OSRS Bryophyta F2P Boss Guide [2022] – Best strategy you need to know

The strongest boss in F2P is Bryophyta. She also has the best F2P drop table. This makes it more than worth it for us to write an in-depth and ultimate OSRS Bryophyta F2P Boss Guide.

We are going to discuss the best strategy to kill Bryophyta for free-to-play players. We will also discuss the drops she has that you need to look out for and how to get mossy keys fast. You can find a F2P Bryophyta FAQ section at the end of the guide. 

What is the Bryophyta boss? 

Bryophyta is a relatively recent OSRS boss. She was introduced as the moss giant boss in 2018. If you are a member, she is combat 128 and can be assigned as a slayer task by Vanneka. The moss giant boss is slightly more potent than the Hill Giant boss named Obor, but a lot weaker than for example the King Black Dragon. However, the tactics used to kill her are also radically different, so don’t fight her unprepared. 

The only way to be able to fight Bryophyta is by having a mossy key. The mossy key is a key you get from moss giants as an uncommon drop. One key equals one attempt. So if you don’t manage to kill her, you will lose your key. 

Bryophyta stats

Combat Level128 
Hitpoints 115
Max Hit16
Attack StyleCrush and Magic
Weakness+0 defense in all stats

How to get to Bryophyta

Bryophyta is located in the Varrock sewers. Getting here is very easy. You just use your Varrock teleport and go to the east wall of the Varrock Palace. You see a red exclamation mark. This exclamation mark is the entrance to the dungeon. You need to choose the option to climb down the manhole to enter. 

Just follow the path north once you have done this and go past the red spiders. You will need to have a slashing weapon like a rune scimitar or a knife to get to her since spider webs will block your path. You will end up at an iron gate that you need to open to fighting her. Don’t forget that you will need to have a mossy key to be able to enter the lair of Bryophyta. 

Free-to-play players will have to run quite a lot, so if you want to save time, using a strange fruit or an energy potion will ensure you won’t run out of stamina and get there faster.

If you are a member, you can use the shortcut. This is a pipe that requires you to have 51 agility. You can find this shortcut next to Vannaka in the Edgeville Dungeon. 

Lookout: she will attack you right away when you enter the lair. So do not go AFK. 

Best way to fight Bryophyta in f2p

While this is quite a strong boss, a medium-level f2p player can trounce this OSRS boss. In this chapter, we will describe the optimal way to kill Bryophyta. How many kills an hour you can get here is strongly dependent on your combat level, gear, and skill. 

Recommended Stats F2P

Don’t underestimate the moss giant boss. This is probably the strongest boss in free-to-play. I would recommend you to have at least these stats to fight Bryophyta.

  • 40 attack for rune weapons
  • 50 strength to hit high enough
  • 40 defense for rune and green d’hide
  • 40 hit points
  • 43 prayer to protect from melee

You should also have completed the dragon slayer quest to be able to wear the green d’hide body and have 40 ranging for green d’hide in general.

If you want to fight Bryophyta with ranging, you will need to have at least 60 range, use adamant arrows, and access the protection from magic prayer. She will not get close to using a melee attack and will keep using magic. 

Bryophyta best f2p gear

The best f2p gear set up for killing Bryophyta places a focus on defending against her strong magic attacks while doing a good amount of damage with melee. The picture below is the BIS gear for f2p fighting Bryophyta:

Bryophyta gear f2p

The most important aspect of this armor is the green d’hide body. There is no real alternative for this as the bonuses are crucial to mitigate the damage from Bryophyta her magic attacks. If you are a f2p ironman, a rune longsword or a rune mace is pretty decent here too, but the rune scimitar is definitely best in slot here. The rune kiteshield and rune full helm will help you tank many her melee hits. 

Bryophyta f2p inventory

Your inventory is free to play is pretty straightforward. You will need an axe to kill the growthlings she spawns. You can pick up this axe from the pile of logs in the lair. You should also bring a strength potion to boost your strength level, so you hit higher. Finally, if you are a member, get an anti poison if you are fighting her in a p2p world. She can poison you there. In F2P Bryophyta can not poison you. Of course, don’t forget your mossy key!

If you are a low level, you should have swordfish, which heal 14. Medium levels can make due with lobsters or tuna. Just make sure you never go under 18 hitpoints, as two 16s can KO you if you are using swordfish. 

Inventory f2p Bryophyta

Fighting Bryophyta OSRS strategy

Fighting this OSRS boss is pretty straightforward. Make sure you drink your strength pot before entering the cave and activate your protect from melee. The boss will attack you straight away. 

If you have an axe already, that is great; if not, search the pile of logs. During the fight, she will occasionally summon three growthlings. These make her immune to all damage. Kill these growthlings as soon as they appear. Once they have one hitpoint, use the axe on the growthling. Keep in mind that you need to USE the axe and don’t wield it, as that won’t work. 

Keep your hitpoints high to make sure you don’t get KO’d when you are lagging. This will make sure you can quickly kill the boss without worrying. 

Killing growthlings osrs moss giant boss

Final tips

Minimum combat stats – The minimum combat to kill Bryophyta effectively is 60. If you are fighting her with melee, make sure you have at least 40 attack, so you can use a rune scimitar. 40 defense and 40 range are also instrumental, giving you access to the green dragonhide body.

Don’t use magic – Magic is not a good combat style to kill Bryophyta. She has quite a magic defense, and F2P magic is not strong enough to damage and kill her fast enough. Magic gear is also very underpowered. 

Watch out for growthlings – Keep your eyes open for Bryophyta, her growthlings. Once these appear, she will become immune to all damage. These need to be killed as fast as possible as she can still damage you while she is immune. 

OSRS F2P Bryophyta drop table

The F2P drop table is nerfed pretty hard for free-to-play players. Unfortunately, you don’t get the best drop. Bryophyta’s essence is free to play, which takes out a ton of the potential money you can get at this boss. 

Rune armor and weapon drops

Bryophyta is the best boss in free-to-play that drops rune items. If you are a f2p ironman, you can get some of the best rune items here. She drops rune med helms (sometimes two at a time), rune longswords, rune chainbodies, rune sq shields, rune swords, and rune plateskirts. So you have a 1 in 3 chance of getting a rune item from her. She also has two free to play only drops: a single-run med helm or a rune full helm drop. 

Next to rune armor, she also drops five noted adamant platebodies and the adamant kiteshield—the drops three kite shields unnoted. Finally, in members, she drops battlestaffs too. However, this is not a drop you can get in a non-members world. 

Runes and arrows

Bryophyta is one of the best sources for high-level runes for a free-to-play ironman. She drops the following runes in F2P. 

  • Nature rune (100)
  • Cosmic rune (100)
  • Law rune (100)
  • Chaos rune (100 or 200)
  • Death rune (100)

Most of these runes are not for sale in rune shops and can not be made with the runecrafting skill. Making her an excellent source to get these runes in high amounts without having to do slower methods like killing hill giants for cosmics.  

She does not drop blood runes in f2p. The blood rune is a members-only drop. She also has an adamant arrow drop. You can put these in your arrow slot if you are using melee. 

Raw materials

The moss giant boss also has a couple of interesting raw material drops. She drops two runite bars, five noted uncut rubies, five noted uncut diamonds, and 25 noted steel bars. These drops make Bryophyta an excellent source to get some crafting materials and get high-level bars. 

Other drops

The moss giant boss has a couple of other exciting drops that can come in useful. She drops 10k coins at once, and if you are unlucky, 8k. Bryophyta also has a strength potion (4) drop-in free-to-play. She drops 15 at a time. You can also get a new mossy key here as an extra tertiary drop. This is a 1 in 16 drops, so don’t count on it. 

Bryophyta guide for f2p players best strategies

Bryophyta OSRS combat achievements

You can get a couple of combat achievements at Bryophyta as she is a free-to-play boss. However, do keep in mind that you will need a member’s account to complete the entire tier. 

Bryophyta NoviceKill Bryophyta at least once. Easy
Protection from MossUse your protect from magic while killing her with ranging. This is all you need to do for this boss. Easy
Preparation Is KeyKill Bryophyta without suffering any poison damage. This one is possible in free to play as you never take poison damage here. Easy
A Slow DeathKill Bryophyta with either poison or venom being the final source of damage. You won’t be able to do this one in free to play as you can’t use poison. Easy
Fighting as Intended IIKill Bryophyta on a free to play world. This is one you should definitely get here. Easy
Bryophyta ChampionKill Bryophyta at least five times. You will need 5 mossy keys for this. This does not need to happen all after another.Medium
Quick CutterKill all three of Bryophyta’s growthlings within 3 seconds of the first one dying. Do this by getting all growthlings to 1 hp and then quickly use your axe aas soon as you can.Medium

Final thoughts

Bryophyta is a boss worth grinding mossy keys for. While her drop table in f2p has been nerfed quite a lot due to her essence not being included, she still has a lot of rune items on the drop table. Her drops are better than Obor, save for his hill giant club drop. 

Do not underestimate her if you have never fought this boss and are below 60 combat. She hits 16s, and the mechanics – particularly the growthlings- can confuse you if you aren’t used to bossing in OSRS. The best way to kill her is with melee. However, she can be safely spotted by using range too. Magic is not strong enough to kill Bryophyta effectively. 

Bryophyta f2p boss FAQ

What is the best way to get mossy keys in f2p?

Getting mossy keys can be quite a hassle. However, the moss giants in the wilderness drop them twice as often as those in the Varrock Sewers. The wilderness is dangerous as players can attack you there; however, in f2p, it is usually empty, and there are no intense freeze or teleblocking spells. This makes the wilderness moss giants by far the best way to get mossy keys in f2p. 

Is there a Bryophyta safe spot?

No, Bryophyta has no safe spot. However, if you are using range or magic, you do not need a safe spot. She will not pursue you to attack you with melee when you keep her distance. She will simply stand in her spot and use her magic attacks. 

What is the Bryophyta osrs respawn rate?

Bryophyta does not respawn at a fixed time rate, as most OSRS monsters do. Her lair is an instanced area, and once you have killed her, she won’t respawn. To fight her again, you need to leave the lair. When you leave the lair, you need to enter again by using a new mossy key. She will be respawned once you have reentered the lair. 

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