

Ankous drop quite a lot of useful stuff. Both F2P and P2P players can find quite a lot of decent items here that really add up GP-wise. Unfortunately, these monsters also have quite a lot of junk on the drop table. If you want a monster with less junk, check out the brutal black dragons.

In this chapter, I have listed the drops you should pick up when you are here, and the drops you can consider. If the drop is not on the list, you can just leave it on the ground. However, the rare drop table and the gem drop table are not listed here. So, use your common sense.

Must pick up Ankou Drops

  • Death Rune: Ankou in members worlds drop 10 death runes at once. They do this quite often as about 1 in 10 of these monsters drop these. This is a must pick up. Death runes stack and a drop of 10 of them is worth about 2k. 
  • Blood Rune: Another common drop that these monsters have is Blood runes. Ankou drop 11 at once and they have a rarity of 1 in 16. A drop is worth about 3k. Since they stack and they are dropped quite often, this is another must pick up drop. 
  • Adamant Arrow: In both F2P and P2P worlds, they drop Adamant arrows. I do think they are worth picking up since they stack and can be put in the arrow slot. Ankou drop 5 to 14 arrows at once and have a 1 in 25 chance of dropping these. They are not worth that much but they do stack up if you are doing long trips. 
  • Clue Scroll Hard: I think Clue Scrolls are almost always worth doing if you have all the good teleports unlocked. You can get an average of 200k loot from hard clue scrolls. However, you have a slim chance at third age which is worth tens of millions of GP. 
  • Brimstone key: If you are on a Konar slayer task, you should always pick up these keys. They are a good way to increase the profit you make in a trip. You can open the chest behind the slayer master with it. 
  • Ancient Shard: If you kill the Ankou in the Catacombs of Kourend, you will occasionally get an ancient shard. This shard is used to charge the Arclight which is a BIS weapon against Demons. These are stackable and should always be picked up since they are super useful at the later levels in the game. 
  • Totem pieces: Another drop that you can get in the Catacombs of Kourend are totem pieces. These can be used to fight the Dungeon boss, Skotizo. I strongly advise you to pick up these totems, as the boss is quite fun and very profitable. These are also dropped by the bronze dragons and other monsters in this dungeon.
  • Herbs: There are a couple of herb drops that you should pick up if you get them. You only have a 1/33 chance of getting herbs and most of them are not useful. These are the ones you should pick up: grimmy rannar weed, grimy avantoe, grimy kwuarm grimy cadantine and the grimy lantadyme. The rest are optional or useless. If you want herbs quickly, the Chaos Druids are a much better option.

Optional drops to pick up

  • Law runes: Ankou only drop 2 law runes at once. In the member worlds, they have a 1 in 25 chance to drop law runes. However, in the F2P worlds they have a 1 in 5 chance of dropping them. If you are killing them in Free to Play, you should pick them up. 
  • Dark Fishing Bait: If you need dark fishing bait, Ankou in the wilderness are a great way to get them. However, if you do not need fishing bait, then you can just leave it on the floor. 
  • Fishing Bait: The same applies here as to Dark Fishing Bait. However, you are better off just buying this. 
  • Left Skull half: The scepter you can make with all four parts is pretty useful to get Barbarian Village. Since there is a clue step or two there, it is a BIS teleport. If you have less than 10 of these Left Skull halves in your bank, I would pick it up. 
  • Bass: Useful if you are about to run out of food or want to prolong your trip. 
  • Fried Mushrooms: Same as for bass, these are useful to prolong your trip. 
  • Black Robes: Only useful if you do not have a pair yet. Otherwise, just leave them on the floor. 
  • Mithril ore noted: In free to play the Ankou drop 3 to 7 noted mithril ore at once. Since they drop these pretty often (1 in 20) and only take up one inventory spot, I would suggest you to pick them up. 
  • Rune essence noted: Another F2P exclusive ankou drop is rune essence. You have a 1 in 20 chance to get this drop. They drop about 15 at a time. I would only pick these up if you are a F2P ironman. 

How to best fight Ankou

Recommended stats

To fight Ankou effectively, you will need to have at least 60 combat. If you do not have 43 prayer for protect from melee, you will need a high defense. While Ankou do not have a very high defense, just like cockatrice, they should not be underestimated. 

At level 60 combat, you will still kill them quite slowly and will have to bank pretty often if you are not using a safe spot. If you are level 90 or high combat, Ankou get a lot easier. At this combat level, you can kill about 200 of them in an hour without using a cannon. 

If you are fighting them in F2P, I would recommend at least level 90 if you are using melee. If you are ranging them and safe spotting, then level 50 range is enough if you use adamant arrows. 

Recommended gear and items

Since Ankou are undead, you will greatly benefit from having a salve amulet. This amulet is by far the best in slot. However, the salve amulet’s effect does not stack with the black mask or slayer helmet. So on a slayer task, wear your slayer helmet and your best amulet. 

For potions, I would recommend you to bring a super set or super combat potions. Your food should be at least lobsters. I would strongly recommend monkfish if you are level 70 combat or lower. Don’t worry if you don’t have these, they are not strong like e.g. adamant dragons and can’t KO you easily.

If you notice you are baking way too much, you can bring bones to peaches tabs with you for extra food. Guthan the infested equipment is also useful here if you are not using protection prayers. Your teleport will mainly depend on where you are going to fight them. 

Ankou wilderness slayer

EXP and Profit

Your experience and profit an hour at the Ankous fully depends on your equipment and combat level. At around 75 combat, you can expect to kill around 185 of them an hour. This will net you about 100k an hour in coins and 45k in combat experience. At high levels, you can get up to 85k combat exp an hour with piety and good equipment. 

Ankou FAQ

What is the best place to fight Ankous osrs?

The best place to fight Ankou in OSRS is in the Catacombs of Kourend. You can AFK them with melee and using protect from melee. The big advantage of killing Ankou in the catacombs is that you have the change of totem drops and ancient shards. The downside of this spot is that you can not use a cannon here.  

What lvl should I be to kill Ankou in osrs?

You can start killing Ankou starting from level 60 combat. However, from level 90 combat on you start killing them at a much higher rate. You can kill up to 200 an hour at higher combat levels and around 300 if you are using a cannon to kill them.  

Where are there safe spots for Ankou?

In the Stronghold of security, there are multiple safe spots. You can find them behind the skeletons. However, occasionally an Ankou can mage to roam around. In the forgotten Cemetery, there are multiple safe spots when you use the graves and the fence. 
There is no safe spot in the catacombs of Kourend for Ankou. So you will need to use a protect from melee prayer here to avoid getting a lot of damage. 

Final thoughts

Ankou are one of the best F2P monsters to kill with ranging if you are higher level. They have some pretty decent drops and a high HP, so you can AFK them from a safe spot. If you are a member, the only time that you should actually fight these are if you have them as a slayer task. 

You can cannon them or afk them in the Catacombs of Kourend. The drops are pretty mediocre, but they do add up if after a while, and they are stackable. Check out our black dragon guide if you want to read more OSRS content!

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