Black Demon OSRS Slayer task Guide [2022] – most efficient strategies

Most players don’t believe me when I tell them OSRS Black Demons are one of the best slayer tasks for xp. Instead, most people think these monsters are very slow to kill due to their high defense bonus and not worth it because their drops are so mediocre. 

However, if you use the Black demon OSRS slayer strategy in this guide, you can easily get over 45k slayer xp and 200k ranging experience. If you don’t enjoy paying attention to your screen much, there also is a pretty decent AFK method to kill these creatures that will be discussed in this guide. 

What are Black Demons in OSRS 

One of the most often encountered demons as a slayer task is the Black Demons. These demons are assigned by five different slayer masters when you reach level 80 combat. Black Demons do not require you to have a certain slayer level to kill them, and they can also be fought off task. 

Black Demons have been in OSRS since 2002. These creatures can thus be found all over the world of Glienor. They are a couple of different variants which differ from one another in combat level. The weakest black demons are level 172 combat, while the strongest are combat level 188. Therefore, this guide will only focus on combat level 172 and combat 184 variants.

Combat levelCombat 172
Hit points level157 hitpoints
Slayer xp157 slayer xp
Max hit16
Attack styleSlash
Attack speed2.4 seconds
Level 172 black demon stats and weakness
Combat levelCombat 184
Hit points level170 hitpoints
Slayer xp170 slayer xp
Max hit17
Attack styleSlash
Attack speed2.4 seconds
Level 184 black demon stats and weakness

The following slayer masters assign these monsters: Krystilia, Chaeldar, Konar Quo Maten, Naive, and Duradel. If you are a low-level player, I wouldn’t add them to your block list, but I would skip them until you are 90 combat or have 85+ ranging. 

Black demons are weak against magic. They have a -10 defense bonus against the magic spells. They also have a weakness against demonbane weapons such as the Arclight and the Darklight. 

black demon slayer location
Lol sorry, go straight

Locations where you find Black Demons OSRS

There are six different locations in OSRS where you can find the Black Demons. This guide will discuss the four best ones where you should fight them on your slayer task. All the locations discussed have safe spots for the Black Demons, which you can use to attack them with mage, range, or with a halberd. Unfortunately, the other locations don’t have enough spawns or are too far from the bank to go. 

Catacombs of Kourends

If you are like me and love to do activities on OSRS AFK, then the Catacombs of Kourend are a great place to fight Black Demons. There is a spot to the west of the catacombs where four of them spawn and where you can AFK 2 minutes at a time using a melee prayer.

The exact location also has a safespot where you can use magic and range to kill them. Unfortunately, you can not use a cannon in the catacombs of Kourend. However, these monsters do drop many ancient shards to charge your Arclight, and you can also get totem pieces here to fight Skotizo. 

A great way to get here fast is by using the Great Kourend teleport, which will bring you to the Catacombs entrance. 

Taverley Dungeon

If you are going for the maximum amount of slayer and ranging xp, the Taverley Dungeon is the best place to kill Black Demons for a slayer task. Using a cannon, high-level range gear, and a high DPS ranging weapon, you can get up to 50k slayer xp and around 200k ranging xp on this task. 

The Taverley Dungeon has 24 spawns, so your cannon will always be shooting at something! The only downside to the Taverely Dungeon is that it’s pretty far from the bank and takes quite a while to get to the spawn. 

A fast way to get to the Taverely Dungeon is by using a redirection scroll on a house teleport and teleport to the house portal in Taverely. 

Chasm of Fire

Another fun place to kill Black Demons with a cannon is the Chasm of Fire Dungeon in Zeah. There are 17 spawns here, and you can place a cannon. However, the Chasm of fire is single combat. So you won’t get as much slayer xp an hour as the Taverely Dungeon. 

Wilderness Slayer Cave

The Black Demons at the wilderness slayer cave should only be fought when you have a wilderness slayer task. There are only four spawns here. Since this spot is in the wilderness, other players are free to attack you. You can use a cannon here, so the task goes reasonably fast. 

black demon slayer osrs cannon spot
The cannon spot for black demons

Best way to kill Black Demons 

The best method to fight Black Demons in OSRS is by using a cannon in Taverely Dungeon while using a strong-ranging weapon like the blowpipe. There are 24 spawns there, and the area is multi-combat. So your cannon will be firing non-stop, giving you a ton of experience and fast kills.

To get the maximum of xp an hour, it’s strongly advised to use a prayer like Hawkeye or even rigour. Those prayers will boost your ranging accuracy and range damage by quite a lot. If you do, make sure you wear God d’hide. 

It is also possible to fight them with melee and a cannon. In that case, make sure you use piety, a high DPS weapon like the best crush weapon, the Inquisitor’s Hauberk, or the gazhier rapier. 

The key to this strategy to kill Black demons is the dwarven cannon. Make sure you always stack it with cannons and put the cannon on a spot where it can hit as many targets as possible.

Using this method in combination with paying attention to the game and repotting and prayer will get you about 200k ranging xp and around 45k to 50k slayer experience an hour. 


I would recommend the following gear if you are using the ranging method:

  • God D’hide chaps and body or armadyl
  • Pegasian boots
  • Necklace of Anguish
  • Blowpipe
  • Avas accumulator
  • Slayer helm
  • BIS ranging gloves 
black demon slayer gear osrs


This is the inventory I would bring when using ranging:

  • Cannon
  • 5k cannonballs
  • 15 to 20 prayer potions
  • Holy Wrench
  • Ranging potion
  • Stamina potion*
black demon inventory slayer task
Inventory black demons example by Aflux

I bring a stamina potion to the Taverely since it is quite a long trip, and the cannon weighs a ton. If you can do the agility shortcut, you should bring a two-dose. Bring a stamina potion (4) for the trip if you don’t have a high agility level. 

Black Demons AFK method

So, don’t you want to go for maximum efficiency and play OSRS casually? Me too! That is why I almost always fight Black Demons in the Catacombs of Kourend, which is the best place to AFK these monsters. 

The key to this method is having a good balance between your DPS and prayer bonus. You can kill the Black Demons fast and don’t have to watch your screen too often to restore your prayer points. This method is also the best way to kill black demons on OSRS Mobile. You don’t need to click too much, and the amount of loot worth picking up is pretty marginal. 


You should wear proselyte armor while using protection from melee. You can use an extra prayer like piety to kill them faster, but you will need to replenish your prayer potions more often. If you use protect from melee, you can AFK for up to 3,5 minutes depending on how high your prayer level is.

Your weapon should be the best DPS weapon you have, and as a shield, an Avernic defender will be your best pick. 


I strongly recommend you take the holy wrench to restore your prayer more effectively. Since almost your entire inventory will be prayer potions, this will save you around two full potions. 

You should also bring two super combat potions or two super strengths and super attacks. Next, you might want to keep 2 or 3 inventory spaces open for drops you get here. Finally, a teleport to your house to restore your stats and use your teleport portal is an excellent idea to bring. 

slayer black demon task

General tips and advice

Don’t use magic – While Black Demons are weak to magic, using this combat style is too expensive and slow. This is because these creatures are too large to stack them and use multitarget spells like ice burst and ice barrage. Only use this combat style while safe spotting them and if your range and melee are too low. In that case, you should use a slayer dart. 

All locations have safespots – No matter where in Old School Runescape where you are killing Black Demons, you can use a safespot. So don’t panic when you get this task at level 70 combat. Just use your slayer dart and safespot them for relatively easy kills. 

Always use protect from melee – If you are fighting Black Demons in a multi combat zone like the Taverely Dungeon or the Catacombs of Kourend, use your protect from melee. Even if you are 99 defense and have tank gear on, you will have to leave to restock your inventory. These demons hit accurately, and their max hit is high, save yourself a headache and use your prayer when not using a safespot. 

Do not use your Arclight – Black Demons are weak to demonbane weapons like the Arclight. However, there are much better monsters to use your Arclight on. Also, ancient shards are quite rare and are better preserved for stronger demons. 

Skotizo counts as a black demon – If you want to have an easy time killing Skotizo or make this slayer task a lot more profitable, killing Skotizo as your Black Demon slayer task will be your Black Demon task make killing Skotizo a lot easier. 

Drops to look out for

Let’s be clear; there are a ton of monsters in OSRS more profitable than the Black Demons. So the drops here are worthless, with a couple of noteworthy exceptions. Here are the Black Demon drops you probably should pick up if you have the inventory space. 

Weapons and armor

Two armor drops are worthwhile picking up at the Black demons. These are the rune med helm and the rune chain body. These will make back your cost of prayer potions. 


Black demons drop a couple of exciting runes. The air runes are the drop you are going to see the most. These are dropped 50 at a time. Chaos runes are also pretty standard here. You can also expect to get a couple of blood runes here, worth a tiny bit of money. 


Every kind of grimy herb is dropped here. While this drop does not occur very often, you can expect about two grimy rannarr weeds per trip here. You also get a couple of harralanders, irits, and avontoes here. 


You can get a few other exciting drops here: the ensouled demon head and the clue scroll (hard). If you kill Black Demons AFK at the catacombs of Kourend, you can also get these drops here:

  • Ancient shards
  • Totem top
  • Totem middle
  • Totem bottom

Black Demons Slayer Task FAQ

How to get to black demons osrs?

The easiest way to reach the Black Demons in the Taverely is by using a scroll of redirection on a teleport to house tablet. Then teleport to the Taverely house portal. Now go south and follow the path in the dungeon.

Should I block black demons osrs?

No, if you use a cannon and fight the Black Demon in a multi combat zone, this is one of the fastest slayer tasks you can do from an xp perspective. Using the optimal method, you can get about 200k ranging and 50k slayer experience. 

What is the best way to kill black demons osrs?

The best method to kill black demons is by using a cannon and fighting them in the Taverely Dungeon. That way, you get a lot of experience and can kill over 150 black demons an hour. If you want to AFK them, a good alternative is the Catacombs of Kourend. 

Is it worth using Arclight on black demons osrs?

While Black demons have a weakness to demonbane weapons like the Arclight, it is not recommended to use this weapon. The reason for this is that the charges of this weapon are way too valuable for a monster as weak as this.

Where can I use my cannon on black demons?

There are three great places where you can use your cannon to kill these monsters: 1) Taverley Dungeon, 2) Wilderness slayer cave, and 3) the Chasm of fire. The first two spots are multi combat, while the third is single combat.

Black demon Guide conclusion

The major takeaway is that Black Demons are a much better slayer task than most people give them credit for. Using the most optimal method, this monster gives some of the best ranging and slayer xp in the game.

However, you must be willing to spend quite some coins on cannonballs and prayer potions to get those xp rates. If you want to fight them on a budget, AFKing the Black Demon’s slayer task is also possible. You can do this in the catacombs of Kourend. 

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