The 10 best osrs items to flip in 2022

Due to the osrs grand exchange introducing a small tax on almost every transaction, the items to flip in 2022 have changed quite a bit. This guide will reveal 10 of my favorite things to flip in 2022 on the GE and why.

10. Herblore supplies

Herblore secondaries are often bought by the thousands. Even more so if these secondaries are part of a money-making strategy; examples of that are crushing bird nests or crushing goat desert horns. So go to your herblore skill, look for potions above level 50 and check the secondaries needed. Those are often a great option to flip in massive amounts. 

The advantage is that the prices are relatively stable, and the profits, albeit small, are very consistent. 

9. Grimy and clean herbs

Herbs, both grimy and clean, are great to flip in osrs. You can buy many of them, and players are always buying and selling. Since herbs are a widespread drop for slayer, people often just sell their entire herb tab at a discount. In addition, players often sell the herbs from their farm run right away on the GE after harvesting them. 

Herblore needs many herbs to train, and making potions is very fast. So players planning to train herblore often buy in bulk and use the +5% arrow. 

These factors make grimy and clean herbs (clean in particular) a safe item to flip in osrs. 

8. Expensive Potions (3) 

One of my favorite items to flip is expensive potions (3). These are, for example, super strengths, super combat, divine-ranging potions, saradomin brews, etc. 

It is important to note that they should not be (4). The (4) potions often have a smaller profit margin. This is due to the fact that (3) potions are usually dumped by players training herblore. If you buy the (3) to flip, you can also turn them in (4), giving you a small additional profit margin on your trade. 

7. Uncut diamond and above

Uncut and cut gems often have a pretty decent margin on the grand exchange. The reason for that is twofold. First, people usually try to sell them for the lowest price as they don’t want the small amounts they have to take up a grand exchange slot, and people training crafting wish to buy a ton at once.

You can easily cut up to 2k gems an hour when you train crafting. Rich players get impatient and buy diamonds and dragonstone at a premium price. 

osrs best items to flip 2022

6. Uncharged glories

Uncharged glories, and to a lesser extent, rings of wealth, are a great item to flip in moderate amounts. When a glory runs out of charges, people sell them to the GE at the lowest price to get their coins back.

When players need a glory (4), they don’t want to wait around for 5 minutes until it buys so they can teleport. Instead, they want that amulet of glory (4), so they buy it at the max price. 

Thanks to that, you can easily makeover a couple of mils a day by passively buying and selling glories. 

5. Planks 

Expensive planks like Mahoney are great to flip. However, for some reason, not many people merchant with these items on the Grand Exchange, so as of 2022, the profit margins are still substantial. 

The reason why planks are so good to merchants is twofold. 

1. People always sell these in high amounts. This quantity is due to the fact that making planks is an excellent AFK magic method, and a lot of bot farms make these.

2. When people train in construction, they always buy a couple of thousands right away to start training the skills quickly. 

Exploiting these two facts will make you a ton of gp when you start flipping these items on the Grand Exchange. 

4. Medium-high level loot

Look at the drop table of osrs bosses and high-level slayer monsters like Drake and hydras. The (un)common valuable loot on those drop tables is an often fantastic inspiration to decide what item to flip next.

The leading sellers of this loot are high-level accounts who want to liquidate entire loot tabs right away at a significant discount for the buyer. So scoop these sales up and put them just a percentage of 3 higher. 

The great thing about this is that many items fit these criteria, so you are never undercut for too long by a different buyer. 

best items to flip 2022

3. BIS gear and armor

If you have a decent cash stack to work with, you can start flipping BIS gear and armor significantly. This isn’t just limited to twisted bows. You should buy items that are BIS in niche situations.

These are, for example, the dragon hunter crossbow or the dragon hunter lance. Players often buy these to use for a couple of days and then quickly sell them back at a low price as they need the coins for another niche item.

The grand exchange tax made these items a lot more profitable to flip in 2022 osrs. Beginning flippers think they won’t make a profit due to the often mils in tax they have to pay. However, the margins have significantly increased due to all those players leaving the market. Fortune favors the bold. 

2. Third age armor and weapons

Treasure trail armor, like third age, is very low in supply and the barrier to entering the market to flip these items is relatively high. However, when noobs get a thing like this as a reward, they often sell it at the face value price on the GE.

Since they are primarily cosmetic items bought by more wealthy players who are impatient, the margins are often outstanding. There are many third-age items, ranging from vambraces to pickaxes, so there isn’t too much competition on these items. 

1. High-level skilling items

Wealthy players are training their skills on a whole different level. High-level skilling items are the best item to flip in osrs in 2022 for that reason. 

These items are, for example:

  • Onyx bolt tips
  • Dragon dart tips
  • Onyx bolts
  • Uncut onyx

An excellent way to find these items is by looking for the highest possible xp methods for buyable skills. Of course, you need to have quite a cash stack to start flipping these items on a worthwhile scale, but the profit is often impressive. As a general rule, the more expensive the skilling item, the better your flipping margins on the ge. 

A great example of this is primordial and eternal crystals. These often have quite a large margin on them. So even if they drop in price, you can still change them into primordial boots or eternal boots, which almost always sell for a reasonable profit. 

grand exchange flipping osrs

Best items to flip in 2022 osrs conclusion

As a general tip, always try to look for items players want to sell quickly or buy large amounts. Players doing slayer often liquidate their entire loot tab by just offering all the items and pressing the -5% button.

The opposite is also true; players want to start training their skills and do their bossing asap. That is why they often just press the +5% button to buy the items they need. As long as you can find items like those, there are many great items to flip in osrs in 2022. 

Flipping in osrs FAQ

Is merching in osrs still possible?

Merchanting in osrs is still possible on the Grand Exchange. The margins when flipping items are still decent enough to make it worthwhile to log in now and then. You do have to be smart about picking your items and make sure you don’t take risks on items that might crash.  

How high is the grand exchange tax?

The tax is 1% on all sales done through the grand exchange. Every item sold on the GE is subject to this tax, with the exception of sales under 100 gp. The convenience fee tax is capped at 5 000 000 gp. 

Is osrs flipping still profitable in 2022? 

Yes, even though the convenience fee on the Grand Exchange flipping in osrs is still profitable. Many people have stopped merchanting through the GE due to this fee, and the margins have significantly increased. So you can still flip through the GE in osrs without any issue and make a healthy amount of coins. 

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