The best spirit tree patch in OSRS [2022]: All spots ranked

Getting spirit tree seeds can be a pain. Making optimal of the best spirit tree patch in the game is crucial to playing OSRS efficiently. That is why we decided to make a list to help you decide where to plant your next spirit tree and what patch is the right pick for you! Of course, we will not discuss the patches you already have access to. 

You will need to have 83 farming to plant your first spirit tree. You will be able to plant a second one at level 91, and at farming level 99, you can plant one in all the available patches. This gives you quite a bit of choice, so here are all the best spirit patches in OSRS ranked! 

5. The Farming Guild North Section

The spirit tree patch I would not use until 99 is the one in the northern section of the farming guild. The reason for that is quite simple, there is nothing to do here, and teleporting to this spot is easy and quick already.

Using a fairy ring or a skills necklace makes it easy to get to the farming guild, so planting a spirit tree here is a waste, in our opinion. 

spirit tree best locations

4. South-west of Hosidius

Only slightly better is the patch in the southwest of Hosidius. There is quite a lot to do here. You can talk to Watson, go to the mess hall to train cooking, fight sand crabs, and enter the Forthos Dungeon. This is a quick way to get there, but not worth it to waste your only patch if you are not level 99 farming. 

It is better to just use the skills necklace or the Xeric’s talisman to quickly get here and plant the tree in one of the three different locations. 

3. South-east Etceteria

Etceteria has quite a lot to do around the spirit tree patch. You can talk to Advisor Ghrim here to manage your kingdom; you can fight sea snakes here, tend to your bush pash and use the ship to Relekka. 

However, this is not one of my top two locations. The ring of wealth to miscellanea and the fairy ring code is more convenient teleporting methods to get to those spots quickly. 

spirit tree location farming guild

2. North of Brimhaven

Brimhaven is our pick for those who are level 91 farming and have access to two spirit tree patches. Unfortunately, there is a lot to do near this patch, and Brimhaven is quite hard to reach. 

Some of the activities you can do nearby in Brimhaven are a fruit tree patch, the Brimhaven Dungeon, and the Brimhaven Agility Arena. There also is a handy Calquat tree patch to train farming.

You can also reach this place quite easily with a house portal and a redirection scroll to Brimhaven. That is why we have put this patch at number two. 

1. East of Port Sarim

The best spirit tree patch in OSRS is the one east of Port Sarim. The main reason for this is that it is the most convenient teleport to the port town. Thanks to this patch, you can quickly go to Entrana to make law, rurnes, take a ship to the Void Knights Outpost, or access your Draynor Village Farming patches.

Using the tree at the great exchange to teleport to your spirit tree in Port Sarim is much easier than using the explorer’s ring and the amulet of Glory. That is why the spirit tree patch in Port Sarim is undoubtedly the number one patch you need to unlock! 

best place to plant spirit trees

How to plant spirit trees in OSRS

You first need to obtain a spirit tree seed to get your spirit tree. Unfortunately, this is an untradeable item. You will need to get the seed as a drop from a monster. An excellent creature to get one is Zulrah, the snake boss. 

Once you have got a seed, you have to use the seed on a filled plant pot to create a spirit sapling. For example, if you have 83 farming, you can plant the seed in a spirit tree patch of your choice. This tree will take 58 hours and 40 minutes to fully mature. Once the tree has grown, you will get 19301 farming exp for checking its health. You can then use woodcutting to remove the tree to grow another one.

It is strongly advised that you pay the farmer nearby to tend your tree, so it does not die. You will need five monkey nuts, one monkey bar, and a ground suqah tooth. 

If you enjoy new OSRS content like spirit trees, you should check out the guardians of the rift. There is also the nightmare zone where you can train range. This is also a brand new minigame that is exclusive to Old School Runescape.

Spirit tree locations FAQ

Can you teleport to a spirit tree you have planted yourself?

Yes, you can. Once you have planted the spirit tree, the teleport option will unlock, and you will be able to reach that tree by using any other spirit tree in OSRS. However, if you remove the tree, you will no longer be able to teleport to that location. Therefore, you will need to plant it again if you want to. 

What is the closest spirit tree to a fairy ring?

The closest spirit tree to a fairy ring is the one in your POH. At 95 construction, you can merge the spirit tree and the fairy ring in the same spot. This way, both spirit tree and fairy ring teleport options are on the same tile. 

Are spirit trees good to train farming?

Yes, when you have enough spirit tree seeds, it is one of the best trees to plant for the experience. However, it is not a reliable way to train as the seeds are scarce, and you need to wait over 58 hours till the tree is fully mature to get your experience.


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