Best 11 food for training OSRS [2022] – efficient training food Ranked

One of the most vital decisions to make when training your combat stats in OSRS is what food to bring. Over 100 items in Old School Runescape heal your hit points, so you have a wide variety of choices. To rank the best food for training in OSRS, we use these criteria:

  • How much does the food heal
  • How much does the food cost
  • How easy is it to get for an ironman

It is pretty hard to rank all of these items, so we will make a selection of those food items that are top tier. Of course, your account and where you are training have some influence on what is the optimal choice at that moment. So this is a comprehensive list. Here are the best foods for training in OSRS!

1. Cheese potatoes from the Warrior’s guild

  • Amount of hp healed: 16 hitpoints
  • Price of the item: 20 gp

The cheapest food to train that heals a reasonable amount is the cheese potatoes found in the Warrior’s guild. You can buy these when your attack and strength combined are level 130 or if you have 99 in either one. 

If you are an ironman account, this is one of the best foods to use when training your stats. You can easily hop worlds when they are sold out, and there is a bank just a couple of tiles away nearby. 

2. Pineapple pizza

  • Amount of hp healed: 22
  • Price of the item: 733

While pineapple pizza is a lot more expensive than cheese potatoes, they heal a significant number of hit points. Also, thanks to the fact that you can eat them in two bites, the pineapple pizza is excellent for training or getting a giants key in the wilderness. 

You can make these yourself, but the best way to get pineapple pizzas in OSRS is just buying them from GE. 

3. Basket of strawberries

  • Amount of hp healed: 30
  • Price of the item: 1100

A great food option to choose if you want to be able to heal as many hitpoints as possible in a trip is baskets of strawberries. These baskets hold five strawberries. The strawberry heals up to 6 at a time. That means you can heal 30 hit points per inventory slot. 

This makes it great for training against monsters that do not hit high and that are far from the bank. 

farming stawberries food osrs

4. Monkfish

  • Amount of hp healed: 16 hitpoints
  • Price of the item: 339 gp

Monkfish are a staple, like the holy wrench to restore prayer, when it comes to training in osrs. It is one of those go-to items to use. They are reasonably priced and have healed a good amount of hitpoints. However, monkfish are pretty hard to get as an ironman as you will need to fish them yourself. 

While there are better kinds of foods to train in OSRS, bringing monkfish never is a bad idea. 

5. Karambwan

  • Amount of hp healed: 18 hitpoints
  • Price of the item: 440 gp

Karambwans are one of my favorite foods in OSRS. The reason for that being is that they are a combo food. This means you can eat them in the same tick as another item that heals you. So you can combine these with, for example, sharks to heal 38 hit points in a single tick. 

Karambwans are a fantastic food to train against high-hitting monsters and to bring to a boss fight in OSRS. You don’t need an entire inventory of them, but obtaining 4 or 5 to combo eat can get you out of a pinch. 

6. Saradomin brews

  • Amount of hp healed: Depends on hitpoint level
  • Price of the item: 6800 gp

For many readers, this will be quite a surprising inclusion on the list. Saradomin brews are often considered costly healing items, only used for boss fights. This is not correct; if you have a high hitpoints level, the hitpoints healed per gp spend ratio is very much in line with other commonly used training food like sharks. 

Do keep in mind that saradomin brews lower your strength and attack levels while increasing your defense levels. Therefore, it is best to use this food when training ranging or magic, as those stats are not affected. 

best food for training in osrs

7. Sharks

  • Amount of hp healed: 20
  • Price of the item: 873

Sharks are pretty far down the list! When it comes to bossing and high-level monsters, they are acceptable due to their high hp healed per inventory space. However, this food is not as good for regular training due to the high costs and how hard they are to get for ironman accounts. 

Getting sharks is slow, and buying them is expensive. So save them for bossing and not regular combat training on your account. 

8. Swordfish from miscellanea

  • Amount of hp healed: 14
  • Price of the item: free

If you have completed the kingdom of miscellanea’s quest, you will become the island’s ruler. This kingdom has a couple of cool perks. One of these is that your inhabitants will fish for you. These inhabitants will provide you with a steady supply of both swordfish and tuna at no cost. 

This is an attractive, decent way for ironman to stock up on some great food to train their stats. But, of course, the tuna you get here can also be used while training. The tuna do not heal as much, though. Tuna only heals 10 per fish. 

9. Jug of wine

  • Amount of hp healed: 11 hitpoints
  • Price of the item: 5 gp

One of my favorite f2p training foods is jugs of wine. These cost almost nothing when you buy them at the marketplace in Draynor village. Alternatively, you can also get these jugs of wine in large amounts for cheap from the Grand Exchange. 

These only cost five coins per item and heal 11. It is making this one of the best foods in the game from a cost perspective for training. The only downside to this food is that it lowers your melee stats. Therefore, it is best to use the jugs of wines to heal when training range and magic. 

10. Trout

  • Amount of hp healed: 7 hitpoints
  • Price of the item: 40 gp

The humble trout is a fantastic option for players on a budget to train their melee stats at the lower levels. Trout heal 7 per fish. Alternatively, players can also use salmon, which heals 9. Having a couple of trouts in your bank will make training accessible and affordable. 

best f2p training food osrs

11. Kebab from Al-Kharid

  • Amount of hp healed: depends on luck
  • Price of the item: 1 gp

One of the weirdest foods in OSRS is the kebabs sold by Ali in Al-Kharid. Sometimes these heal over ten hitpoints, and on some occasions, they lower your stats and barely heal you. 

These only cost one gp. Before you consider stocking up on these, you need to be aware that buying them is not easy. It would help if you went through a dialogue with Ali every time you wanted to buy a kebab. 

Best OSRS training food FAQ

What is the best food to train in f2p Runescape?

Trouts are the best food to train your melee stats in f2p in OSRS. Trouts are very cheap when you buy them off the grand exchange. For just 1k gp, you can get over a hundred of them. If you are taking a lot of damage and cost is no issue, food like swordfish and pizza are a great option. 

What is the cheapest healing food per gp in OSRS?

The cheapest food in OSRS is a jug of wine. You can buy these in Draynor village for five gp each. The jug of wine heals 11 hit points, making it cheaper than half a gp per hit point. This makes it a superb choice for those who don’t want to spend money on expensive food options for training. The kebabs are a great choice, but you can only buy one at a time. 

Where should I buy food in OSRS?

The best place to buy food is the Grand Exchange. The prices are much lower than the shops in OSRS. If you are an ironman account, who can not use the Grand Exchange, a good option is the kebabs you get for one gp from Alkarid or the jugs of wine in Draynor Village. 

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