The Ultimate Barbarian Fishing OSRS Guide [2022] – Fast AFK XP Method

barbarian fishing osrs

The most useful aspect of barbarian training in osrs is unlocking the barbarian fishing method. These mini-quests unlock not just this skill but also firemaking, herblore, and cool perks like barehanded fishing.  This technique doesn’t just train your fishing levels but also your strength and agility. Making it perfect to level up your account very … Read more

The ultimate Tempoross OSRS guide – 100k xp an hour Solo, duo and group strategies

osrs tempoross guide

The minigame boss Tempoross in OSRS is a fantastic way to train your fishing levels. The boss is pretty easy, and you can get some decent levels in quite quickly. Tempoross is very similar to Wintertodt. The minigame is Old School Runescape exclusive content introduced in March 2021. Tempoross is a pretty hands-on activity, so … Read more