OSRS Bloodvelds Slayer Guide [2022]

For the best XP, you will have to get some ‘blood’ on your hands and massacre some Bloodvelds for your slayer task. So keep it strictly business and not get too emotionally attached to those weird-looking pig things.

Consider putting your weapons away if you’re a low-level player, since this guide is recommended for medium and higher-level players only. This is due to the requirements the bloodvelds have to kill them effectively. 

Recommended stats

To give a reference on what a recommended player for this guide would look like is to at least have the following requirements at a base level:

  • 60 attack
  • 60 strength
  • 40 defense
  • 43 prayer


  • 50 range
  • 40 defense
  • 44 prayer

You can do the Bloodvelds slayer task at lower stats. However, this will be a lot harder because they hit pretty accurately. You will be fine as long as you have a black mask or slayer helm and 43 prayers. 

osrs mutated bloodveld slayer task

Bloodveld weaknesses and stats

Furthermore, to build up your expectations of what you will face, here are the general combat stats of Bloodvelds:

Weakness: Melee & Range

Max Hit: 5

Attack Style: Melee-based mage attacks

Combat levelHitpointsAttack StyleMax hitWeakness
76120Magic based melee5Melee and ranged
Bloodveld weakness and stats

The main issue fighting this monster will be the magic-based melee attacks. These are similar to the ones the Pyrefiends use. So make sure you wear d’hide armor to protect yourself or pray to protect from melee. 

Almost every slayer master can assign Bloodvelds. Krystillia, Vanneke, Chaldear, Konor Quo Maten, Naive, and Duradel all frequently assign the monsters. You should not block or skip the task as the xp an hour in both slayer and your combat skills is relatively high. You can opt to cannon or AFK them by switching on your melee prayer. 

Recommended gear: melee and ranging

Melee gear 

If you choose to take out Bloodvelds purely through melee attacks, then I would recommend this optimal, high-tier melee build:

  •  Amulet of Torture
  • Karl’s Armour
  • Avernic Defender
  • Ferocious Gloves
  • Primordial Boots
  • Berserker ring (i)
  • Infernal cape

For a build that has a more attainable gear set that leans more on tanking damage rather than outputting damage; I would recommend the following mid-tier melee build:

  • Slayer Helm
  • Fire Cape
  • Amulet of Fury
  • Abyssal Whip
  • Black D’hide
  • Barrows Gloves
  • Berserker Ring

There is no specific weapon of choice to use with both melee builds, considering that Bloodvelds are weak to all melee & ranged attacks in general. So, bringing your BIS weapon is advised. Also, do not use an arclight here, as the shards are too valuable to use for a low-level monster like this. 

Ranging gear

Now, if you choose to use ranged attacks against Bloodvelds, then the following range builds will be optimal for the task:

Range Build 1:

Range Build 2:

  • Slayer Helm
  • Ava’s Assembler
  • Amulet of Fury
  • Blowpipe
  • God d’hide
  • Archer’s Ring

Once your gear is in check that you fit the criteria for this task and are ready to lock in some hours of grinding, you can expect the following XP rates per hour. If melee is your choice of combat, you can expect up to 100k XP per hour.

If you use Piety when fighting with melee, then the rate of XP jumps to 135K per hour. To maximize the XP amount per hour, add both Cannon & Piety to net a whopping 175K XP per hour.


To best manage your inventory for the task, use the top half of the inventory for your – Weapons of choice: claws or dragon dagger

– Super combat potions

– Super restores 

– Emergency food 

– Cannonballs.

At the bottom of the inventory, put your holy wrench for prayer points restoration, a bone crusher for extra XP, a slayer ring to move around, and a house tab to go back to your house.

inventory slayer

Notable drops

Unlike the mutated bloodvelds, the regular version does not drop a lot of blood runes. Every 14 Bloodveld kills, you should get one blood rune on average. The least common drop is a hard clue scroll with a 1/256 drop rate.

Other notable drops:

  • Rune med helm
  • Blood runes
  • Fire runes
  • Various herbs
  • Ensouled bloodveld head

Bloodveld locations and strategy

Stronghold Slayer Cave

The first spot to find Bloodvelds is Stronghold Slayer Cave. Use the rune lite plugin to see where to go and use canons. You don’t have to pray if you don’t want to. You can also range attack in crevasses between walls, making you a difficult target.

The stronghold slayer cave has two significant benefits. 

  • Thanks to the slayer ring, the spawns of these monsters are very convenient to reach. If you have Nieve as your slayer master, you can walk right in and start your task if you already have the appropriate gear. If not, there is a bank very close.
  • You can use your cannon in the caves to speed up the task. Using the cannon to kill them is expensive, but you get a notably higher xp an hour in your combat skills and slayer. 
cannon bloodveld slayer task guide

The Catacombs

The Catacombs are a better spot because fewer players are around to ‘hog’ your kills. Once inside, open your map to label the area where (stronger variant) Bloodvelds are. There are two spots, north, and southwest.

The northern location has many safe spots for range attacks. For example, you can stay idle in a corridor, and the Bloodvelds get stuck trying to approach you, making them easy pickings.

The southwestern spot is the least crowded place to hunt for Bloodvelds, so there is less competition. However, you will have to mine a rock formation to cut through to the area faster, or you must go the long route.

The benefits of this location are:

  • Higher-level bloodvelds with a higher hitpoints level, so you can AFK them for a longer period of time.
  • The drops of this variant are much better, not just from a gp perspective but they also drop ancient shards and totem pieces.

Meiyerditch Labs

The best spot for Bloodveld hunting is the Meiyerditch Laboratories, with typically the most minor players around compared to the last spots. This is mainly due to the difficulty of getting here. Another great benefit about this location is If you have sins of the father completed, you can pull Bloodvelds into a grouped area where you can use canon.

To get to the Meiyerditch Labs, use a Drakan’s medallion that teleports you to Ver Sinhaza, a castle found in the southern part of Meiyerditch. Before making your way to the Bloodvelds, there is a bank in Ver Sinhaza that you can stop at first for banking.

You will need to go through the mine, so I would advise bringing your Vyre outfit to pass through quicker. The outfit consists of:

  • Vyre noble top
  • Vyre noble shoes
  • Vyre noble legs

To enter the mines, talk to the Vyrewatch, then he will take you through the mine upon your request. Use stamina passing through the mine, or you will become depleted of run before you make it to the Bloodvelds.

After passing through the mine, you will run into the NPC Vampyre Juvinate that you talk to. He will then lead you to a town where you will see a golden door that you have to go through. Next, you will be directed to a staircase that you make your way down to enter the Meiyerditch Labs, where you will find the Bloodvelds.

Once there, you can swap out your Vyre noble gear for your Bloodvelds combat gear. You will find many Bloodvelds with very few other players around. You can then set up your canon and rune knight plugin—this will round up Bloodvelds to attack.

osrs bloodveld guide slayer

 Bloodveld Slayer Task FAQ

Are mutated bloodvelds worth it to fight?

The more potent version of this monster, mutated bloodvelds, has much higher accuracy, max hit, and hitpoints level. However, because these creatures only use (magical based) melee, you can turn on your protection prayer. If you do, you can attack multiple of these and AFK for five minutes at a time. AFKing, these monsters will get you up to 25k slayer xp and 100k combat xp. 

What should you pray against bloodvelds?

Even though you have to wear armor with a high magic defensive bonus, you still have to pray to protect yourself from melee. You will take no damage when using the protection from melee prayer, so you should wear prayer-boosting armor.

What armor should you use to fight bloodvelds?

If you are using no protection prayer, you should use dragonhide armor and other armor with a high defensive bonus against magic attacks. If you are using protection from melee, you should use armor like Proselyte with a high prayer bonus. 


Bloodvelds are a great medium-level slayer task that allows you to train your combat skills quite effectively. You can speed up the task by using a cannon, or you can AFK them by using your prayer and fight them in the catacombs of Kourend. 

While the bloodveld slayer task is not the most profitable or the fastest you can do, I recommend you not skip or block it. You can fight them both with melee and range and get over 100k xp an hour at higher combat levels, thanks to their low defense levels.

If you want to get better drops and are not using a cannon, the best place to fight them is the Catacombs of Kourend. 

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