Cave Slimes OSRS slayer Guide [2022] – An underestimated training monster

Cave slimes are one of those Old school Runescape monsters that don’t seem to get much love. While they aren’t strong and are purely for beginners, they have a pretty decent drop table and are an excellent source for making some money and getting supplies on a beginning ironman account. 

This slayer guide will go pretty in-depth in how to kill OSRS cave slimes, what their drops are, and some of the most frequently asked questions about these OSRS creatures. If you enjoy OSRS monster guides for low levels, make sure you check out our article on cockatrice.

What are Cave Slimes

Cave slimes in OSRS are a slayer monster for low levels. You only need a level 17 slayer to be able to damage these monsters and kill them. The annoying thing about these creatures is that they can cause you to become poisoned. No matter if you took damage or not. That is why having an anti-position with you is vital.

There are two caves where cave slimes can be found in OSRS Runescape. You will need a light source to fight these monsters. Since cave slimes are so weak, they are weak to every combat style. Killing them is not hard, even at a combat level of 20.

As long as you have an anti-poison and light source, fighting these monsters is safe for hardcore and regular ironman. 

Combat Level23
Hitpoints 25
Max Hit2 (poison 3)
Attack StyleStab
WeaknessAll combat styles

The Cave Slime is a beginner monster that won’t give you a ton of trouble and has a decent hitpoints level. 

Where can I find Cave Slimes in OSRS?

These monsters can be found in two different locations. These are the Dorgesh-Kaan dungeon and the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. 

Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon – The best location to kill Cave Slimes is the Dorgesh Kaan South Dungeon. There are nine spawns here, and you can easily reach the dungeon by using the Fairy Ring Code A J Q. You need to have completed the Death of the Dorgushun Quest to access this location.

Lumbridge Swamp Caves – If you don’t feel like doing quests and don’t mind traveling a bit, the Lumbridge Swamp Caves are an excellent option to kill Cave Slimes. There are 17 spawns here. I would advise you to bring a spiny helmet to avoid getting damaged by the wall beast. 

Don’t forget to bring a light source and a rope for both places. You can get a regular candle, but a lantern is a better option as these cant be blown out. 

Location cave slimes osrs
Image smallexplamp on youtube

Useful Cave Slimes 07 drops to pick up

I would not advise you to grind these monsters for money; they only have a few exciting drops worth picking up. However, if you are playing an ultimate ironman account or don’t want to bank between slayer tips, this chapter will help you to manage your inventory at the cave slimes. 

Keep in mind that this is aimed at low-level accounts. If you are a mid-level or higher, none of these drops are worth going for. 

Must pick up Cave Slimes Drops

Swamp tar – This is the 100% drop at the Cave Slimes. You can use the swamp tar to train your herblore on an ironman account and use it as ammo to fight with lizards. The drop is not worth a lot, but it does add up quite a bit. 

Iron boots – The cave slime drops iron boots. These boots are very well-loved by pures since they offer the best defense bonus for them. They are worth 3k each, so getting it is always nice on a new account. They are also useful for ironman pures. On average, 1 in 128 kills will drop iron boots. 

Water and earth runes – Cave slimes have water and earth runes as an uncommon drop. They drop 15 water and five earth runes at a time. This is pretty decent and does add up during a slayer task. While not worth a lot of money, it isn’t a bad drop for low levels. 

Easy clue scrolls – The Cave slims are a pretty decent source of clue scrolls. You can solve the clues for some random drops. Some of them are worth a bit of money. If you have done the easy combat achievement, you have a 1 in 121 chance to get this drop. If you haven’t done this, you have a 1 in 128 odd to get the easy clue scrolls. 

Optional drops to pick up

Gold bar – The gold bar is dropped about 1 in 64 kills. The gold bar can be used to train crafting by making bracelets or amulets. 

Coins – While you won’t make a ton of money picking these up, it does add up to a 1000 or more on a slayer task. That isn’t too bad if you are at a very low level and want to get the most out of your trip. 

How to effectively fight OSRS Cave Slimes

Recommended stats

You will need to have a slayer level of at least 17 to kill them. Besides that stat, I recommend you have at least level 40 attack and strength to use rune weapons.

If you are using range, I recommend you have at least 40 to kill them effectively and use mithril arrows or adamant to hit accurate and high. With these stats, you will be able to kill over 200 cave slimes an hour. 

Recommended gear and items

You should have a light source in your inventory like an oil lantern or bullseye lantern. Another essential item to bring is one or two antipoison (4). These will avoid you getting damaged by the strong position attack, which does more damage than their regular melee attack. 

You should use trout or something around that price and healing for food. Another good cheap food to use here is pike and salmon. 

Last but not least, bring a spiny helmet or a slayer helm to avoid getting hit by the wall beasts. These can hit pretty high but won’t kill you if you have a decent hitpoints level. 

Inventory cave slimes slayer

EXP and Profit

With decent enough combat stats, you can get 35k combat experience and 12k hit points experience an hour killing these monsters. You will make about 15k an hour in coins fighting these monsters. If you come here for Swamp Tar, you can count on an average of about 1300 Swamp tar an hour. 

OSRS Cave Slimes FAQ

How do you kill Cave slimes in OSRS?

You can use any combat style you want to kill these monsters. They have a +0 defense against range, magic, and melee. So you can choose how to kill them as long as you have the required slayer level of 17.

What do you need to kill them?

You can fight them with any combat style you want. However, to fight them effectively and safely, you will need to have a light source and an anti-poison. That will ensure you won’t die and are able to fight them safely.

Are cave slimes 2007 a good slayer task?

Cave Slimes are a decent slayer task in 2007 OSRS. They are a good monster to get quick exp but don’t have a lot of interesting drops besides iron boots and swamp tar. However, you should not skip the task as that would cost too many slayer points. 

Final thoughts

Cave Slimes in OSRS are an easy-to-fight monster for lower-level players. While you won’t make a lot of money killing them, the experience an hour you get in your combat stats is more than decent for beginners. 

However, I would advise you not to grind these monsters. There are better monsters to fight for money and exp on a medium-level account, like Moss Giants

When you fight the Cave Slimes in Old School RuneScape, make sure you don’t forget your anti-potion and your light source, and you are going to be okay. 

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