Black Dragons OSRS Guide [2022]

Black dragons are one of the four chromatic dragons in Runescape. They are stronger than green dragons, blue dragons, and red dragons. This makes them the most potent variant of all. While Brutal Black Dragons are also black dragons, these will be discussed in a separate guide due to the significant difference in drops, mechanics, and fighting difficulty. 

This OSRS Guide will teach you all to know about black dragons, what they drop and how to fight them effectively in OSRS. Black Dragons are members-only monsters and can not be fought in F2P. 

What are Black Dragons

Black Dragons are the strongest chromatic dragons, not counting the brutal variants. They have been around since February 27, 2002, which is over 20 years! They have a ton of exciting drops and come in two variants, level 227 and level 247. 

Like all other regular chromatic adult dragons, Black Dragons attack with both melee and dragon fire. The dragon fire attack must be protected against an antifire dragon shield or anti-dragon fire potion. Otherwise, you get hit very high no matter your combat level. A Dragonfire attack can hit up to 50. 

Many people don’t know that killing these gives a 5% exp bonus no matter if you are using ranging, melee or magic. This monster is weak to stab attacks and range since they only have a +50 defense in those two stats. 

This guide will only discuss the level 227 Black Dragons since they are the most prevalent. The other black dragons of level 247 are only found in the wilderness.

Combat Level227
Hitpoints 190
Max Hit21 with melee, 50 with dragonfire. 
Attack StyleSlach and dragonfire.
WeaknessStab and range. 
Black dragons map taverly dungeon

Where can I find Black Dragons

Since Black Dragons have been around for over 20 years in OSRS, they have been added to multiple locations all over Runescape. There are 7 locations where you can find Black Dragons at the moment of writing. I will discuss the best places to kill them quickly and bank fast and effectively. 

Corsair Cove Dungeon: This location is one of the most recent additions to OSRS. There are two spawns here of level 227 black dragons. This is part of the myths guild and is very easy to reach when you have done the necessary quests. There also is a bank vault nearby in the cave itself. 

Evil Chicken’s Lair: Another great place to kill Black Dragons is the Evil Chicken’s Lair. You can get here using a Fairy ring to Zanaris or the Lumbridge swamp house and use a raw chicken on the statue. This will teleport you straight to the Evil chicken Lair, where you can find four spawns of level 227 Black Dragons. 

Taverley Dungeon: One of the classic locations to fight Black Dragons is the Taverely Dungeon, where you can also find chaos druids. In this dungeon, you can find them in two locations. Two black dragons are located on the ground level. Twelve black dragons are found on the upper levels of the dungeon. You can get here by using your teleport to the Taverley house portal or use a Falador teleport and go north. 

Wilderness Slayer Cave: The wilderness slayer cave is the best place to kill Black Dragons if you have a wilderness slayer task. However, you need to be aware that the dragons found there are slightly stronger. These are level 247 and not level 227.

Lava Maze Dungeon: Another place to kill Black Dragons in the wilderness is the Lava Maze Dungeon. There are two black dragons there that are level 227. Like the wilderness slayer cave, you can be attacked here by other players. 

Useful Black Dragons drop to pick up

Black Dragons have two valuable 100% drops. These are dragon bones and black dragonhide. Picking these up, every kill will fill your inventory quite fast. So being good at inventory management is crucial to make the most out of your trip and your time. 

Black Dragons are worth about 7k per kill, and if you are on a Konar Slayer task, they are worth 8.5k due to the brimstone keys they drop. 

Must pick up Black Dragons Drops

Dragon bones: This is a drop worth around 1.5 to 2k, depending on the market. It adds up quite quickly and will be a substantial part of the money you make here. 

Black dragonhide: Half of the value per kill is the black dragonhide they drop. Like dragon bones, black dragons drop these every time you kill them. Picking these up is crucial if you come here for the money. 

Adamant platebody: One of their more valuable drops is the adamant plate bodies. These are worth 9.5k each. I would always pick them up since they are good money for alchs. You can expect one of these every 128 kills on average. 

Rune longswords: The rune longsword is one of the best drops you can get here. These are worth 18.5k and are significant to alch for some extra cash. Black Dragons have a 1 in 128 chance of dropping these. 

Law runes: One in 25 kills on average will get law runes. I would pick them up since they stack and are worth about 1.5k per drop. So that makes it worth it to pick up.

Blood runes – another very decent stackable drop they have are blood runes. Blood runes are dropped 15 at a time by black dragons. So one blood rune drop is worth 4.5K. On average, they drop them one in 42 kills to get one drop per two trips. 

Dragon javelin heads: You can get Dragon Javelin heads as a drop if you have completed Monkey Madness II. Black dragons will drop about 1/21 kills on average, dropping ten at a time. This drop is worth 10k, so worth it to pick up. 

Adamantite bar: A nice drop to have and worth more than dragon bones, so pick this up for a nice extra 2k. 

Adamant javelin: About one in seven Black dragons drop an adamant javelin. They drop 30 at a time, worth 2220 per drop. 

Ensouled dragon head – About one in 35 black dragons drops an ensouled dragon head. These are worth 5k each on average. So make sure you pick them up for the cash or the prayer exp. 

Clue scrolls: Black dragons drop both elite and hard clue scrolls at a decent rate. You should always pick these up since the possible drops from clue scrolls can be amazing (and we love doing them). 

Draconic visage: This is by far the most valuable drop you can get at the Black Dragons. These are worth 3.5 mils each. So while they have dropped a massive amount in value, it is still a significant drop to get. However, there is only a 1 in 10 000 chance of getting this drop when you kill a Black Dragon. 

Optional drops to pick up

Optional drops are drops that are not worth as much and are only worth it to pick up if you are in short supply of them or are looking to fill your inventory a bit at the end of your trip. 

Mithril 2H sword: Since these are worth less than dragon bones, I would only pick them up if you have the inventory space for them at the end of your trip. 

Mithril kiteshield: Mithril kite shields are worth only 1k apiece, zo only worth picking up when you are on your way out and want a bit of extra money. 

Adamant dart tip (p) – About one in 18 black dragons will drop this. It is a stackable drop and worth 960 GP. So you might want to pick this up. 

Chocolate cake: If you are low on food or brought too little food, you can always pick up and eat the chocolate cakes. They only drop these about one in 40 kills. So do not rely on them.

Black dragons guide
How it feels when you forgot your anti-fire potions

How to effectively fight Black Dragons

Black Dragons are no pushovers. They have high stats, a good defense, and can do some severe damage. When you have the recommended stats, you will be able to kill about 30 black dragons an hour with decent gear. Remember that the better your equipment and combat levels are, the higher your exp and GP an hour will be.

Recommended stats

Killing these monsters is best done with ranging. They have a weakness to it since its defense is not as high. You can also fight them with a stab if you have a Dragon Hunter Lance. It is recommended you have 80 ranging and 70 defense. This will allow you to use high-level ranged gear and hit high and accurately when fighting them. 

If you want to fight these on a budget, using broad bolts is a good idea. You need 55 slayers to use this ammo. If you fight Black Dragons in the Waverly dungeon, then you should have at least 70 agility to use the shortcuts and save yourself a ton of time. 

Recommended gear and items

First, make sure you have protection against Dragonfire. This is crucial, even when you are using ranging attacks. I would advise you to bring an anti-dragon shield to defend yourself from the fire. 

You also need to have high-level ranged gear. Good gear is the armadyl crossbow, rune crossbow, dragon crossbow, or crystal bow. These hit high and accurately. 

Since you are using ranging, you do not need to bring a lot of food. Some pizza, lobsters, or cake is enough. However, you need to get an extended antifire (4) to ensure you don’t take too much damage. Even when you bring an anti-dragon shield, you will need this not to get hit too much. You will also need ranging potions and a prayer potion to use a ranging-related prayer. 

EXP and Profit

Since the defense of these black dragons is so high, you won’t get a ton of exp an hour. However, with 80 range and decent stats, you will get about 24k exp an hour in range, 8k exp an hour in hitpoints, and 6k slayer exp. Of course, you can increase this by quite a bit if you use a cannon. However, that is expensive, and you will make a loss using this. 

It is expected you make about 200k in profit per hour here at 80 range and with good gear. Are black dragons too strong for you? Check out our moss giants guide to get your levels up quickly!

Black Dragons FAQ

Can I fight baby black dragons as a slayer task?

Yes, these count as a black dragon task. Killing them is much faster due to their lower combat levels and lower defense. However, they only drop baby dragon bones. 

What is the black dragon OSRS’s weakness?

Black Dragons are weak to ranging and stab attacks. They only have +50 defense to these attack styles since dragons are also vulnerable to dragon bane weapons like the dragon hunter crossbow and the dragon hunter lance. 

Are black dragons worth it?

No, black dragons are hard to kill, take a long time to get through, and have no exciting drops. Therefore, if you have a black dragon slayer task, it is better to skip it or fight the KBD instead. 

Final thoughts

Black dragons are powerful and hard to take down due to their high defenses and high hitpoints. Unfortunately, their drops are not good at all. Getting only 200k an hour for a monster that is level 227 combat is just not worth it. Besides the black dragonhide for ironman, there is absolutely nothing interesting in their drop table to go out of your way for. Brutal black dragons, on the other hand, are much better to make money from drops and are about just as hard to kill. 

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