Chaos Druid OSRS Guide [2022] – what you need to know

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Killing Chaos Druids in OSRS is one of the best ways for ironman accounts to get herbs to train herblore. Regular accounts can also make quite a bit of money, killing them. In short, Chaos Druids are some of the best monsters for low-level players to train skills and get some extra GPs in the bank.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Chaos Druids, so you can fight them as effectively as possible. 

What are Chaos Druids

Chaos Druids are a low level human monster that has been around since 2002. They are often fought for their herb drops. Due to the fact that they have low defense, don’t hit very high, and drop a ton of herbs and supplies, they are great for beginner ironman accounts to quickly get herblore supplies. 

Besides regular Chaos Druids, you can also find a more potent variant of them in OSRS. These are the Elder Chaos Druids and are much stronger than the standard version. 

Chaos druids stats

Combat LevelLevel 13
Hitpoints 20 Hitpoints
Max Hit2
Attack StyleCrush and Confuse spells
WeaknessMelee and ranging

Where can I find Chaos Druids?

There are a couple of locations in OSRS where you can find Chaos Druids. However, you can only find these monsters in P2P worlds, as they are member-exclusive creatures. 

Chaos Druid Tower – Unsurprisingly, you can find them here. The tower can be located to the North of Ardougne. You need to have 46 thieving to open the door to get inside. There are only 4 Chaos Druids here. 

Edgeville Dungeon – The most popular place to kill Chaos Druids is Edgeville Dungeon. You can find 11 spawn points of them here. The big downside to fighting them in the Edgeville Dungeon is that you can be attached by other players here. Therefore, you do not need any requirements to kill them here. The good thing about fighting them in this spot is that you can easily bank with the Amulet of Glory and use your looting bag for extra inventory space. 

Taverley Dungeon – Another popular place to fight Chaos Druids in the Taverley Dungeon. You can find six spawns here. The downside to fighting them here is that it is pretty far from the bank. 

Top of Slepe Church – A pretty recent new spawn point for Chaos Druids in OSRS is the Slepe Church. You can find 5 Druids here. The requirements and efforts to get to this spot are steep, so nobody ever fights them here. 

Yanille Agility Dungeon – Another spot reasonably close to a bank is the Yanille Agility Dungeon. You can find 11 spawns here. It is a bit more of a hassle to kill them here than in the Edgeville Dungeon, but it is safer since no other players can attack you. 

Chaos druids in the Edgeville dungeon wildy pking
Chaos druids in Edgeville Dungeon

What drops should I pick up at Chaos Druids?

Typically, Chaos Druids are pretty far away from the bank. That means that picking up everything will have you go banking quite a lot. This list is will tell you what you should pick up, what you could pick up and what you should leave on the ground. 

Must pick up Chaos Druid drops

  • Law Runes: They drop 2 law runes about every 20 kills. This is one of those drops that add up quite a bit. So it is advised you pick up all the law runes that this monster drops.
  • Grimy Rannar weed: By far, the best drop you can get at the Chaos Druids is Rannar Weed. You have a 1/32 chance of them dropping this herb, and they drop 1 or 2 at a time. Next, you can make prayer potions from them to be worth quite a bit of money, which are always valuable as an ironman. 
  • Grimy Irit leaf: The grimy irit leaf is a good herb for ironmen to pick up here. They drop it about 1 in 44 kills, and you can make super attacks with them. 
  • Grimy Kwuarm: Grimy Kwuarms are used to make Super Strength potions. That means they are fantastic to train herblore with. The herbs are worth about 1.5k each. 
  • Grimy Avantoe: Avantoes is a medium-level herb used to make fishing and hunter positions. They are great for ironman to train herblore. Grimy Avantoe is worth about 2k each. 
  • Grimy Cadantine: The grimy Cadantine drops will be helpful for an ironman in the long term. You can use them to make super defense potions. They are worth about 1.8k each, so the money you make from them stacks up. 
  • Grimy Lantadyme: Lantadyme herbs are used to make magic potions and antifire potions. The first of those two potions will be very useful when you level up and start fighting monsters like Vorkath. So it is advised to pick them up as an ironman. These grimy herbs are worth 1.3k each. 
  • Grimy Dwarf Weed: One of the most valuable herbs in OSRS next to the Rannar weed is Dwarf Weed. This herb is used to make ranging potions. Despite being a high-level herb, they are only worth 800 GP each. 

You could pick these drops up

  • Grimy Guam leaf: You should only pick these up if your herblore is still low. You can make attack potions with them and clean the Grimy Guam leaf for a bit of extra herblore exp. Non-ironman accounts should not pick this herb up.
  • Grimy Marrentill: Another herb I would only bother with if you have a low herblore level are the Grimy Marrentills. You can use these to make anti poisons, and Guthix rests. Non-ironman accounts should not pick these up.
  • Grimy Tarromin: Tarromin is used to make strength potions. They are only worth about 100 GP each. You should just leave them on the floor if you are a regular account. You should pick them up as an ironman if you have a low herblore level and want to train it. 
  • Grimmy harralander: Harralanders are used to make various potions. You can make stat restore potions compost potions, and Guthix rests with these. They are excellent herblore exp for an ironman and are worth about 700 gp each. So I recommend both regular and ironman accounts to pick them up. 
  • Snape grass: I would only pick up snape grass if you either pick up the vials of water and rannars to make prayer potions on the spot or if you are an ironman who wants some extra secondaries. 
  • Air rune: These runes are dropped pretty often by Chaos druids. Since they drop 36 of these at a time, I think they are worth picking up. However, if you notice that your inventory is getting full too fast, you can just leave them be. 
  • Mithril bolts: The Chaos Druid drops 2 to 12 mithril bolts at a time, and they drop them pretty often. I would advise you to pick them up if you don’t have anything in your arrow slot—that way, the mithril bolts do not take up any additional inventory space. 
  • Nature Runes: If you are an ironman struggling to get enough nature runes for alchs, you should pick up the occasional drop you get here. You get about three simultaneously, and they drop them 1/128. So you will get about three runes per trip on average if you bring a looting bag. 
  • Ensouled Chaos Druid Head: You will get this drop about one in 35 kills, I usually do not bother picking it up, but if you have some space left at the end of your trip, it can be useful to add some GPs to the total loot. This drop is worth about 1k, after all. 

What is the best way to fight these monsters?

Recommended stats

Since Chaos Druids are low level monsters that only have a max hit of 2, you can effectively start killing them at level 25. However, to get a good amount of kills an hour, I recommend you have 40 combat. 

When you fight them with range, you will start to kill them quite fast at level 30 with a maple short bow or iron knives. So if you plan to use melee, you should have at least 30 attacks and strength. 

If you want to fight them in the Edgeville Dungeon, it is recommended to have a level 25 prayer to use Protect item. That way, you can bring 4 ‘valuable’ items with you. 

Gear and items

You don’t have to overthink your combat gear for killing Chaos Druids. It is recommended to fight them with ranging since they can bind you for 5 seconds when they are aggressive. Knives are the best weapon you can use at low levels; however, a maple short bow and arrows above iron are good. You can use your BIS melee if you are fighting them with melee. 

I recommend you bring cheap armor like studded leather or green dragonhide. This gives you enough defense against their weak melee hits and makes the chaos druid splash on you with magic. This way, they will not be able to drain your stats and won’t be able to bind you.

In your inventory, I would suggest you bring the following items:

  • Amulet of Glory: Easy teleports to Edgeville, so you can bank and go back into the Dungeon faster. 
  • Trout or better: You can fish trouts at Barbarian Village at 20 fishing and use the trout here to heal yourself. Trout heal seven which is more than enough. At lower levels, I recommend you bring 6 to 10 pieces of food. 
  • Potions: I recommend you bring either a combat potion (2) if you are fighting this monster with melee or a ranging potion (2) if you are fighting them Chaos Druids ranging. 
  • Looting bag: You can use a looting bag if you fight these in the Edgeville Dungeon. This gives you a lot of extra inventory space. 
  • Herb sack: If you have a herb sack, bring it. This will prolong your trips substantially since almost all their drops are herb drops.
money making method chaos druids

Exp and profit

Your exp and profit you get an hour strongly depend on your combat stats. At 40+ combat, you can kill about 280 to 300 Chaos Druids an hour. This will give you a 180k profit if you pick up all the recommended drops. At that kill rate, you will get 24k combat exp and 8k hit points exp an hour.

You can expect to kill about 100 chaos druids at lower levels and get 10k combat experience an hour. Your profit an hour will also drop to around 50 to 70k, depending on how lucky you get with rannarr drops.  

Chaos Druid FAQ

What is the best place to kill Chaos Druids?

The best place to kill Chaos Druids is the Edgeville Dungeon. You can find a lot of spawns there, and you can use your looting bag to get some extra inventory. This spot is also very close to the bank. So you can use an Amulet of Glory to bank faster. The only downside to this spot is that it is in the wilderness. That means other players can attack you while you are training here. 
If you are a Hardcore Ironman, I recommend fighting them in Chaos Druid Tower North of Ardougne. While you need 46 thieving, it is a safe place to fight them and not too far from a bank if you have the right teleports. 

How much money can I make an hour at Chaos Druids?

At a combat level of 40 or higher, you can expect to profit 180k an hour if you pick up the recommended drops and pay attention. This does require you to bring a looting bag or a herb sack, so you don’t need to bank as often. 

What is a good alternative to this monster?

There are two monsters you can kill for herbs at low levels. These are the cave crawlers and the Flesh Crawlers. However, they do not drop herbs at the same rate as Chaos Druids, and the herbs they drop are much lower level. 

Final Thoughts

While regular players soon outgrow Chaos Druids from both an exp and a profit an hour perspective, ironman can make use of them for quite a while. Due to the fact you can kill over 300 an hour of them, and they drop herbs very often, they are great to grind out the first 40 or so herblore levels on an ironman. Just make sure you pay attention if you fight them in the wildy and are not attacking a player dressed up as a Chaos Druid. 

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