The ultimate Chaos Elemental OSRS Guide [2022]

Years ago, the only way to get the mighty dragon 2h sword was fighting the Chaos Elemental. Unfortunately, you can no longer make bank or get BIS items at this osrs boss. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a tidy profit and a lot of fun fighting this monster!

This OSRS Chaos Elemental guide will go in-depth on killing the monster and getting the pet, the gear, and the requirements. Following our advice is going to make this monster a breeze. However, remember that this boss will take you deep inside the wilderness, so read before fighting! 

Chaos elemental weakness and stats

The monster is one of the weaker bosses in OSRS. While the Chaos Elemental was considered potent back in 2006, the boss has become relatively easy to beat due to the great gear and insight we have in 2022. 

Combat levelHitpointsMax hitAttack stylesWeakness
30525028Magic, range and meleeNone
Chaos elemental weakness and stats

The Chaos Elemental only has one weakness. The special effect of the Twisted Bow. The bow can hit extraordinarily high and accurately due to the creature’s high magic level. If you do not have a twisted bow, it is advisable to either safespot it and use a cannon plus ranging or use full Verac. 

You can fight the Chaos Elemental solo, duo, or in a group since it roams multi combat areas. 

Four slayer masters can assign the monster:

  • Duraedel
  • Nieve
  • Krystilia
  • Konor Quo Maten

Osrs Chaos Elemental location

chaos elemental location

The location of the Chaos Elemental is West of the Rogues Castle. This location is somewhere around level 50 to 52 wilderness. There are a couple of methods to get to the west of the Rogues Castle and to get to the Chaos elemental fast:

  • Annakarl Teleport: Using this teleport, you will end up at the Demonic Ruins in level 46 wilderness. Simply run North and then West, following the fence till you have found a gate. Go through the gate and go north till you see the Rogues Castle. This method is the fastest way to go to the Chaos Elemental. The creature should be somewhere around the western area. 
  • Wilderness Lever: Go to the wilderness lever in either Edgeville or Ardougne. This lever will teleport you close to the Mage Arena. When you arrive here, use a slashing item like a knife to go through the spider web and then run east towards the Rogue’s Castle. 
  • Rune Fountain Teleport: Another easy way to reach the Chaos Elemental is by using the Rune Fountain teleport. You need to use the Wilderness Sword to use this teleport, which you get from the Wilderness Diary. 
  • Wilderness Obelisk: Use a wilderness Obelisk (like the one near the Ferox Enclave) and choose to go to level 50 wilderness if you have done the diary; if not, just keep teleporting till you are teleported to the level 50 wilderness Obelisk. 


In theory, due to the safespot and the fact you can cannon the Chaos Elemental, you can kill this boss (quite effectively even) at combat level 3. However, if you want to do this fight regularly, then we would recommend you train up to have at least the following stats:

  • 70 attack
  • 70 strength
  • 70 defense
  • 70 ranging
  • 37 prayer 

Set up

There are three viable methods for mains and ironman accounts to use when fighting the Chaos Elemental. 

  • Melee: The standard melee method requires you to use protect from magic (and protect item). You can just fight the Chaos Elemental head-on or use the safespot. This costs quite a lot of food, so bank quickly so you don’t use your loot. See the table below for gear.
  • Anti-magic melee: This method requires you to maximize your magic defense. However, you still pray for magic. Your magic defense bonus will ensure you take more minor damage from the Chaos Elemental, and escaping pkers becomes easier.
  • Ranged: You can shoot at the monster without using a safespot or safespot. Ranging the boss is an excellent method to escape player killers since you can position yourself away from high-traffic routes.

The table below displays the BIS items for each setup strategy for the Chaos Elemental. If you don’t have a specific item, just pick the next best thing you have in your bank. However, don’t overthink it, and make sure you don’t take more than three valuable items.  

Melee Anti-magic meleeRaging
HeadVerac’s helmNeitiznot FaceguardBlessed coif
NecklaceAmulet of tortureAmulet of tortureNecklace of anguish
CapeFire capeArdougne Cloak 4Ava’s assembler
ChestVerac’s BrassardKaril’s LeathertopBlessed body
LegsVera’c PlateskirtKaril’s LeatherskirtBlessed chaps
WeaponVerac’s FlailViggora’s chainmaceCraw’s bow
ShieldNoneAvernic DefenderNone
Arrow QuiverCheapest BlessingCheapest blessingRada’s Blessing
GlovesFerocious GlovesFerocious GlovesBarrows Gloves
BootsPrimordial BootsPrimordial boots Pegasians
RingsBerserker Ring (i)Berserker ring (i)Ring of Suffering
Special attackDragon DaggerDragon DaggerNone
Gear setup chaos elemental osrs
setup chaos elemental
example setup chaos elemental


The inventory for the Chaos Elemental is pretty straightforward and cheap to get. If you plan on grinding the monster, you can easily buy supplies for over 50 trips. Here is an example of what you should bring:

  • Up to 4 prayer potions (use piety + protect item + protect magic)
  • Dragon dagger 
  • Divine combat potion or regular super combat
  • Looting bag (only if you do 5+ kills)
  • Pies or curry(see below) Alternative:Mantaray or Pineapple pizza
  • 3 to 5 Karabwams to escape Pkers and combo-eating
example inventory chaos elemental

Osrs Chaos elemental strategy 

The main difficulties of fighting this monster are due to the special attacks and the location of the Chaos elemental. Make sure you read this part well, so you aren’t surprised when fighting the osrs boss. 

Boss Mechanics

Unequiping your items (two green blobs)

The Chaos Elemental has this quirky attack where it unequips up to four random items you are wearing and puts them into your inventory. Most often, it will try to unequip your weapon. Unfortunately, this unique mechanic is highly annoying as you will take more damage, deal minor damage, and can be surprised by a Pker when left vulnerable. 

However, you can counter this particular unequip mechanic easily. The Chaos Elemental can not unequip your items if your inventory is full. That is why you should bring pies and curries. A bowl or a pie dish is left behind in your inventory when you use these. 

Bonus tip: turn off vial smashing. That way, a vial is left in your inventory when your potion is empty. You can do this by talking to the barbarian guard again. 

Colored attack

The Chaos Elemental will shoot colorful projectiles at you. These can do either magic, ranging, or melee damage. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine which attack will do what kind of damage. So it is strongly recommended that you pray to protect yourself from magic at all times. 

These can all hit 28, so make sure you keep your hit points above that amount. Many Pkers wait till you are low HP and then hit you with a special attack from a dds, claws or Dark Bow. So, keeping your HP high is vital. 

Teleporting you (two red blobs)

When the Chaos Elemental uses the red blobs, you can be teleported around. This teleportation is just a bit annoying and does not do additional damage. This mechanic is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes you get transported away from Pkers, while you get thrown right back into their lap just as often. 


The Chaos Elemental has a safespot which you can use to flinch the boss and attack with a cannon at the same time. You can see the safespot in the image below this chapter. When you use this safespot, you need to use the flinching method.

The flinching method is pretty easy and can be helpful during many early quests when you don’t have the combat level to do them yet. At the Chaos Elemental, the principle is no different. 

This is how flinching works in osrs:

  • Stand behind the tree until the Chaos Element comes close
  • Make sure the monster can not hit you
  • When the hitpoints bar disappears, attack the creature
  • Run back as soon fast as you can behind the tree before you get hit
  • Wait till the hitpoints bar disappears and attacks again
  • Run behind the tree again
  • Repeat this until you have defeated the monster. 
osrs chaos elemental safespot

Tips and tricks

  • The Obelisk nearby is one of the best ways to escape PKers quickly. Because it can teleport you below 30 wildernesses, it is a great way to run if you bring a seed pod. 
  • The Resource Area nearby is another great way to escape Pkers; you need to bring up to 7500 coins depending on whether you did the Wilderness Diary. Most Pkers forget to bring some cash. 
  • Bring enough food, not just for the Chaos Elemental but also to escape PKers. 
  • Check the items you keep on death. If you have more than four valuable items, consider banking items.
  • Turn on you’re protect item before going to the wilderness if you bring four valuable items. 
  • Do not pick up your cannon when players are attacking you. Doing this will make the cannon drop for them as loot. By not picking the cannon up, you can reclaim it for free later. 

Notable loot on the drop table

The average Chaos Elemental kill is worth about 30k gp. There are a ton of tiny drops that aren’t worth picking up. Since inventory management is quite important here, we will discuss the critical drops you should pick up here.

Bones – the chaos elemental drops bones in relatively large amounts. You can pick these up and use bones to peaches tablets to turn these into food. 

Dragon Pickaxe – this 5m drop is the best item you can get here. Since the boss is so easy and can be flinched, the Chaos Elemental is the best monster for your ironman to get a dragon pickaxe. 

Dragon 2h Sword: this weapon is the iconic drop—today, it’s only worth the high alching value of 132k.

Runes: the chaos elemental drops a ton of runes. These can be blood runes, chaos runes, or death runes. 

Elite clue scroll: You have a pretty decent chance of getting an elite clue scroll here. 

Pet chaos Elemental: probably the easiest pet in the game to get. You have a 1 in 300 chance of getting this pet here. This drop rate is a massive difference to a ton of other bosses, who often only have a 1 in 5000 chance of giving you a pet. 

chaos elemental guide osrs


While the days that the Chaos Elemental gave high-level accounts trouble are long over, this wilderness boss is still a fun distraction if you want to have a bit of nostalgia doing boss fights. Ironman accounts who wish to get a dragon pickaxe and level 3s who want a pet are great monsters to grind. Since you can safespot the creature quickly and flinch it, even low levels can solo it. 

Check out the following boss guides for further reading:

Chaos elemental osrs guide FAQ

What is the easiest way to get a dragon pickaxe on an ironman?

If you are an ironman who wants a dragon pickaxe, the best way to get one is the Chaos Elemental. Due to the fact you can flinch the monster, you can get a dragon pickaxe here even if you are level 3. However, if you are a hardcore ironman, this is quite dangerous as you will be fighting in level 50 wilderness. 

Can you poison the Chaos Elemental?

You can poison the Chaos Elemental. There are two ways to do this. The first method is to use a poison weapon like the dragon dagger p++. The second method is by using an item that can venom the monster, such as the serpentine helmet. Due to the monster’s immunity to venom, the venom becomes a poison to the boss. 

What is the easiest boss pet to get in osrs?

The easiest boss pet to get in OSRS is the pet Chaos Elemental. The drop rate for this pet is 1 in 300, and the boss is straightforward to fight. You can obtain this pet at level 3 combat by using the flinching method and a dwarven cannon. 

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