Best Crush weapon in OSRS [2022] – Overall, F2P, Budget, and alternatives

OSRS has a lot of weapons, and every year, new updates change the meta for players. Crush has become one of the best-attacking styles to defeat bosses in OSRS. So what weapon has the best crush bonus in OSRS?

The weapon with the highest crush bonus in OSRS is the Inquisitor’s mace. The weapon has a crush bonus of +95 and a strength bonus of +89. It is dropped by the Nightmare and is worth 380 million GP.

Having the best slot weapon in Old School Runescape with the optimal crush bonus will help you defeat monsters weak to this style faster and easier. Players that aren’t members, have ironman accounts, or are noobs will have a lot of trouble obtaining this weapon. That is why we have written this guide with alternatives for you to use. 

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Why the Inquisitor’s Mace is the best crush weapon in OSRS

Let’s start with why the Inquisitor is the best weapon for players who want to use the crush style. The most obvious fact is the stats of the Inquisitor’s mace. These are superior to the next best crush weapon alternative. 

As stated, the Inquisitor’s mace has a crush bonus of +95 and a strength bonus of +89. The first bonus determines accuracy, while the second bonus determines how high you hit with the weapon. The Abyssal Bludgeon’s next best weapon only has a + 102 crush bonus and a +85 strength bonus. 

While those stats seem pretty similar, the Abyssal Bludgeon is a two-handed weapon, and the Inquisitor’s mace is a one-handed weapon. That means you can use an Avernic of dragon defender. This defender gives you an additional crush, strength, and defense bonus. 

Unlike the rapier and blade of Saeldor, the mace also gives a +2 strength bonus. 

Cerberus weak crush

The best F2P crush weapon in OSRS

The best slot weapon for crush in F2P is the hill giant club. It is a two-handed weapon released in 2016, making it an OSRS exclusive. It has similar stats to the rune two-handed, which is the best slash weapon for non-members in Runescape. 

The hill giant club can be obtained as a drop from the hill giant boss, Obor. Both members and f2p players can kill and fight this boss. However, to enter his lair, you will need a giant key

The hill giant club has a crush bonus of +65 and a strength bonus of +70. However, because it only has a speed of 7 (one attack per 4.2 seconds) and is a two-handed weapon, it is not a very useful weapon to train with. 

Abyssal bludgeon good mid tier level player crush weapon

The best crush weapon for mid-levels

Both the abyssal Bludgeon and the Inquisitors mace are expensive weapons meant for end-game players. Therefore, finding an alternative is essential if you want to take advantage of monsters and OSRS bosses that have a weakness to the crush attack style.

The best crush weapon for mid-levels is, undoubtedly, the Sarachnis Cudgel. The sarachnis cudgel is dropped by a relatively recently introduced boss: Sarachnis. To wield this weapon, you need to have 65 attack. Additionally, this is a one-handed weapon, so you can wield a shield or a defender while using this weapon. 

The sarachnis cudgel is significantly cheaper than both other weapons, as it only costs 350k. The downside, however, is that its stats are substantially lower. The crush bonus of the weapon is +70, and the strength bonus is +70. This makes it comparable with the Hill Giant club. However, the cudgel has an attack speed of 4 (one attack in 2.4 seconds) and is one-handed. 

crush weapons for mid levels

Alternatives to the Inquisitors Mace

While the best crush weapon in OSRS is the Inquisitor’s Mace, there are a lot of alternatives if you don’t have the money or the stats to use this weapon. Here is a list of viable armaments to use instead of this one.

Abyssal Bludgeon – The best alternative to the Inquisitor’s mace is the abyssal Bludgeon. This is the second-best weapon for the crush attack style, and it has the highest crush bonus of all OSRS weapons. However, it is considered slightly worse than the mace since it is two-handed. 

Glazier Rapier – If you are looking for DPS and not just crush bonuses, you can use the ghazier rapier. The rapier is the best stab attack weapon in OSRS. However, it is cheaper than the mace by quite a bit.  

Sarachnis Cudgel – If you are looking for a cheap one-handed crush weapon, then a great option is the Sarachnis Cudgel. For ironman accounts, it is one of the most accessible weapons with a decent crush bonus to obtain as the boss is straightforward and has low requirements. 

Tentacle Whip – The tentacle whip is a great weapon to just train your stats up without spending too much money. You can get this weapon for under 4m, and it is significantly better than the regular abyssal whip. In addition, this weapon is comparable to the Arclight when fighting demons. 


What is the best one-handed OSRS crush weapon?

The best one-handed crush weapon in OSRS is the Inquisitor’s mace. It has a crush bonus of +95. The downside of the weapon is how hard it is to obtain for ironman accounts and the high cost of the weapon.

Is chain or plate vest better against crush osrs 

Chainbodies like the rune chainbody and the dragon chainbody have a better defense bonus against crush in OSRS compared to the platebodies. This difference is quite significant, so it is worth it to consider this difference. 

Are sand crabs weak to crush osrs

Sand Crabs are weak to every attack style, including crush. However, due to the fact that they have a defensive stat of +0 against every combat style, it does not matter if you fight them with melee, magic, or range. 

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