Brutal black dragon OSRS guide [2022] – AFK and great on mobile

If you want to make money on OSRS by grinding monsters AFK, few are so easy and profitable as Brutal Black Dragons are. You can fight these monsters both on the regular Old School client and OSRS mobile. 

These monsters are an original old-school monster that has had quite a few updates over the years and has had a nerf to its drop table and an extra slayer requirement added. However, it is still a fantastic monster to make money. 

location brutal black dragons how you get there explained xeric teleport spot inferno
Route from Xerics inferno teleport to the Brutal Black Dragons enterance

What are brutal black dragons in OSRS?

Brutal black dragons are a stronger version of regular black dragons found in the catacombs. These dragons require you to have 77 slayer to damage them. Unlike regular black dragons, these also attack with magic-based attacks. 

These dragons are pretty powerful but give you a +10% exp bonus when you fight them. They attack with magic, melee, and Dragonfire. It is strongly advised that you fight these monsters using protection from magic and with antifire potions to ensure you take no damage. These monsters are draconic; using dragonbane weapons is a massive boost to your kills an hour. 

You can find these monsters in the Catacombs of Kourend. They are easy to reach with the Xeric’s talisman by transporting to Xeric’s inferno and going east down the hole.  

Tip: Brutal black dragons are the best monster in OSRS to get a dragon spear since they are the only monster to have it on the regular drop table. 

Combat Level318
Hitpoints 315
Max Hit29 with melee and magic, 50 with dragonfire. 
Attack StyleSlash, magic and dragonfire.
WeaknessStab and range. 
Brutal black dragons stats
Brutal black dragons location

Brutal black dragon gear set up

There are two ways to kill Brutal black dragons in OSRS effectively. First, you can fight them with ranging and melee. Both are effective, but I personally prefer to fight them with ranging, as this is more AFK and faster if you have the optimal gear to do so. 

It is possible to fight these monsters with worse gear. However, you might need to bring more prayer potions and use an offensive prayer like rigour and piety. While they are weak against range and stab attacks, their defense is still high, and killing them can take a while if you do not have very high stats or optimal gear. 

Note: Like with the King Black Dragon, these count as a black dragon slayer task. That means you can use your slayer helm (i) here and kill them a lot faster due to the strong bonuses you get. 

brutal black dragon guide

Killing brutal black dragons with melee guide

If you are fighting brutal black dragons with melee, I recommend you to have and wear the following items for maximum effectiveness. This gear setup for melee guide will help you get more kills an hour and get more exp. If you want to know what to substitute or how to progress your gear, check out our relevant guide here. 

  • Dragon hunterlance
  • Neitznot faceguard
  • Primordial boots
  • Amulet of torture
  • Dragonfire shield
  • Torva tasset
  • Torva chestplate
  • Arendougne cape 4
  • Radjas Blessing
  • Ferocious gloves
  • Berserker ring (i)

This is the optimal gear you can wear here, in our opinion. If you do not have torva armor, you can use bandos and still be okay. 

For your inventory, you should take something like this with you: 

  • Super combat potion (2)
  • 8 Shark or better
  • Super restore or prayer potion (3)
  • Xeric’s talisman to teleport
  • Extended antifire potion (2)
  • House teleport

Bringing a holy wrench here is not a good idea since you are not using many prayer pots per trip, and you lose an inventory slot. 

Fighting with range

Ranging the brutal black dragons is the best way to kill them effectively and not take damage. You do not have to bring food, but you should get a shark or two as a backup. Since they have a very high magic level, you can use a twisted bow to absolutely shredding them. However, other weapons like the dragon hunter crossbow and a regular dragon crossbow are helpful here. 

  • Twisted bow or dragon hunter crossbow
  • Amulet of anguish
  • Barrows gloves
  • Blessed dhide body
  • Blessed dhide chaps
  • Ava’s accumulator or ranging cape
  • Pegasian boots
  • Armadyl helmet
  • Archer ring (i)
  • Twisted buckler (if using a crossbow

This is the inventory I would suggest you bring for optimal kills an hour when ranging:

  • Divine ranging potion (2)
  • Prayer potion (3)
  • One shark
  • Xeric’s talisman
  • Extended antifire potion (1)
  • House teleport
example inventory Brutal black dragons
This is an example inventory if you pot before going to the brutal black dragons

Money making at these monsters 

The brutal black dragons on desktop and OSRS mobile are a fantastic moneymaker for just about any level. You can AFK them for a bit with range, since you take 0 damage when fighting them. They also have a ton of profitable drops that make them more than worth it to kill. You can make about 25k per kill and get 1.2m gp an hour with decent stats and gear. Check out our Chaos Druid guide if you want to make money at a very low level.

Pick up these drops

  • Black dragonhide – Unlike bars at the iron dragons, I would pick these up as this is where a significant portion of your money will come from. However, it is the one thing that will clog up your inventory quite fast.
  • Dragon plate legs
  • Dragon plate skirt
  • Dragon spear
  • Rune hasta
  • Rune platelegs
  • Rune full helm
  • Black d’hide body 
  • Black d’hide vambraces – These can be 
  • Rune platebody
  • Dragon med helm
  • Dragon longsword
  • Dragon dagger
  • Rune javelin – These can be left on the ground if you do not have enough inventory space. 
  • Soul rune
  • Death rune
  • Law rune
  • Rune arrow – Optional, only when you have extra inventory space left or not using your arrow slot as they are not worth a lot anymore. 
  • Rune dart
  • Rune knife
  • Lava scale
  • Dragon dart tip – This is one of the most valuable drops here, so keep your eyes open! 
  • Dragon arrow tips 
  • Dragon javelin heads – only after completing Monkey Madness II can you get this drop. 
  • Runite ore 
  • Draconic visage – The odds of you getting it here are very low, so this is not a good monster to grind for it if this is your sole purpose. Interestingly enough, bronze dragons don’t drop the draconic visage but these monsters do despite not being made out of metal.

As you might have noticed, dragon bones are missing from this list. This is because they are not worth enough to pick up. However, since you are in the catacombs of Kourend, you can bury them for prayer restoration. Burying dragon bones will restore your prayer points with 4. Big bones from Hill Giants or Moss Giants only restore 2 points.

brutal black dragons loot drops
example loot after 1 trip

Guide conclusion

Brutal black dragons are fantastic monsters to make more than a million gp an hour without doing too much. You can easily AFK them, fight them on mobile or on a regular client and get some decent exp. In addition, they can be fought with weaker gear if you are rebuilding your account. Again, I would advise you to have at least 80 ranging or 80 att and str to fight these monsters. 

These are one of the few monsters where grinding is worth it when you are not training slayer for combat stats. Brutal Black Dragons are a great alternative to Rune dragons if you do not have the stats to fight them. 

Brutal black dragons FAQ

What are the best bolts to use at brutal black dragons?

The best bolts to use here are diamond bolts (e). These are relatively low-cost bolts and have a significant effect. Whenever their special effect hits, the defense of the target is lowered. That means they kill will go a lot faster since your subsequent attacks will hit more accurately. 

Are brutal black dragons good to fight on an ironman?

Yes, Brutal black dragons are great monsters to fight on an ironman. They drop two black d’hides, which make for excellent alchs. They also have a lot of armor drops and rune drops, which all come in handy for extra cash. The only downside is that their supply drops are as good as non-existent and that you burn through prayer pots here. 

Can you fight brutal black dragons on OSRS mobile?

Yes, they are one of the most accessible money-making monsters to fight on OSRS mobile. Since you can use range attacks and AFK these monsters pretty quickly without taking damage, you can fight them on your smartphone or tablet without having to pay a lot of attention. However, you need to watch out for your antifire protection and prayer to run out, as they can hit very high and kill you in 3 hits or less. 

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