Banshee OSRS Guide [2022] – How to do this slayer task effectively

Are you in the mood for a spooky monster? Or did you get a new assignment for your slayer master? OSRS Banshees slayer task is a pretty fun activity to do in Old School. These mysterious ghost-like beings have interesting drops for ironman accounts and have a superior variant that drops the sought-after slayer gem and imbued heart.

The Banshee OSRS guide is all you need to do this task efficiently and profitable successfully. 

What is Banshee in OSRS

Banshees have been around since 2005. They are slayer monsters that can only be harmed by players who have level 15 slayer or higher. These monsters are exclusively found in the Slayer Tower in Morytania on the first floor. 

Like in real-life mythology, Banshees are known for their haunting screams that have a profound effect on their opponents. While in the real world, the scream is an omen of death, in OSRS, the banshee scream will significantly reduce your stats in the following skills:

  • Agility
  • Prayer
  • Magic
  • Ranged
  • Defense
  • Attack 
  • Strength

This special is why you need to wear earmuffs or a slayer helm and prevent this stat reduction. These items are a must-have because you will be in quite some trouble even at maxed combat if you don’t protect your ears.

Stats and immunities

This guide discusses the weaker variant of the banshee found in the slayer tower. If you want to read more about the more potent version, the twisted banshee, we have an article about that monster.

The banshee has no immunities. So you can poison and venom the monsters. If you have access to thralls, these can be used too here.

Stat block

Combat levelLevel 23
Max hit8 without earmuffs, 2 normally
Attack styleMagical melee 
Attack speed2.4 sec per attack
Slayer xp22 xp
Banshee osrs weakness

As you see, wearing earmuffs or a slayer helm at the banshees is extremely important. Getting hit 8s constantly while being debuffed will give you a horrible time on this slayer task. 

The attack style of the banshee is similar to that of the Pyrefiends. Both monsters use a magical melee attack. That means you can use protection from melee to avoid taking damage, but if you want to reduce damage, you need to wear magical defensive armor like dragon d’hide. 

osrs banshee slayer task

Banshee extra info

A couple of mechanics make the banshees pretty unique in Old School RuneScape. Besides their magical melee attacks, they have a weird hitpoint regeneration skill.

Every time you hit a banshee, the monster takes damage; the creature regenerates one hit point. This regeneration is a bit different than the cave bug, which has the skill to regenerate hitpoints 20 times faster than the average NPC. 

Banshees have a funny Super Mario’s Easter egg mechanic. When they move or turn, they become translucent, but they become solid if they are standing still. The Boo of the games inspires this change of appearance. 

Banshee OSRS slayer strategy

The banshee slayer task is worth doing on a lower level account and an ironman account. They can be assigned to you by the following slayer masters:

  • Turael
  • Spria
  • Mazchna
  • Vannaka
  • Chaeldar

No matter the slayer master that assigned you the Banshee task, you can fight the twisted banshee as an alternative. 

OSRS Banshee Location

The regular version of the banshee is exclusively found on the ground floor (or first floor for those in the US) of the Slayer Tower. The monsters are located in the east and are aggressive towards you if you are at a low combat level. However, there are a couple of decent ways to quickly get to the slayer tower. 

  • Fairy ring: You can use the fairy ring and the code CKS to teleport to the tower’s south.
  • Slayer ring: The fastest way to get to the slayer tower is to use the slayer ring teleport option.
  • Salve Graveyard teleport: The third way to get to the tower quickly is by using the Salve Graveyard teleport. You will be teleported a bit to the south of the tower. 
Banshee osrs location

Gear for this slayer task

Armor: In Banshees in OSRS, use a magical melee attack. To protect against these attacks, you need to have armor that has a high defensive bonus against magic. Examples of this kind of armor are black d’hide and other dragonhide armors.  

Weapon: You can use any melee or ranged weapon you have for your weapon. The monsters don’t have a specific weakness or low defense stat so bring your best in slot weapon with you. You can also use magic and safespot the monsters. 

Special items: A couple of items will make your banshee slayer task a lot easier. 1) A must-have is the earmuffs or slayer helmet. You can not fight these monsters without them, so don’t forget them. 2) Another helpful item is the Salve amulet (e). Finally, banshee is undead, which adds a bonus to your melee and ranged damage. 3) These creatures are spectral monsters, so you get free prayer XP by bringing the Ectoplasmator. 


The inventory here is pretty straightforward. First, you should bring decent food like lobsters or monkfish. Also, get a super combat potion or the best melee stats-boosting potions you have. 

If you are an ironman or an ultimate ironman, I suggest you bring a teleport, as they are aggressive and hit accurately. Lastly, you can also get the ectoplasmator if you have one. That item will give you a decent amount of extra prayer experience here. 

If you have a herb sack, you can bring it. They drop herbs pretty often. However, those are primarily low-level herbs like Guam leaf and marrentill. So no worries if you do not have access to the herb sack yet. All the herbs you get here are grimy. 


Bring your earmuffs – I know we are stressing it quite a lot, but it is crucial to bring your earmuffs (or slayer helm). Not carrying this item will ensure you get a one-way trip to Lumby in under two minutes. 

Bring a salve amulet – The best in slot amulet at the Banshees is the salve amulet. These monsters are undead, so you get the bonus this amulet gives you when fighting them. Remember that the salve amulet does not stack with a slayer helm. 

Bring the Ectoplasmator – Since 2021, the monsters have been classified as spectrals too. So if you bring the ectoplasmator, you get some excellent extra passive prayer experience. 

Screaming Banshee osrs

When fighting this monster as a slayer task, you have a 1 in 200 chance of a superior variant spawning. This variant is a screaming banshee and is much stronger than the regular version. The monster is combat 70, has a max hit of 7 with earmuffs on, and gives you 610 slayer experience for killing it. These are the best drops you can expect to get here:

  • Mist battlestaff
  • Dust battlestaff
  • Eternal Gem
  • Imbued heart

These items are pretty rare to get but worth a significantly more considerable amount of coins than any other loot on the drop table of the regular version. 

Note: this superior monster only spawns if you have unlocked the slayer reward Bigger and Badder. 

banshee osrs

Banshee OSRS drop table

Not all drops you get here are worth picking up. That is why OSRS Boss is here to help you manage your inventory. So you don’t have to bank halfway through your trip or lose out on some extra coins. 

The average banshee kill is worth 340 coins, depending on the Grand Exchange prices. 

Valuable drops

The unique drop you can find here are the Mystic gloves (dark). These are worth 7k. Unfortunately, these gloves are a pretty rare drop. Only 1 in 512 banshees drop the Mystic gloves. So you might be here for a while if you are hunting for this drop. 

You can also get other armor, and weapon drops here. These are the iron mace, iron dagger, and iron kiteshield. These weapons and armor are worth almost nothing, so don’t bother picking these up. Even if you alch these, this won’t be worth it. 


You can get a couple of good runes for your ironman account here. The most notable are cosmic runes (2), chaos runes (3), and chaos runes (7). I would suggest picking these up as they stack in your inventory. 

You can also get elemental runes like fire and air runes here. I would only pick these up if you have the extra inventory space left. 


Banshee drops a lot of herbs, so bringing a herb sack here is a good idea. If you don’t have one, ignore low-level herbs like Guam leaf and marrentil. The herbs you should pick up here are:

  • Ranarr weed
  • Irit leaf
  • Harraland
  • Kwuarm
  • Avantoe
  • Lantadyme
  • Cadantine
  • Dwarf weed

You will get around ten herbs or so per trip. Pick up as many as you can, as these are the most valuable drops you can get here. Even if you can’t make potions out of them now, it is helpful to keep them in the bank until you can. 


Banshee has one drop that makes them a great creature to grind for ironman. About 1 in 6 kills, you get 13 noted pure essence here. This pure essence adds up after a while! These can later be used to train your runecrafting and get you some nice runes and xp. 

I strongly recommend you to pick these up if you are an ironman. However, if you are a regular account, this drop is only worth 26 coins, so don’t bother picking up this loot. 

These monsters also drop unnoted iron ores. Don’t pick it up if you are a regular or ironman account. These aren’t worth picking up. 


The monsters are a good source of clue scrolls. Interestingly, despite being such a low combat level, you have a 1 in 128 chance of getting a hard clue scroll as a drop here. This is on par with a most high level monsters like the Trolls found around Old School Runescape. 

You can also get easy clue scrolls. These have the same 1 in 128 drop rate. However, I strongly recommend you solve the hard clue scrolls as they are worth 250k on average due to the great loot they can potentially give you. 

Do not fight these to make a profit. There are much more profitable monsters with good drops in OSRS to fight that are just as easy. However, if you need a lot of essence or clue scrolls, Banshees are a decent monster to grind! 


While Banshee in OSRS is an average slayer task, you can get some exciting drops here. If you are looking for essence and other valuable drops like the hard clue scrolls, they are among the best monsters in the game.

As long as you don’t forget your slayer helmet, earmuffs, and armor that defends against magic, this monster is pretty easy to fight. If you bring these items, they are about as strong as hill giants. Keep in mind that there might be a superior spawning, which is pretty solid and comparable in strength to an ice giant. 

Banshee OSRS FAQ

Are Banshees worth doing?

Yes, the banshee slayer task is pretty easy to do. You can switch these out for the more potent variant if you want more of a challenge. While the drops aren’t going to earn you a ton of GP, they do have useful items like rune essence as a drop. 

What slayer level do you need to fight banshees in OSRS?

To fight any variant of the banshee, you need to have a level 23 slayer. You can harm them at level 18 slayer while using a wild pie to boost your level +5. However, you can only get them as a slayer task at base level 23 slayer.

What armor should you wear for banshees?

When fighting these monsters, you should wear great armor against tanking magical attacks. This armor choice is that Banshee attacks with a magic-based melee attack. Thus, the accuracy rolls of your magic defense bonus. By wearing armor like green d’hide, you often make sure you don’t get hit. 

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