Best gloves f2p OSRS [2022] – Quick guide

If you just started playing OSRS for the first time, do you need to have a short refresher on the best gloves in f2p? Here is our quick guide that tells you what is the best item in the glove slot for free to play. 

Like in members, your BIS (best in slot) item will be different depending on your combat style. This post contains all the all the info you have to know! 

Best f2p gloves for magic

The best gloves when you are using magic in F2P are leather vambraces. These don’t give any magic attack bonus, but they beat out all the other options because their defense stats are higher than regular leather gloves, and they do not give any negative attack bonuses.

You have level 11 crafting, a needle, thread, and soft leather if you want to make leather vambraces. Unfortunately, there is no way to make these vambraces stronger. You can not combine them with crystal shards or hydra leather to give them a magic bonus.

Wearing leather vambraces as a mage will not make you hit more accurately but will increase your defense bonus without negatively affecting you. If you don’t have leather vambraces, the alternative is regular leather gloves. 

osrs best gloves f2p range

Best gloves in free to play for range

When you want to have the bis item as a ranger for the gloves slot in F2P, you will need to get green d’hide vambraces. These vambraces require you to have level 40 ranging to wear them. You can wear these as a pure with one defence. 

The green d’hide vambraces will give you +8 ranging attack bonuses. When wearing these while training range, you will thus hit more accurately, but you will not hit higher. 

Green d’hide vambraces are the best gloves to wear when you want to train magic by doing splashing. These vambraces give a – 10 magic attack and help you get to the -65 magic attack bonuses required never to hit. 

Interestingly enough, the defense bonuses of the green d’hide vambs are not superior to those of the leather vambraces. The green d’hide vambs give a lower slash stab and an equal slash defense. However, they are slightly better to defend against crush and magic attacks. 

Best gloves f2p melee

Best f2p gloves for melee

The best gloves for melee in F2P are the green d’hide vambraces. While they do not give any slash, crush or stab attack bonuses, they give you a +2 magic defense bonus. Since magic is the weakness of melee in OSRS, this slight bonus might help you.

If you don’t have 40 ranging to wear green d’hide vambraces, the alternatives, leather gloves, and leather vambraces, are almost identical. You will not get any less exp an hour while training and will probably not notice getting hit more often since the defensive bonuses are marginal. 

BIS gloves for a f2p ironman

As an ironman account that is free to play, you do not have access to green dragonhide leather, and you can’t make dragonhide leather items. That means you are stuck with the options you can get as a drop or make yourself. 

That means your best option is the leather vambraces. You can make these with soft leather, a needle, and thread, and you have to have level 11 crafting. If you don’t have to 11 crafting, regular leather gloves are fine too, and don’t feel noticeably inferior. 

F2P Gloves Final thoughts

As you see, a free-to-play player does not have a broad range of options for wearing gloves in OSRS. However, you only need two pairs. These are the leather vambraces and the green d’hide vambraces. If you have both of these and can equip them, you have the BIS F2P gloves in every situation. 

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