Top 11 monsters to fight with the OSRS Arclight [2022]

The Arclight in OSRS is one of the best weapons to fight demon monsters. Unfortunately, there are many of those creatures that have a weakness to this 75 attack weapon. Unfortunately, the Arclight is charged with a rather rare item, the ancient shard. These are consumable and do not get dropped that much. 

This guide will help you to decide when to use your Arclight by listing the top 11 monsters to fight with this amazing weapon in OSRS. 

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11. Mutated Bloodvelds

  • Found in the Catacombs of Kourend
  • The best drops are blood runes 
  • Combat level 123

The mutated bloodvelds are demonic monsters known for their high hitpoints and low defense stats. They are the stronger version of the regular Bloodvelds. You can find these creatures in the catacombs of kourend.

The Arclight is a very strong weapon against the mutated bloodvelds due to the effect and low defense of the creature. However, it is not worth spending your shards, and you are better off using a different melee weapon. 

Since these are found in the Catacombs of Kourend, they have a tertiary drop table. This drop table includes both totem pieces and ancient shards! Due to the fact they have a low defense bonus and a good drop rate, they are an excellent source for these items. 

mutated bloodvelds fight weapons

10. Greater Skeleton Hellhounds

  • Found during the first phase of Vet’ion
  • Has no drops 
  • Combat level 281

The greater skeleton hellhounds are the loyal servants of the wilderness boss Vet’ion. When you attack him, he will spawn two of these monsters. As long as they are alive, you will no longer be able to damage the boss. 

The Arclight is super effective against the skeleton hellhounds in OSRS and will finish them off very easily. However, you need to keep in mind that you are in the wilderness and can lose your Arclight and your charges. Therefore, ensure you don’t bring any more charges than needed and protect your Arclight to keep it safe! 

ice demon weak arclight

9. Ice Demon

  • Found in the chambers of Xeric
  • Has no noteworthy drops
  • Combat level varies

The ice demon can be fought with the Arclight. This is useful in case you are not using fire magic and want to use melee. The ice demon has up to 210 hitpoints depending on your combat level. This makes it pretty easy to defeat demi-boss. This boss does not have any drops and is part of the Chambers of Xeric challenges. 

Since you won’t encounter him often and his hit points are low, you won’t waste a lot of charges on him. However, your inventory space is better preserved for other items than the Arclight. It is better to bring something else, like a holy wrench if you have extra inventory.

8. Black Demons

  • All over OSRS
  • Rune chainbody
  • Combat level 172

Black demons are a monster you get very often as a slayer task. Since they are demonic creatures, they are weak to the Arclight. However, they have a high defense level and a large hitpoints pool. That means they are pretty hard to take down with dragon weapons. If you are an ironman who has no access to a whip, you can consider using the Arclight.

Most players agree that using the Arclight on a monster like the black demons is a waste of valuable charges. This is because ancient shards are too rare to spend on a monster like this. However, if you do not enjoy bossing and just want to get your black demon slayer task over as soon as possible, using this weapon is an option. 

The best way to kill Black demons is not with melee, but with ranging and a cannon. Using this method, you can kill over 120 of them in the Brimhaven Dungeon. 

7. Nechreals

  • The Slayer tower
  • Rune boots
  • Combat level 115

A lot of people do not realize that the Nechreals are demonic monsters. The Nechreals you can find in the slayer tower are the weakest variant. If you do not have a good armor to tank hits of them and the minions, then the Arclight can come in pretty handy as you will kill them much faster and take less damage. 

Regular nechreals are not very strong, so many people consider them to be not worth it to kill with an Arclight. However, using a dragon scimitar or whip is often enough to finish them off quite quickly. Nechreals are pretty decent for drops, but not worth it to grind for with this weapon. As an ironman, you can get plenty of good alchables here. However, unlike the great nechreals, these will not drop ancient shards. 

abyssal demon arclight

6. Abyssal Demons

  • Found in the Slayer Tower, Catacombs of Kourend
  • Drops the Abyssal whip and Abyssal dagger
  • Combat level 124

When you get to level 85 slayer, you can unlock the Abyssal Demons. These monsters are the source of the best weapons in the game, the abyssal whip. When you are an ironman, getting this weapon as soon as possible will give your account quite a boost. If you don’t have any good melee or ranged weapons to grind for your abyssal whip, you can use the Arclight to quickly finish them off.

Abyssal demons don’t have a very impressive defense. So if you are not grinding for a whip and are at a high level, it is better to kill them with a rapier or with ancient magic. For example, if you kill them in the Catacombs of Kourend, you can get ancient shards and totem pieces to access Skotizo. 

5. Greater Nechreal

  • Found in the Catacombs of Kourend and the Iorwerth Dungeon
  • Rune boots and multiple interesting supply drops
  • Combat level 80

The Greater Nechreal is a much stronger version of the regular Nechreals found in the Slayer Tower. Just like the regular ones, you will need a level 80 slayer to harm them. However, the greater nechreal has a much higher defense than the regular ones. This makes them quite challenging to kill with melee. 

It is strongly advised to just kill the greater nechreals by using ancient magic as this is much more expand still profitable. However, if you do need to use melee for some reason, the Arclight is one of the best weapons in OSRS to finish them off quickly. A tentacle whip is significantly weaker than this weapon, but a grazier rapier is about the same damage per second. 

Just like the other monsters in the Catacombs of Kourend, these can drop ancient shards and totem pieces. They are one of the best sources to get those items due to the large amount you need to kill for a slayer task and their great drop rate. Despite being quite large, these monsters do not drop a giant key. They do drop stuff like battlestaves and rune armor.

best weapon demonic gorillas osrs

4. Demonic Gorillas

  • Found in the Crash Site Cavern
  • The best drop here are Zenyte Shards
  • Combat level 275

One of the best non-boss monsters to fight with an Arclight is the Demonic Gorillas. These are very powerful creatures that are unlocked after the completion of the Grandmaster Quest Monkey Madness II. 

Their mechanics are pretty interesting. They use three combat styles to attack and will use a protection prayer against a combat style while fighting. When they take 50 hp of damage from one combat style, they will protect against that damage source. However, if you hit high enough, you can do more than 50 hitpoints damage when using that combat style. Using a powerful melee weapon like the Arclight will thus make fighting these a lot easier. 

The Demonic Gorillas are a fantastic moneymaker. You can get the zenyte shards here. As an ironman, you will need to grind these monsters if you want to have zenyte jewelry. Using the Arclight here is more than worth it in hour opinion! 

3. Zamorak Godwars 

  • Found in the Godwars Dungeon
  • Drops the Zamorak hilt, Staff of the dead, and Zamorakian spear
  • Combat level 650

The Zamorak Godwars boss, K’ril Tsutsaroth, is a demon and is thus weak against demon bane weapons like the Arclight. I do not recommend you to use the weapon to get your kill count. You are better off using your spec weapon to preserve the valuable charges. You can use your Arclight to kill the minions of K’ril Tsutsaroth. This will make the kill a lot faster and thus save you a ton of supplies. 

The Zamorak god wars boss has a ton of great drops, which make it an excellent moneymaker for regular accounts. However, if you are an ironman who needs a great stab weapon, you will need to grind K’ril Tsutsaroth and his minions to get your hands on a Zamorakian spear. 

If you have a greater demon task, you can kill K’ril Tsutsaroth instead. You will be able to use a slayer helm and the amazing bonus it provides. This bonus stacks with the bonus that the Arclight gives against demons. 

2. Abyssal Sire

  • Found in the abyss
  • Drops the abyssal whip, abyssal dagger, and pieces for the abyssal bludgeon
  • Combat level 350

Once you get 85 slayer, you do not just unlock abyssal demons but also the abyssal sire. This is a monster that can only be fought when you have a slayer task. Due to the act that the Abyssal sire is a demon, so you can use your Arclight and other demon bane weapons here to kill the monster a lot faster. 

The monster is very susceptible to demon bane weapons, so it is very much advised that you use them here. The abyssal sire is quite a hard boss to kill since it is time-consuming to go through all the phases and the mechanics. The drops are pretty decent to make some money if you are lucky, but nothing too special. 

If you are an ironman, your shards are well used here. However, this monster does not have any item that you really should grind for and waste your charges in your Arclight. 

skotizo best weapon to use

1. Skotizo

  • The instance of the Catacomb of Kourend
  • Supply drops, elite clues, onyx, and ancient shards
  • Combat level 321

The best monster to fight with your Arclight in OSRS is Skotizo. You can find this boss in the Catacombs of Kourend. To go to his lair, you will need to use a completed totem on the altar in the middle of the Catacombs. 

So why is the best monster to kill with the Arclight Skotzo? Well, the weapon was specially designed to kill Skotizo. First, SKotizo is a demon, so it is weak to the effects of demon bane weapons. If you have a black demon or greater demon task, you can combine this effect with the slayer helm.

Next, a special mechanic raises the defense of this monster. You can eliminate this mechanic instantly when you use the Arclight. If you use a regular weapon like a whip, this will take much longer. 

Skotizo has a lot of interesting drops. Ironman will enjoy killing this monster for its many supply drops, and regular accounts will enjoy valuable items like the onyx. Skotizo is the best monster to get hard and elite clue scrolls if you enjoy doing clues. The monster is also a fantastic source for ancient shards to recharge your Arclight. You can get up to 5 ancient shards per kill and an average of 1.4. 

OSRS Arclight FAQ

How do you get an Arclight?

creating arclight osrs

To get an arclight, you will need to get the Darklight, an item you obtain from the demon slayer quest. Once you have gotten your Darklight, you will need to use three ancient shards on the Darklight. This must be done on the altar in the middle of the Catacombs of Kourend. The Darklight will be transformed into an Arclight with a thousand charges when successful. This will consume the ancient shards. 

What does the OSRS Arclight do?

arclight osrs best monsters

The Arclight has a 70% increased accuracy and damage against demonic creatures when compared to the Darklight. This puts its DPS per second above the abyssal tentacle and abyssal bludgeon and about on par with the rapier. 
This makes the Arclight one of the best weapons for ironman accounts. It is extremely potent and easy to get. These factors combined make it a viable weapon against demons all the way to max combat and beyond. 
The Arclight also has a special attack. When you use the special attack, this will use 50% of the special attack energy. Therefore, the opponent will lose 5% of its attack, strength, and defence. When the target is a demon, this effect is doubled to 10. However, the special attack only works when you have hit the monster. 

What is the best way to get OSRS ancient Shards for the Arclight? 

The best way to get ancient shards is by bursting monsters in the Catacombs of Kourend. The fastest monsters to burst for shards and totem pieces are the greater nechs, abyssal demons, and Dust Devils. If you want to AFK while getting the ancient shards, I advise you to kill dagganoths and Ankou. Make sure you pick up all the totem pieces, as this will give you access to Skotizo, who drops 1.4 ancient shards per kill on average. A single ancient shard will recharge your Arclight with 333 new charges. 

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