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The dark in OSRS is much more dangerous than most new players think. If you don’t bring an adequate light source, you will be attacked by bug swarms and slowly lose all your hitpoints. Avoid this scenario and bring the best light source you can get your hands on!

This write-up will help you pick just the right light source to bring to dark caves, dungeons, and the Lumbridge swamp! 

Why do I need a light source in OSRS? 

When you enter a dark area in OSRS, you will receive a warning after 9 seconds. This will say that it is dangerous to be in the dark without a light source. Then, 18 seconds later, you will be attacked by tiny insects that swarm all over you. 

You will lose one hitpoint per tick, and you can not block this damage with prayer. The only way to stop losing hit points is by either leaving the area or igniting a light source. Logging out does not work, as you are in combat while being attacked by these insects. 

My top 5 light sources in OSRS

Not sure what is the best light source for you to use? Here are my top 5. These have the maximum brightness of three and will not be extinguished by random effects in the game, making them safe to use for hardcore ironman accounts

light source osrs best bullseye lantern

1. The bullseye lantern

The best light source in osrs is the bullseye lantern. This lantern requires you to have 49 firemaking and 49 crafting. You need to fill it with an oil lamp to lite the bullseye lantern. These factors make it a very easy lantern to get. It is also possible to switch out the lens for a sapphire or emerald lens. 

2. Emerald lantern

The emerald lantern is the second-best light source in OSRS. The reason for that is quite simple. The emerald lantern has the identical requirements and utility as the bullseye lantern but is slightly more expensive. 

3. The abyssal lantern

The abyssal lantern is the most recently added light source in OSRS. It is a reward from the minigame guardians of the rift. You can get the abyssal light source as a reward by speaking to the reward guardians. 

It is at number three because it is pretty hard to get, but still a lot easier than numbers 4 and 5 on the list. 

4. The firemaking cape

The firemaking cape is a pretty decent light source. Due to the stats it gives, you can use wear it while in combat and not lose an inventory spot. However, the requirements are pretty steep. You will need to have 99 firemaking to wear the skill cape. It will act like a non-extinguishable light source and give you three brightness. 

5. The max cape

The most challenging item to get in OSRS is also one of the most useful. The max cape also acts as a light source in the same way as the firemaking skill cape. To obtain the max cape, you will need to have 99 in all skills, so you have quite a way to go if you want to use it as a light source. 

darkness osrs light source candle

What should you not use as a light source?

There are three light sources I strongly recommend you not to use. 

  • Candles
  • Torches
  • Oil lamps

Using these light sources can cause a gas explosion in the Lumbridge swamps. This swamp explosion will cost you 25% of your hitpoints. This danger is significant when you are a hardcore ironman account. If you are a low level, and you cause such an explosion, or your light is blown out, and you don’t have a teleport out, the odds are pretty high you will lose hardcore status. 

Keep in mind that items like the bug lantern are not a light source despite their name. The bug lantern will not give you light in the dark and thus won’t protect you against the insects attacking you in the dark. 

OSRS best light sources FAQ

What is the brightest light source in OSRS? 

The maximum brightness in OSRS is 3. A couple of light sources will give this amount of illumination. The most well-known are the bullseye lantern, the emerald lantern, and the firecape. The bullseye lantern is the easiest to get out of all of those. 

How do you enter mole cave with no light osrs? 

You can not enter the mole lair in Falador without a light source and a spade. Instead, you will be prompted to bring a light source. Your only option to enter without a light source is thus doing the quest to unlock eternal lights and lit these fires. Then you will no longer be prompted to bring a light source if you do not have one in your inventory. 

Does a black candle give light osrs?

Yes, the black candle gives the same amount of light as a regular candle. To light the candle, you will need a tinderbox. The candle will give one brightness and can be extinguished by an effect like swamp gas.


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