OSRS Ironman Slayer Guide 

guide ironman slayer osrs

If you are looking for an adventure in the game or specifically more challenge, Ironman is just the right one for you: depriving you of all the essential things like trading, PvP, etc. For an Ironman Slayer is one of the most valuable and fun skills to train on an ironman account. That is why … Read more

OSRS Best F2P Melee Gear

best f2p melee gear

Melee Combat is by far the most popular choice in OSRS, indeed, because you pretty much have no limitation here. In Ranged, you have expensive Arrows, and most people don’t want to go that way, but in Melee, things are more straightforward. In terms of overall power, you dominate in melee combat only if you … Read more

OSRS Prayer Flicking Guide [2022]

prayer flicking guide osrs

Combat in OSRS can sometimes get complex, especially when you don’t have a suitable mechanism to support you. Prayer is one of them, providing bonuses to aim you in combat and much more. The only issue here is that Prayer Points get drained exceptionally quickly. It is sometimes like blinking, and the thing disappears, leaving … Read more