The Ultimate Barbarian Fishing OSRS Guide [2022] – Fast AFK XP Method

The most useful aspect of barbarian training in osrs is unlocking the barbarian fishing method. These mini-quests unlock not just this skill but also firemaking, herblore, and cool perks like barehanded fishing. 

This technique doesn’t just train your fishing levels but also your strength and agility. Making it perfect to level up your account very quickly. 

This barbarian fishing osrs guide will tell you how to unlock it, how to start, and the xp rates. So get on your way to Otto Godblessed and make your chest wet! 

What is OSRS barbarian fishing?

Otto Godblessed is a barbarian who wants to teach people interested in the history and culture of his people useful aspects of his lifestyle. One of the things Otto offers to guide players in osrs is barbarian fishing. This alternative fishing method is one of four barbarian skills amongst firemaking, herblore, and smithing. 

Barbarian fishing gives you the ability to use a heavy rod. This rod can be used to catch fish like sturgeon and wild salmon. Another perk this training provides is catching tuna, swordfish, and harpoonfish at Tempoross with your bare hands, without the need for a harpoon. 

barbarian fishing osrs guide

How to start barbarian fishing

The location where you can unlock and start barbarian fishing in OSRS is the baxtorian falls. Close to the waterfall is a hut where you can talk to a barbarian warrior named Otto. Talk to him about the barbarian way of fishing, and he will give you more information about this method. 

Make sure you bring fishing bait and feathers to learn this technique!

Skill requirements

You need to follow to learn this technique from him:

  • To learn to use a heavy rod, you need to be level 48 fishing, have 15 agility, and have 15 strength. 
  • To learn how to fish with your bare hands, you need to have level 55 fishing, 15 agility, and 15 strength. 

You don’t have to complete both to catch leaping salmon and sturgeon. Just learning how to use a heavy rod is enough. 

Learn how to catch Leaping trout, salmon, and sturgeon

The method we want to learn to get a good amount of xp an hour with AFK fishing is how we can catch leaping trout, salmon, and sturgeon.

  1. Ask Otto about the different rods and how Barbarians use them.
  2. Otto will tell you how barbarians use other rods to catch leaping fish.
  3. After the conversation, go to the small hut next to the river
  4. Search the bed to find a heavy barbarian rod
  5. Go to one of the fishing spots with the bait and feathers in your inventory
  6. You can now do barbarian fishing! 

At level 48, you can catch Leaping trout; at level 58, you can see leaping salmon; and at level 70, you can catch leaping sturgeon. Catching these fish also gives you agility and strength XP. You can also catch the leaping trout, salmon, and sturgeon at mount Quidamortem. 

Training OSRS fishing the barbarian way 

Now that you have unlocked the heavy rod let’s look at how to train your levels with barbarian fishing. You can start using this method to train to start from level 58. This technique is considered one of the best training methods for level 99. 

Due to the high amount of xp an hour and passive strength and agility training is a very efficient way to skill in osrs. Most players consider barbarian fishing to be much better than fly fishing. There are two distinct training methods. 

Training methods

AFK and dropping: the most popular way of barbarian fishing is by taking the heavy rod and a ton of feathers and fishing near Otto’s grotto. Turn on an idle notifier and click a new spot when the old one disappears. Then, when your inventory is full, use the shift button and start dropping all your leaping trout, sturgeon, and salmon. 

3-tick barbarian fishing: some of the fastest fishing xp in osrs is 3-tick barbarian fishing. The most basic way of doing this method is by clicking the fishing spot, dropping a fish with the shift tab, and then clicking the fishing spot again. A slightly faster process is tick manipulation. To do this tick manipulation, you can use herb and tar on each other and quickly click the fishing spot. 

Best location

There are two places where you can do this technique. The first one is Otto Grotto, and the second one is Mount Quidamortem.

The best location for barbarian fishing is Otto Grotto. If you ever lose or drop your heavy rod, you can quickly pick up a new one under the bed. You can get as many replicas if you want.

The fastest way to get to the Baxtorian waterfall is by using the games necklace teleport or the grouping teleport to the Barbarian Assault minigame. Then run to the southwest of your minigame, past the whirlpool. You will see multiple spots where you can use barbarian fishing to your left.

barbarian fishing location

Xp an hour

The xp you get an hour doing this is some of the very in the game. For example, the xp an hour of barbarian fishing is 110,000 xp if you do 3-tick and concentrate. Keep in mind that you are also getting passive strength and agility training when doing this method. 

LevelFishing xpAgility xpStrength xp
AFK barbarian fishing xp/ah
LevelFishing xpAgility xpStrength xp
3-tick barbarian fishing xp

Tips and advice

  • Use the anglers outfit: Just like the Lumberjack outfit gives you a woodcutting bonus. The angler’s outfit will provide you with a bonus of a couple of percentage points when fishing. 
  • Do barbarian fishing on osrs mobile: this is an excellent activity on your smartphone. You can one-click drop your entire inventory very quickly.
  • Use the shift button: make sure you have enabled your shift button, so you can one-click drop the leaping salmon, leaping sturgeon, and leaping trout fast. 
  • Use feathers: Feathers are slightly cheaper than bait to use. So, you can save quite a bit of money over the long run.
  • Bring a dragon harpoon: by wielding a bringing a dragon harpoon and using the special attack, you can instantly boost your barbarian fishing. 
osrs barbarian fishing

Osrs Barbarian fishing Guide FAQ

Is this method better xp than fly-fishing?

When comparing fly-fishing vs. barbarian fishing, the latter is the much better method. You can get up to 110k xp an hour doing this technique. 

How long does it take to get 99 fishing with barbarian fishing?

If you use the AFK method and start from fishing level 58, it will take you 440 hours to get to level 99. However, if you do the 3-tick method, it will only take 100 hours of training to 99 with barbarian fishing.

Is barbarian fishing AFK?

Yes, using the passive barbarian fishing method si a very AFK way to train. You get up to 2 minutes of AFK time to do other activities like watching a movie or writing a guide about osrs. 

Conclusion and fishy takes

Players who want to level up to three skills quickly will notice that Barbarian fishing is a very efficient training method. The mini-quest is quick and easy, and the minimum requirement to unlock the barbarian fishing method is low: 48 fishing, 15 agility, and 15 strength.

Barbarian fishing is worth it. Using this method, you can get some of the fastest xp an hour in the game. Using a heavy rod and feathers is an inexpensive way to train. Make sure you drop everything you catch because banking is a waste of xp and will cost you too much time.

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