Cockatrice OSRS Slayer Guide [2022] – Easy xp and gp

Cockatrice has been around in the vast world of Runescape since 2005. These slayer monsters are one of the most often killed NPCs by new players. However, in OSRS, their drop table and exp an hour hold up pretty well. In this OSRS monster guide, I will tell you all there is to know about these low-level slayer monsters, including how to fight them and what drops you should pick up. 

What is Cockatrice

Cockatrice is a monster that you can only damage and kill when you reach level 25 slayer or boost up to that level. They are a low-level monster that does not hit hard or often. However, in order to kill them effectively, you need to have a mirror shield or a V’s shield to defend against their piercing gaze. To wear this shield, you need to be level 20 defense. Even when you are safe spotting these monsters, you must have this shield. If you do not have one of these shields, your combat stats will be heavily reduced every hit.

Unlike other low-level slayer monsters like the cave slimes, Cockatrice in OSRS is often killed outside of a slayer task due to the high drop rate of medium clue scrolls. However, they are a valuable source for ironman accounts to get yourself a pair of mystic boots (light). 

Cockatrice has a superior slayer variant that appears 1/200 kills on a slayer task. This superior is named a Cockathrice, a stronger purple version of the cockatrice.

Combat Level37
Hitpoints 37
Max Hit5
Attack StyleStab
WeaknessRange and Crush
combat stats of the Cockatrice
fairy ring to slayer cave

Where can I find Cockatrice?

There is only one place in OSRS where you can find the Cockatrice. This is in the Fremennik Slayer Cave; some also know it as the Rellekka Slayer Caves. The Freminnik Slayer Cave is a members-only location and contains seven cockatrice spawns. 

There are multiple ways to get to the caves. 

  • The fastest way to get there is by using the slayer ring. You will be transported right outside of the cave exit.
  • The second way to get there is by using the Fairy rings. You should use the code AJR to get close to the caves. You can also use this fairy ring to quickly bank in Zanaris if you need to restock your supplies. 
  • A good, but often forgotten, transport system uses the Eagle Transport system. This will bring you just north of the cave. 
  • IF your house is in Relekka, you can use a Teleport to house and just run east. If your house is not Relekka, you can use a redirection scroll to get to the cave with the Cockatrice just as fast. 
  • The slowest option is using a Camelot teleport and running to the north until you cross the bridge to Relekka and then east.  
cockatrice slayer cave

Useful Cockatrice drops to pick up.

Since slayer rings have a pretty high requirement to use and getting at the place where Cockatrice spawn is quite cumbersome, having proper inventory management is crucial to fight them effectively. In this part of the guide, I will discuss drops you should pick up and you might want to pick up. This will give you an idea of how to manage your inventory and avoid having to go bank every couple of minutes. This will make sure your trips are more effective. 

Keep in mind that since these are low-level monsters, I will mainly discuss this loot table from a low-level account perspective. 

Must pick up Cockatrice Drops

Iron boots: To some people’s surprise, iron boots are worth quite a bit of money. Since pure accounts use them, they can be sold in the GE for about 3.5k. The drop rate of iron boots is 1 in 128. 

Mystic boots (light) – The most valuable drop you can get here are Mystic boots (light). These are dropped about once in 512 kills and are worth 18k each. The average cockatrice kill is worth about 425 gp in OSRS. 

Nature runes: The most commonly dropped rune you will find here are the nature runes. They have three different drops of these on their drop table. Most often, Cockatrice will drop just two nature runes. However, Cockatrice might also drop four or even six at once. 

Law runes: Since they often stack and cockatrice drop law runes, it is good to pick them up. The value is pretty decent, and it does add up after a while. 

Grimy harralander: This is a good herb for new players to pick up. It offers quite a bit of herblore experience for an ironman, and the price it fetches on the GE isn’t too bad either. 

Grimy rannarr weed: One of the best drops low-level monsters like Cockatrice often have, is the rannarr weed. These are worth about 9k to 10k each. This is a significant drop to have for the ironman account since you can make prayer potions with it. Unfortunately, these potions are often in short supply. 

Grimy avantoe, kwuarm, cadantine, lantadyme, and dwarf weed – These are all herb drops that are dropped pretty rarely by the Cockatrice. However, they are worth being picked up. They are worth a couple of Ks and can make high-level potions at the higher levels. 

Snape grass seed: The best seed drop the Cockatrice has is the snape grass seeds. These are worth quite a bit and stack in your inventory. So make sure you do not miss them. The Cockatrice drop this seed about 1/900 kills, which is quite rare. 

Limpwurt root: One of the drops you will often get is limpwurt roots. These drop about one in six kills and are worth quite a bit of money. I suggest you pick these up. This drop will be the drop that will fill your inventory the fastest. So if you do not care about the extra money, you can just leave them on the ground. 

Clue scroll (medium) – Medium clues are one of the best ways to make money on a newer account. Make sure you pick these up and try and do the clues. 

Cockatrice head: The cockatrice heads are dropped 1/1000 kills and are fantastic to have in your house. I would pick it up since the drop is quite rare, and you will probably never fight these again when you get to a higher level.

Optional drops to pick up

Limpwurt root: One of the drops you will often get is limpwurt roots. These drop about one in six kills and are worth quite a bit of money. I suggest you pick these up. This drop will be the drop that will fill your inventory the fastest. So if you do not care about the extra money, you can just leave them on the ground. 

Low-level herbs: The Cockatrice drops low-level herbs. I would only pick those up if my herblore is low and I have no supplies to train it. If your herb level is over 30, I will not bother with picking these up.

Enterance to the Relleka slayer cave

How to effectively fight Cockatrice

Recommended stats

Cockatrice is a lower-level monster that can be fought when you get 25 slayers. Since their melee and ranged defense is low, you can quickly kill them when you have the 40s in your melee stats or range. They are slightly stronger than the hill giants but weaker than a moss giant.

These are the stats I would recommend you have fighting cockatrice:

  • 40 attack
  • 40 strength
  • 40 defense
  • 45 hitpoints
  • 41 ranging
  • 43 prayer (optional)

I prefer to use melee in the Freminik slayer dungeon fighting these monsters, since you don’t need to bother safe spotting as they can hit you anyway with their gaze. However, when your defense is low, it is good to just safespot them or use bones to peaches tabs. Using bones to peaches tabs will greatly prolong your trip here as these tabs heal 8 hitpoints per bone converted to a peach.

range gear cockatrice osrs

Recommended gear and items

NOTE: Always bring your VShield or Mirror shield, even when using range. 

When using melee, you should either get your best crush weapon – like the Cudgel – or a fast melee weapon that hits high and accurate like the rune and dragon scimitar. These will be strong enough to effectively kill the Cockatrice. 

If you are ranging these monsters, do make sure you also bring your shield. Even when safe spotting, they will be able to lower your combat stats. Since you use a shield here, you will need a crossbow. I advise you use a bone crossbow or better. 

Your inventory should have ranging or combat potions and food like lobsters or better. Be aware that you can not use your cannon in these caves. 

Cockatrice inventory

EXP and Profit

Killing these monsters is not going to make you very rich, as they are not profitable. You can expect to make up to 50k GP an hour here if you have average combat stats. The exp per hour is okay since they have a low defense. You can get up to 20k exp an hour here. 

The monsters are okay for low levels to fight while doing slayer, but there is no reason to fight them outside of a slayer task. There are much better monsters for both GP and money at that level. See, for example, the Chaos Druids. 

Cockatrice FAQ

What weakness does Cockatrice OSRS have? 

The Cockatrice in OSRS is weak to crush (melee) and to ranging. However, they have 0 defense against both these attacks, so you will be able to hit them high and accurately when using these attack styles. 

What is the best way to get to the Cockatrice?

The fastest way to get there is by using the slayer ring. Using a slayer ring will teleport you just outside of the cave. Another good way to get to the Cockatrice is by using the fairy ring. You will be teleported a bit north from the entrance of the Rellekka Slayer Cave. 

Can you safely spot the Cockatrice?

Yes, you can easily safespot them behind the rocks in the cave. However, don’t forget that you will need to use a shield even when you are safe spotting these monsters. When ranging them from a safe spot, it is advised to use a crossbow. 

slayer guide superior cockatrice
A superior slayer monster: the cockathrice

Final thoughts

Cockatrice is a good slayer task to do. Their exp and gp an hour are both average, but worse tasks are. They have a superior version that might give you a significant payoff, but I would not count on that. However, if that superior does appear, you will need to make sure you pay close attention. These superiours are stronger and can actually defeat you quite easily if you are low-level and caught off guard.

I would never fight this outside of the context of a slayer task like I would grind Ice Giants. However, I wouldn’t skip them when I do get a task. They are also a decent source to get your medium clues, but Falador guards are much better than killing for clue drops. 

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