The best f2p cape osrs [2022] – 3 options for your account

Whether you are into fashions cape or want to get the max stats for your gear, knowing what item is, BIS always helps. So today, I wondered what the best f2p cape in osrs is?

Well turns out the best F2P cape in osrs is the Infernal cape in the Last Man standing minigame. The best one outside the minigame is the Cabbage cape due to its incredible looks. 

So let’s look at the three best capes available to f2p players in osrs and how easy they are to get on a new account. 

3. Infernal cape (and alternatives)

The best cape you can use in f2p is the infernal cape. However, there is a catch. You can only use the item within the lastman standing minigame. This minigame gives f2p players access to all the decent weapons which members can use in osrs.

You can not take the cape outside of the activity, so it only comes at number three on this list. There are a couple of other cool items you can use here:

  • Imbued Guthix cape
  • Imbued saradomin cape
  • Imbued zamorak cape

These are the best f2p mage gear you can use. 

How to get it: play the lastman standing minigame. The item disappears after the round is over. 

best cape f2p

2. Black cape

The black cape is just as easy to get as the best gloves in f2p. You can get this cape as a drop from a highwayman. These are level 5 monsters. You can change the black cape into any other cape you want by using a dye. Dying this item will get you some crafting xp, 2.5 percent. 

The other available colors are blue, green, yellow, red, pink, purple, and orange. The dye can be bought from the grand exchange or made yourself. 

The cape has a pretty high value despite being such a common item. If you sell your black cape on the grand exchange, you can get 600gp on average. The ease of getting the item and its value makes it the second-best f2p cape in osrs. 

How to get it: Kill a level 5 highwayman just south of Falador. Only the Highwayman who does not have a hood has this item as a drop. 

best cape in f2p osrs

1. Cabbage cape

The best f2p cape in osrs is the cabbage cape. There are a couple of reasons why this item takes the top spot. 

The stats of the cabbage cape are number two on this spot, but this item looks much cooler. It has been designed to look like a skill cape. You can get it from Diano’s Toy Store for only 150 gp, significantly cheaper than a black cape on the Grand Exchange. 

This is also the only item of its kind in free play that has an emote. 

How to get it: Talk to Diango in Draynor Village to buy the item for 150 gp. You do not need to have done the event to get it. 

f2p bis cape

There you have it, our list with the best f2p capes in old school RuneScape! Do you have any suggestions to add to the list? Let us know! 

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