Cave bug osrs guide [2022] – crushing this slayer task

If you have just started training slayer, the odds are that you get a Cave Bug task from your slayer master. These tiny creatures are monsters that require you to have a level 7 slayer. They are found in the Lumbridge Swamp and the Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon.

The cave bug slayer task is quite underestimated. However, Ironman can get a ton of supplies here, and the XP an hour you get killing these monsters is pretty decent. 

What are cave bugs in OSRS

Cave bugs are slayer monsters that require a level 7 slayer to harm them. In addition, because they are found in caves, you need a rope and a light source. There are two variants of this monster. One variant is combat level 6, and another variant is level 96.

Four slayer masters can assign you this task. These are Turael, Spria, Mazchna and Vanneka. But, of course, you can always switch out the level 6s for level 96, who gave you the assignment. 

Cave bugs have a weird but fun mechanic that can heal their hitpoints 20 times faster than regular monsters. That means they will restore 1hp every three seconds when they have been damaged. This mechanic is great when you are looking to make a defense pure. 

Combat level6
Hit points level5
WeaknessCrush and magic
Attack stylestab
Attack speed2.4 sec per attack
Slayer xp5 xp
Max hit1
Examine textA nasty crawling critter.
Level 6 cave bug stats
osrs cave bug slayer guide
Combat level96 
Hit points level93
Attack stylecrush
Attack speed2.4 sec
Slayer xp93 xp
Max hit9
Examine textA big, smelly cave dweller.
Level 96 cave bug stats

As you see, there is quite a big difference between the two variants. If you are under level 60 combat and don’t want to use prayer, you will have to kill the much weaker cave bugs. 

Don’t underestimate the level 96 variant. They hit pretty high, and their defense stats are pretty high. If you are a med level, you might want to use protection from melee fighting these creatures. 

Where you find Cave bugs

There are two locations where you can find the cave bugs in OSRS. But, unfortunately, there is no other place where you can fight these monsters. 

Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon: This is my favorite place to kill them. You need to have completed the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest. Bring a rope and a light source, just like any other cave. You can find both the level 6 and 96 cave bugs here. It is possible to use a dwarven cannon to speed up the slayer task, but the area is single combat. There are 15 spawns here.

cave bug swamp

Lumbridge swamp caves: If you are a lower level, you can fight the cave bugs in the Lumbridge swamp caves. These are only level 6 and are very easy to kill with crush or fire strikes. Don’t forget to bring a light source and a rope. There are 21 Spawns here for you to kill. Don’t confuse these with cave slimes.

cave bug location osrs

Cave bug slayer task strategy

In essence, level 6 and level 96 cave bugs are the same. Level 96 is just going to hit you a lot harder. Your inventory should be the best melee gear you can wear. Prioritize your DPS over your defense bonus to ensure this task is over as fast as possible, as the xp is not that great.


I would suggest you take the following items with you in your inventory:

  • Teleport runes
  • Rope
  • Light source
  • Spined helmet (if going past wall beasts)
  • Stamina or energy potion
  • Monkfish or better
  • Prayer potions, if using protect or damage boosting prayers
  • Super combat potion
  • Herb sack

It is possible to switch items out for inferior versions if you don’t have the money or the requirements to get them. The most important thing here is the herb sack if you are an ironman account. This will allow you to get a ton of extra herblore xp. 

cave bug osrs slayer task guide


I would strongly suggest killing the level 6 and 96 cave bugs with melee. This attack style should be put on crush as these bugs, like many insect monsters in OSRS, are weak to the crushing style. Incredible weapons with a decent crush bonus that are affordable are the Sarchanis Cudgel and the abyssal Bludgeon. 

Your armor should prioritize DPS. That means combining a high crush bonus and a high str bonus. For example, if you plan on killing the level 96s and want to use prayer, you can swap out Bandos tassets, or other leg armor, for proselyte armor. That armor will give you a better prayer bonus.

This is just an example of gear; you can use different items here depending on your level and budget. 

Drop table

As you might have suspected, the different variants have different drop tables. This chapter will discuss the cave bug drop table and what you should pick up. Of course, the combat level at which you fight these monsters is considered when considering what you should pick up and whatnot. 

Level 6 cave bug drops

  • Nature runes
  • Ranarr weed
  • Harralander
  • Irit leaf
  • Avantoe
  • Kwuarm 
  • Cadantine
  • Lantadyme
  • Dwarf weed
  • Unicorn dust
  • Eye of newt
  • Red spider’s egg
  • Limpwurt root
  • Snape grass

As you can deduct from this drop table, these are great beginner monsters to fight as an ironman. You can get a ton of herblore supplies for your account early on. The cave bugs don’t just drop herbs, but they fall into secondary ingredients. Grinding these out as a slayer task will ensure you get a good amount of extra potions on your account. 

Level 96 cave bug drops

The level 96 cave bugs have more and better drops. However, if you want to collect herbs fast, the level 6 monsters are slightly better due to their low combat levels. These are the drops you should look out for:

  • Water battlestaff
  • Elemental runes (they drop between 1 and 170 at a time)
  • Ranarr weed
  • Harralander
  • Irit leaf
  • Avantoe
  • Kwuarm 
  • Cadantine
  • Lantadyme
  • Dwarf weed
  • Swamp weed
  • Easy clue scrolls

As you see, the drop table of the level 96 variant isn’t all that special. The only notable additions are the water battle staff, easy clue scrolls, and many elemental runes you can get here. 


Cave bugs are an excellent slayer task to get as an ironman. You can get a ton of exciting herbs and secondaries by killing this monster. The task is pretty fast, too, since you can choose between killing level 6s and level 96 monsters.

While the Cave bugs aren’t going to make you much money, I would not skip this task. As a final tip, bring it if you have a herb sack! You can get the maximum amount of herbs from this slayer task.


How to kill cave bugs osrs?

Cave bugs are weak to magic and melee. So I would suggest you use crush attacks with a melee weapon to kill the cave bugs out of these two combat styles.

Is training def on cave bugs a good idea?

Yes, cave bugs are a great creature to train your defense on if you are a defense pure defense. That is because cave bugs can restore their hitpoints at 20 times as fast as a regular monster. 

Where are the cave bugs in osrs? 

Cave bugs can be found in two locations: the South Dorgeshkhan Dungeon and the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. You need to have a light source and rope for both locations. The level 6 cave bugs are found in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves, while you can find both level 6 and 96 in the Dorgeshkhan south dungeon.

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