OSRS Brutal Blue Dragon Guide [2022] – a worthwhile slayer task

If you want to make some profit killing monsters or just gotten a Brutal Blue Dragon slayer task, it is essential to know how to fight them. Being dragons, these creatures hit high, have a lot of hitpoints, and have quite a few dangerous mechanics.

This article is all you need to kill these monsters effectively, make the most gp an hour, and get the most out of your brutal blue dragon trip! 

Osrs Brutal Blue dragon weakness and stats

Since the introduction of the Catacombs of Kourend, we have gotten a ton of new monsters. One of these creatures is the Brutal Blue dragons. A more potent variant of their regular counterpart.

Like all other chromatic brutal dragons, the Brutal Blue dragons can attack with melee, magic, and Dragonfire. This trifecta of powerful attacks makes them a foe to be reconned with. So what are they weak to? 

Combat levelHitpointsMax hitAttack styleWeakness
271 combat245 hitpoints50 with dragon fireSlash, magic, and DragonfireStab and range
Brutal Blue dragon Weakness and stats

Brutal Blue dragons are weak to stab and range attacks. In addition to that, due to them being dragons, they also have a weakness in dragonbane attacks. 

The monsters are pretty strong. However, next to an anti-dragon fire shield to protect yourself from Dragonfire, you will need to watch out for their melee and magic attacks. 

osrs brutal blue dragon


The fastest way to reach the brutal blue dragons is to use Xeric’s Talisman to teleport to Xeric’s inferno. Go to the east, behind the church. There is a shortcut into the Catacombs of Kourend. Run just past the Brutal Black Dragons, and you will be at your destination. 

The catacombs of kourend are the only place in OSRS where you can fight brutal blue dragons. All other variants of dragons of this color are normal blue dragons and have vastly different drops, and are much easier to kill.

When entering the catacombs, make sure you have had a sip of antidragonfire potion and have turned on your pray against magic prayer. 

fastest way to brutal blue dragon osrs
fastest way to brutal blue dragon osrs

Killing Brutal Blue dragons strategy

When you want to kill Brutal black dragons, you need to keep a couple of essential facts in mind:

  • They use both magic and melee attacks
  • You can stand out of their melee range to avoid those attacks
  • An antidragonfire shield does not block all the Dragonfire damage

It is strongly recommended to pray to protect from mages against these monsters. Their magic attack is very accurate, and you can avoid their melee attack by just standing one square away from them.

You should bring either a crossbow or a stabbing weapon as your weapon. The best weapons are the Dragon hunter crossbow, the dragon hunter lance, and the twisted bow. These work almost as good as a Keris Partisan on Kaliphites! However, you can manage to kill them with a dragon crossbow too. 

The best bolts to use at the brutal blue dragons are broad bolts. These have the same stats as adamant bolts but are much cheaper to use. Alternatively, you can also use mithril bolts, but these are not as effective. 

Melee gear

See this chapter as a quick osrs brutal blue dragon melee guide. The gear you should wear is full proselyte or Bandos for the prayer bonus. Make sure you protect yourself from the mage. Their melee attacks can be tanked in this gear pretty quickly.

If you have over 85 defense, you can wear Bandos tassets and the proselyte hauberk. Use piety at the same time to boost your stats. If you do not have an avernic defender, the Dragonfire shield is a good alternative and gets my preference over the dragon defender. The amulet of torture is the best slot item here. 

Range gear

The best way to kill brutal blue dragons in osrs is by using ranging attacks. You can use two powerful weapons: the twisted bow and the dragon hunter crossbow. These weapons will quickly kill brutal blue dragons in under a minute and are pretty cheap to use ammo-wise.

Your ranging gear should consist of the necklace of anguish and God D’hide or Armadyl. Both have a slight prayer bonus, which you should take advantage of by prayer rigour or hawkeye. 

Gear brutal blue dragon

Brutal blue dragon safespot

It isn’t hard to safespot these monsters. By just standing 1 square out of their melee range, you will be safe from their melee attack. You can also stand on the bridge that connects the rooms of monsters. That is a pretty effective safespot for brutal blue dragons to avoid getting attacked with melee when one dies. 

Recommended inventory

If you are using ranging, you should only bring two or three pieces of food as an emergency healing. You can safespot them without too many problems, and as long as your magic prayer is on, their magic attacks have no effect.

If you use melee, you should take somewhere between 6 and 8 pieces of food (sharks, manta rays, etc.) to heal yourself. If you have a low defense level, bring a karabwam to combo eat. 

You should also bring two doses of an extended antidragonfire potion. That way, their Dragonfire attack won’t be able to hit you at all. Finally, don’t forget to bring a super combat potion or ranging potion to boost your stats. 

If you are using melee or range and are not picking up the hides, you might consider bringing a holy wrench with you. Similarly, a Bonecrusher might come in handy if you will not pick up the dragon bones and want to restore and train your prayer passively. 

inventory brutal blue dragon

Doing a Brutal Blue Dragon Slayer task

If you get a brutal blue dragon slayer task, the setup and tactics are more or less the same. The significant difference is that you can use a slayer helm. If your task is just blue dragons, you can often switch out these monsters for the regular variant and Vorkath, the zombie dragon boss, which you unlock after the quest. 

Are brutal blue dragons worth it?

Yes, the brutal blue dragon task is worth doing and is pretty profitable to do. However, if you have the impression that the task takes too long, you can fight the regular variant or the babies. These monsters are pretty AFK if you have a high melee level, and you can safespot them by using range. 


The brutal blue dragons are the best monster to get a Blue d’hide body for ironman if you have an emote clue and do not have the crafting level to make one. They are the only monster who has this loot on their drop table in Old School Runescape. 

The average kill here is worth around 11,300 gp, depending on the GE prices. These are the most noteworthy drops you can get here: 

  • Dragon bones
  • Blue dragonhide
  • Rune longsword
  • Dragon dagger
  • Dragon longsword
  • Blue d’hide body
  • Dragon med helm
  • Rune full helm
  • Rune platebody
  • Rune javelin
  • Dragon javelin heads
  • Dragon dart tip
  • Blue dragon scale
  • Runite ore
  • Dragon arrow tips
  • Draconic visage 
  • Clue scrolls

Since these monsters are fought in the catacombs of Kourend, you can also get ancient shards and totem pieces to fight Skotizo. The drops are pretty decent and make them an excellent monster to kill for profitable drops.

You can make over 400k gp an hour, killing them with range while being reasonably AFK. Since the brutal blue dragons also have a lot of good alchable drops, your ironman can walk away with a decent amount of cash here. 

To read more about dragons, we recommend the following guides:

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Brutal blue dragon osrs FAQ

Can I do brutal blue dragon for blue drag task osrs?

Yes, you have a couple of alternatives for this slayer task. You can kill 1) baby blue dragons, 2) the regular ones, and 3) Vorkath. All of these monsters will count towards your slayer task. 

Should I pick up the blue d’hides?

Yes, the hides are worth a good amount of money, and getting to the brutal blue dragons is manageable with the Xeric’s amulet. If you are an ironman account, these hides will surely help you train your crafting level up, and you get a ton of good alchable drops in the process. 

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