Killing Callisto OSRS Guide [2022] – Solo/Duo 2.5m gp/hr safespot

In the Wilderness, there is a gigantic grey bear who terrifies everyone looking to pick a fight with him. Known in OSRS as Callisto, this furious bear uses only his powerful attacks to kill players. So, coming with a combat level of 470, you will need to have an excellent plan and then perfect implementations to kill this Old School Runescape Boss in Demonic Ruins.

Well, the reward for killing Callisto in osrs is well worth it; you will get Dragon Pickaxe, Tyrannical Ring, Dragon 2h Sword, and Callisto Club. 

It is important to note that before jumping into the Demonic Ruins to kill the boss, there are players with a similar level which can attack you. Moreover, the area is multicombat.

We have an effortless Guide on Killing Callisto in OSRS to help you out in your journey without making it harder for you.

Guide on Killing Callisto

OSRS is a versatile game, meaning everyone has a different approach to the boss fights. Here, we also made things easier for everyone by dividing the Guide on Killing Callisto in OSRS. 

The first method is excellent for gamers who are looking for attacking, the second method is great for gamers looking for more tank build, and the third approach is ranged, meaning you don’t have to make contact with Callisto Physically. 

Furthermore, we also listed various ways in which you can reach Callisto. Below, we have all the things listed for you.

osrs callisto


For the requirements, we went with the three main methods;

  • Virac’s Method: The Levels you want for this are; 85 on Strength/Attack and 70 on defense/piety prayer.
  • Viggora’s Method: Levels to achieve are; 75 on Attack, 80 on Strength, and 43 on prayer. 
  • Ranged Method: You will have to get levels around; 85 on Range and 44 on Eagle Eye Prayer. 

You can get away with slightly lower stats, however, this will make your kills much slower and you will lose more food and supplies killing Callisto. 

How to reach Callisto’s Location?

There are quite a few methods to reach Callisto in osrs. Therefore, we will discuss here five ways in which you can go to his location. Just like the King Black Dragon, there is no way of reaching the boss without traveling through the Wilderness. So come prepared.

  • Using Annakarl Teleport: Annakarl is a spell that you can use to reach the Demonic Ruins, and over to the East South, you will see Lava. Cross that Lava, and on to your left, you will find Callisto. 
  • Wilderness Sword 4: Again, if you have done the Wilderness Diaries completed without anything being left, you can use this method. At that time, the Sword 4 will allow you to simply teleport to the Fountain of rune without any limitation. Leave the Fountain to the Demonic Ruins and follow the same path to reach the boss.
  • Wilderness Canoe: You can use this to reach the mid of the Wilderness, near the moss giants. Get off from the Canoe, go east, and afterward into the North-East, you will find Callisto at the same area around the Lava.
  • Wilderness Obelisks: If you have those Wilderness Hard Diaries done, you can use the Wilderness Obelisks method to reach the Location. You can choose the Location of Obelisks after Diaries, and after picking the Level 50 Obelisk, you can reach the Lava. Go around it, and on the left, you will find him.
  • Wilderness Crabs Teleport: If you are rich in-game and can afford this Wilderness Crabs Teleport Tablet, you can reach the Location very quickly. Simply Teleport, run towards the North-West and you will find yourself in the exact Location. Then, follow the path to get the boss.
callisto osrs location
Red is where Callisto roams, green is where you can safespot.

Setups for Callisto

As we already mentioned, the three Requirements here in our strategy guide on Killing Callisto in OSRS. These are the related setups for this method. 

Viggora’s Chain Mace Setup

Gear Required

You will need the protected prayer ON for the first four items and the Mace.

  • Neitiznot faceguard
  • Ardougne Cloak 4 (Can also use 1, 2, 3)
  • Amulet of Torture
  • Bronze Arrows (For Aggroing the boss)
  • Chain Mace (Viggora’s)
  • Proselyte Plate and Legs
  • Avernik Defender
  • Rune Gloves and Climbing Boots
  • Imbued Ring of Wealth


  • Black D’hide armor(to get away from mages)
  • Two Saradomin Brews
  • Two Super Restores (Better Survivability)
  • One Super Combat Potion
  • Three Prayer Potions
  • Two karambwans
  • Manta Rays
  • A Stamina Potion ( away)

Verac’s Armor Setup

Gear Required

  • The Protected items are Brizard, Flail, Skirt, and the Amulet of Torture when using a protection prayer.
  • Full Verac Armor Set (Helmet, Brizard, Skirt, Flail)
  • Ardougne Clock
  • Amulet of Torture
  • Bronze Arrows (Aggroing him)
  • Rune Gloves
  • Climbing Boots
  • Explorer’s Ring (Better Prayer Bonus)


The Inventory is ultimately the same as the Viggora’s Chain Mace Setup

You might want to switch out a prayer potion or super restore for extra food, since the veracs armor has a very decent prayer bonus.

Ranged Setup

Gear Required

  • For the Protected Prayer items, you will have Borrows Gloves, Graceful Boots, Crossbow, and Guthix Coif
  • Guthix Coif
  • Ava’s Assembler (can also use Accumulator)
  • Necklace of Anguish
  • Rada’s Blessing (Because Crossbow uses Ether)
  • Crossbow
  • Black Dragon Hide top and Legs
  • Borrows Gloves
  • Graceful Boots
  • Ring of Wealth Imbued


  • A divine Ranging Potion
  • A Stamina Potion
  • Two Saradomin Brews
  • Two Super Restores
  • Two karambwans
  • Four Prayer Potions
  • Manta Rays
  • Royal Seed Pod (For teleporting out up to level 30 wild)
inventory callisto example
Example inventory

There are many bosses in OSRS who are weak to range, however, this is not one of them. Your trips will take quite a while, so don’t forget to pay attention to PKers coming your way.

You can bring a thrall to help you out with killing the boss. However, this is often not all that worth it. 

Safe Spotting Callisto

Below, we have an image attacked of the general view. The Green represents the safe spot area (General), while the Red area represents the area where Callisto Attacks (Dangerous)

Some software like Runelite and other third-party apps let you mark the tiles in OSRS. So, the green tiles are for indication only and tell you how far from some objects you are. 

The Yellow tiles position tiles and ask you to move in certain positions (numbers). For example, the Yellow tile marked one means you will have to move here first, then go to tile marked 2.


For any Melee build you are going for, these Melee tiles (in the Figure Below) help you get better positioning.

For example, Callisto’s specific attacks are effortlessly dodged because of these safe spots. You will need five tiles for the Melee method, which changes for the Ranged method.


Both the Melee and the Ranged Tiles are somewhat familiar (Ranged in Figure Below), except for 1 or 2 tiles. You will have only four tiles for the range to attack Callisto while being in a better-off position.

Callisto Attacks and Mechanics

This Boss comes with various types of Attacks, namely four. 

  1. The first is a melee simple or basic attack that might look simple but does good damage. The Safe Spotting helps you dodge this.
  1. The second attack of Callisto is an AOE Shockwave, and with the safe spotting, you also can dodge it. 
  1. The third one is the Knockback, a projectile, and when it hits you, your character will get knocked back. The dangerous thing about this attack is that it can happen anytime; you can’t predict it. The unpredictability and Knockback make it immune to safe spotting.
  1. Lastly, the fourth attack of Callisto is a healing attack. This does not heal too much but can be quite annoying as it makes the kill longer.

Killing Callisto Strategy

callisto tiles
Credit: Tiles by Asukayen on youtube (see video below)

The Strategy for killing Callisto is reasonably straightforward. First, you will have to poke him with your bow (Agro the boss). You can also use the Magic Longbow, which has a special attack named power shot to poke Callisto at long-range easily.

You need to head over to the placement of Safe Spots. At the first tile, after poking Callisto, we get stuck behind a tree, and then you will have to move towards the second tile. 

The time between the second and third tile is crucial, so you will have to run from second to third as quickly as possible.

Callisto will start running at you, and when he approaches the yellow tile stack of five, you need to head over to the fourth yellow tile. At this spot, you will be entirely out of the roaming range of Callisto, and you will have to move towards the fifth tile.

Alongside the fifth tile, there is a stack of tiles we mentioned before. This whole stack is at the edge of the Callisto room area. Inside it, you can hit Callisto all you want, but outside it, Callisto becomes dangerous.

If you ever got out of this range, you can simply go to the third tile and proceed with the same process until you have entered the range again.

Callisto is powerful, so you will have to use the potions to lower his defense and effortlessly damage him. You can also use the Vulnerability Spell to get things done without having to reduce your chances of dying by his paws.

Keep in mind that there are chances of players coming to attack you. Being deep into the Wilderness, the players are also hazardous. For this, you will have to change into something to hide.

safe spot callisto
Credit: Asukayen on youtube

This was all for the Melee case, and if you want to Kill Callisto effortlessly in Range mode, you can do so. As we already mentioned that for Ranged, the Fifth Tile doesn’t need to be there. You can use the Forth tile to kill Callisto at long range as he is blocked.

Final Verdict

Callisto isn’t an easy Boss to tackle, primarily when he uses those furious pushing attacks. So here we have this Osrs Callisto guide where we mentioned various Melee and Ranged methods to Kill him.

You can use these Safe Spot Tiles to trap Callisto and effortlessly kill him without worrying about anything else.

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Callisto OSRS FAQ

What to pray against Callisto?

While Callisto has both a melee and magic attack, his melee attack is much more fearsome. So, it is strongly recommended that you use your protect from melee prayer when fighting this boss. 

How hard is killing Callisto in osrs?

Killing Callisto is quite easy if you use the safespotting method. Thanks to that strategy, you don’t take a lot of damage and can kill the bear boss at your own pace. If you want to fight him heads on with e.g. Veracs, you will need to have slightly higher stats to make sure you can get at least one kill. 

What is Callisto weak to?

Callisto is weak to slash melee attacks. There are a couple of other ways to kill him besides using slash. The best method would be by using Veracs. The special effect of this armor is that it ignores all prayer and defense bonusses for every 1 out of 4 hits you deal with it. 

Can you cannon Callisto in OSRS?

Yes, it is possible to cannon Callisto. You can place your cannon close to the safe spot, so you can easily reload without getting hit by his strong attacks. You should keep in mind that you can be attacked by players, so do not bring more cannonballs than you need to. 

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