Bronze Dragons OSRS Guide [2022] – The best ways to kill them quickly

In the OSRS Bestiary, there are a ton of exciting monsters to fight. One of the most prevalent monster types is dragons. The weakest of the metallic dragons in Old School Runescape is the Bronze Dragon. 

While the Bronze Dragon is a great deal weaker than his stronger brothers, the iron and mithril dragon, they should not be underestimated. Make sure you bring your shield and anti dragonfire you want to fight these monsters with ranged, melee, or magic. If not, you will regret it! 

What are Bronze Dragons

Bronze dragons do not drop a draconic visage, and they have a worse drop table than iron dragons. However, they do drop some interesting loot, and they are straightforward to fight with range or magic on a lower level account. 

Bronze dragons come in two variants: the standard one and the alternative version in the Catacombs. The creatures found in the catacombs are slightly more robust but have an improved drop table due to the tertiary drops like totem pieces. 

Bronze dragons osrs catacombs kourend

Three slayer masters can give you a Bronze Dragon slayer task. These are Vannaka, Chaeldar and Konor Quo Maten. However, the slayer task is often skipped since you can not fight a weaker version like baby Bronze Dragons. 

Standard variant

Combat Level131
Hitpoints 122
Max Hit12 with melee and 50 with dragonfire
Attack StyleSlash and dragonfire
WeaknessMagic and stab
This table shows the stats of a regular bronze dragon

Catacombs of Kourends variant

Combat Level143
Hitpoints 122
Max Hit14 with melee and 50 with dragonfire
Attack StyleSlash and dragonfire
WeaknessMagic and stab
This table shows the stats of a bronze dragon in the catacombs of kourend

The defense bonus and weakness of the two variants are the same, so I would advise you to kill these metallic dragons in the catacombs. However, the additional totem drops will make it more than worth it. 

Where can I find Bronze Dragons?

Bronze dragons have been around since 2005. Despite that, unlike black dragons or other old-school monsters, there aren’t a lot of places where you can fight them. There are just two, the Brimhaven Dungeon (including a task-only area) and the Catacombs of Kourend. 

Brimhaven Dungeon

The Brimhaven Dungeon was the only place where you could fight Bronze Dragons for over a decade. There are two places where you can find these monsters here. The lower floors where you can find three spawns, and the upper floors where you can find five spawns of Bronze Dragons that can only be killed on a slayer task. 

If you choose to go here, you will need to pay 875 coins to the NPC named Saniboch, who is standing outside. You can also pay a one-time fee of 1m gp to get ‘free’ access forever. When you are inside, you will also need an axe to clear the path from vines. 

The bronze dragons in the Brimhaven Dungeon are a bit harder to reach than those in the Catacombs, and a slayer-only area doesn’t add value. Therefore, I would recommend you not go here for your slayer tasks or grind them.

Brimhaven dungeon enterande OSRS

Catacombs of Kourend

Just like the Brutal Black Dragons, the best place to kill iron dragons in OSRS is the Catacombs of Kourend. You can easily safespot them here by standing at the room entrance, the spawn is easy to reach with a teleport, and there is an additional tertiary drop table.

There are three spawns of these metallic dragons in the Catacombs. While this is not a lot, it is more than enough for a task or to grind them as these dragons are seldom crowded. To reach them, simply use the catacombs of Kourend teleport and go inside and run northwest until you find them. Do make sure to have your antidragonfire shield equipped. 

Useful Bronze Dragons drops to pick up

Bronze dragons don’t have a very exciting drop table. They don’t have a visage drop, and the supplies they drop aren’t worth a lot of very useful. Yet, there are a couple of drops you should pick up to make sure you at least break even here. The average kill here is worth 4700 gp if you would pick up every item. 

I would advise you to bring alchemy runes. These are nature runes and fire runes. You can use a rune pouch to save some inventory space. 

Must pick up Bronze Dragons Drops

Dragon bones: The 100% drop to look out for here are dragon bones. These are worth 1750 gp each. However, I wouldn’t fill up your inventory with them and bank; I would bury them for the prayer exp. If you are fighting in the Catacombs, this is also a good way to rest your prayer. 

Dragon plateskirt and legs – The best drop the bronze dragons have are the dragon plateskirt and dragon platelegs. They are quite rare, however. You only have a chance of 1 in 2048 to get a plateskirt or the platelegs. These are worth 161k and alch for about the same amount. 

Adamant dart (p) – Bronze dragons drop adamant dart (p) quite often. About one in 18 kills will get you this drop. They drop 16 at a time, so it adds up quite fast. 

Adamant platebody: You can get some adamant platebodies here if you are lucky. While not worth a ton of money, they do alch for 9.4k each. You have a 1 in 128 chance to get this drop.

Rune longsword: Another 1 in 128 drops you can get here is the rune longsword. These swords are worth 18.5k if you alch them and help you a great deal to recover your costs here. 

Law runes: The law rune drop is pretty good to get here. You can get ten at a time. Since the drop is pretty common, I advise you to pick them up. If you are an ironman, you never have too many law runes.

Bood runes: Bronze dragons drop blood runes too. They drop 15 at a time, and you have a 1 in 42 chance of getting these. This drop is worth 4.2k, and they stack in your inventory. 

Death rune: Interestingly enough, death runes are rarer here than blood runes. You have a 1 in 128 chance to get these here. Bronze dragons drop 25 of them at a time. 

Optional drops to pick up

Mithril 2H sword – You can pick this up for some extra alch money if you have brought your alchemy runes. It is worth 1.2k. Not much, but it does help you to cover your costs. 

Mithril kiteshield – Just like the 2H sword, only pick these up if you have alch runes. It is worth 1k if you alch this. 

Hard clue scrolls – Bronze dragons often drop a hard clue scroll. If you enjoy doing clues, I strongly recommend you pick them up. The loot from hard clues is quite good, and you can get third age items that make it more than worth it. 

Keep in mind that bronze dragons in the catacombs also drop ancient shards and totem pieces. You should always pick these up as ancient shards are great to kill demons, and Skotizo is an amazing boss to make money. 

Brimstone keys are only dropped when you kill these metallic dragons on slayer tasks given by Konar Quo Matten. Pick these up since the brimstone chest has some exciting rewards in it! 

bronze dragons guide osrs

How to effectively fight Bronze Dragons

The weakest of all metallic dragons is the bronze dragon, however, they hit just as high as adamant dragons with their fiery breath. So, be smart and don’t underestimate them, and make sure you always bring your antifire potion or shield to ensure you don’t take (too much) damage from their Dragonfire attacks. 

Safe spotting bronze dragons and ranging them or using magic is the best way to kill them for low levels. You won’t take damage, and it is very easy to kill them this way since you don’t have to bother with praying to protect from melee. 

Recommended stats

Depending on how you are going to fight bronze dragons, you will need radically different stats. These stats can be as low as level 1 when doing magic. So there is a way for everyone to kill these dragons if you really have to. 

Ranging Bronze dragons

If you are ranging bronze dragons, I would advise you to have at least 61 ranging. They have quite a strong defense against ranged attacks, so you will need to use strong bolts like diamond bolts (e) if you are a lower level. 

Meleeing them

Using melee is quite hard here. You will need to have 43 prayer to protect from melee, a good stabbing weapon like the dragon hunter lance, and at least 70 attacks to quickly kill these monsters. So I would not advise you to kill them with melee.

The best way to kill bronze dragons is magic.

The best way to kill bronze dragons in OSRS is to use magic. Since you won’t take damage when you safe spot them and use an extended antifire, you can kill them without taking damage. Their weakness is magic due to them only having a +30 bonus. I would advise you to use fire bolts using the chaos gauntlets. This will cost you some money, but it is the best way for low levels to kill metallic dragons. 

Recommended items in inventory

These are the items you are going to need when you are fighting bronze dragons:

  • Extended antifire potions
  • Anti Dragonfire shield
  • Food like monk- or swordfish
  • Prayer potions (when using melee)
  • Holy Wrench (when using melee)
  • Emergency teleport
  • Axe and 875 coins (when fighting in Birmhaven dungeon)
  • High alchemy runes

If you are fighting them in the catacombs, you might want to bring a bone crusher, so the bones are automatically buried. Then, you only have to move from your safespot when you get a drop worth picking up. 

inventory bronze dragons

EXP and Profit

Bronze dragons are not as good a moneymaker as adamant, or mithril dragons are. These only bring in a small profit of 150k an hour when you have good stats and aren’t using an expensive magic spell. The exp an hour widely varies depending on your combat style and stats. If you are fighting bronze dragons with fire strike and low magic, you will get a 10k exp an hour at most. If you use a fire surge with a tomb of fire and optimal mage gear, you can get up to 90k an hour.

Bronze Dragons OSRS FAQ

What weakness do Bronze Dragons have?

Bronze dragons in OSRS are weak to magic attacks and stab (melee) attacks. Furthermore, since they are dragon types, they also have a significant weakness to dragonbane weapons like the dragon hunter crossbow or dragon hunter lance. 

What is the best Bronze Dragon Safe spot in OSRS?

When you are fighting bronze dragons in OSRS, just staying out of melee range counts as a safe spot. Metallic dragons will not get closer to you when you are ranging them or using magic, and will exclusively attack with their Dragonfire attacks. If you use a super antifire potion, you will not take any damage.

Can you cannon bronze dragons in OSRS?

Yes, you can cannon bronze dragons in OSRS. However, you can only cannon them in the Brimhaven Dungeon, as a dwarven multicannon is allowed there. So if you are fighting them in the Catacombs of Kourend, you will not be able to use your cannon. Also, keep in mind that they have a quite high-ranging defense, so this won’t be very effective. 

Final thoughts

Bronze dragons have been around for ages in OSRS. Unfortunately, there are only two locations where you can find them, and their drop table has not substantially improved. If you have these as a slayer task, you might not want to skip them as they are quite easy to kill with strong magic attacks. 

Bronze dragons are very easy to a safe spot. They will only attack you with a Dragonfire attack when you stand out of their melee range. If you have a super antifire potion, you will not take any damage from this attack. 

Remember that while they drop the dragon platelegs and dragon plateskirt, this is very rare. These are the only metallic dragons that do not drop the dragon visage. 

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