Cockatrice Slayer Guide – Easy xp and gp

cockatrice osrs guide

Cockatrice has been present in the expansive world of RuneScape since 2005. These slayer monsters rank among the most frequently vanquished NPCs by new players. However, in OSRS, their drop table and experience per hour remain quite competitive. This OSRS monster guide aims to provide comprehensive insights into these low-level slayer creatures, covering how to … Read more

OSRS Best F2P Range Gear

osrs best f2p range gear

Ranged Weaponry – A choice of every civilized player. In OSRS, people usually prefer Melee; some just want to try something novel like Ranged Combat. In Free Play PvP Combat, people typically don’t want to participate in Range Combat, preferring the two-hand sword or a spell that just doesn’t make sense here. But, with the … Read more

Sandcrab training Guide for Melee

training melee sandcrabs guide osrs

In OSRS, combat plays a significant role in the game, demanding hours of continuous training. Some players aim to raise their melee levels and enhance their combat skills rapidly, striving to optimize every training method available. As we all know, the OSRS world is populated with monsters that must be defeated to improve your stats. … Read more