OSRS Best F2P Range Gear

osrs best f2p range gear

Ranged Weaponry – A choice of every civilized player. In OSRS, people usually prefer Melee; some just want to try something novel like Ranged Combat. In Free Play PvP Combat, people typically don’t want to participate in Range Combat, preferring the two-hand sword or a spell that just doesn’t make sense here. But, with the … Read more

Salve amulet – 7 best monsters to kill and how to get it

salve amulet osrs

If you’re planning to combat undead creatures like Ankou, it’s worth considering the OSRS Salve Amulet. Its bonus against undead, combined with its accessibility, places it among the best-in-slot (BiS) items for various niche situations. This guide provides an in-depth look at obtaining the Salve Amulet, its application against specific monsters, and how to recover … Read more