The Ultimate OSRS Crafting Guide – 1 – 99 Fast and effective

Crafting is an expensive skill to train. It requires a ton of materials and quite a lot of money upfront to level quickly. It is one of the hardest and slowest skills to train if you are an ironman. 

This guide will teach you how to train this skill effectively and for the optimal cost to GP ratio. However, keep in mind that the prices for items fluctuate immensely a bit, so it might be cheaper or more expensive to train the skill depending on when you prepare it. 

The best OSRS Crafting 1 – 99 methods for EXP and GP

Training level 1 – 20: leather items

When you start training this skill, it is best to use leather and craft the highest level item you can make. Whether you are an ironman or a regular account, this is the most effective way to get some levels quickly. I strongly recommend you to use leather up until at least level 20. 

This is what you will need to get to level 20. 

  • 60 thread
  • A needle
  • 217 leather (not hard leather) 

Level 1 to 7: Use 48 leather to make leather gloves. These will bring you all the way to level 7, which allows you to make boots.

Level 7 to 9: use 19 leather to get to level 9 by making leather boots. This is going to take just a minute! 

Level 9 to 11: you will need 21 leather to make leather cowls up to level 11. This will give you access to leather vambraces. 

Level 11 to 14: at level 11, you can make leather vambraces. These give 22 exp per piece, and thus you only need 34 of them to get to level 14.

Level 14 to 20: You can make leather bodies at this point. These give you 25 experience. So you need 95 leather to go from level 14 to 20.

Crafting guide leather items osrs

Training OSRS crafting level 20 to 54: gem cutting

There is no minigame for crafting like Guardians of the rift. So you will need to train this skill by actually making items all the way to 99. However, the skill is much faster than most people think.

If you have the money, you can now start cutting gems. At level 20, you can cut sapphires. These give 50 exp each, and cutting one will cost you about 1gp per exp. You get 135k exp an hour cutting sapphires, so doing this would take at most 2 hours to level 54. Cutting 106 sapphires will get you to level 27.

At level 27 crafting, you can switch to emeralds. These give 67.5 exp per gem. This will cost you a bit more at about 1.5 GP per exp, but it is still pretty affordable. Cutting emeralds gets you 182k exp an hour on average if you concentrate on what you are doing.

Cutting 156 emeralds will get you to level 34. If you are on a budget, I suggest you keep cutting emeralds up to level 54 as rubies and diamonds are much more expensive per exp. 

When you get to level 34 crafting, you will now be able to start cutting rubies. Cutting these is going to give you 85 exp each. When you cut rubies, you will get about 225k exp an hour. You only need to cut 355 rubies to get to level 43, at which point you can start cutting diamonds. 

Diamonds are 290k exp an hour, but cost a lot more per GP. So you will need to cut 1082, going from level 43 to level 54. That will cost you over a mil. So if you do not have the money, I suggest you keep cutting a low-level gem, as the exp an hour is still very decent. This is just as fast as a top-tier cooking training method!

OSRS Craft
F2P is stuck making these

Training OSRS crafting level 54 to level 63: Battlestafs

At level 54, you can start making water battle staff. Making a water battle staff will give you 100 exp per water battlestaff. Completing these will provide you with around 180k exp an hour. These cost about three GP per exp to make, so it is advised to change to earth battlestaffs as soon as you have the level. 

You can start making earth battlestaffs at level 58. These give you a bit more exp an hour (220k), and you get 112.5 exp per battlestaff you make. The good thing about these is that this only cost about 2gp per exp to make. That means getting to level 62 is very affordable. 

At level 62, you start getting 300k exp an hour if you make fire battlestaffs. A fire battlestaff gives you 125 exp per item. When you get to level 63, it is highly advised to start making green dragonhide bodies, speaking from an exp to GP perspective. 

Level 63 to 99 crafting: making d’hide body

One of the best ways to quickly and affordably train your crafting levels is by making d’hide bodies. Unfortunately, this is a challenging way to train for ironman accounts since you need a massive amount of dragon hides. This OSRS crafting guide will explain all you need to know.

A player who concentrates on the game and uses shortkeys will be able to craft around 1600 to 1700 bodies per hour. You may use these bodies to cast high alchemy on, which will save you money and give about 70k magic exp an hour. 

Keep in mind that next to tanned dragonhide leather, you also need a needle and thread to make the bodies. Depending on your budget, you can keep making green d’hide bodies or switch to a higher level body when you reach the necessary crafting level. 

Level 63 to 71: Green d’hide bodies

Green d’hide bodies are the first type of bodies you can make. You can start making these as soon as you get to level 63 crafting. Making these bodies will give you 186 exp each, which will come out to about 300k exp an hour. This costs just two GP per exp if you are not aching them, thus giving you a road to 99 crafting for just around 25m in total. 

You can make these all the way to level 99 or switch to blue d’hide bodies at level 71 crafting. If you have a small budget, I recommend you to make green d’hide bodies all the way to 99. Then, you can keep a ton of them to alch when watching a movie if you want to make some of your money back. 

Level 71 to 77: Blue d’hide bodies

Blue d’hide bodies give you 210 XP, an item. This comes down to about 350k gp an hour if you concentrate on what you are doing—making these costs just a bit more at 3.75 exp per GP. That means you will spend almost double on your road to 99 crafting. 

If you reach level 77 crafting, you can start making red d’hide bodies, which are quite a bit more expensive but more GP an hour. 

Level 77 to 84: Red D’hide bodies

At this level, you can start making red d’hide bodies. This will cost you six GP per XP and give you 234 XP per body or 380k an hour. This method is thus almost three times as expensive for a 30% exp an hour increase compared to green d’hide bodies. I think that is just a bit too much and that you are better off doing blue or green d’hide bodies. 

Level 84 to 99: black d’hide bodies

The best body you can craft is black d’hide bodes. While these offer you over 400k exp an hour, it is pretty expensive to make. Making these will give you around ten GP per exp, which means going from 84 to 99 crafting in OSRS using this method will cost well over 100 m. 

These might be fun to make when the grind is getting a bit too boring, and you want some quick exp, but overall I think you would better stick to green or blue d’hide bodies if you wish to the optimal GP per XP an hour ratio when training crafting in OSRS. 

Alternative methods to train crafting

While the above chapter sums up my preferred guide to go from 1 to 99 crafting on Runescape, there are a couple of alternative methods to train this OSRS skill effectively and at a reasonable price.

Crafting molten glass

Crafting molten glass is pretty slow, but it is an excellent way to AFK the skill and not spend a lot of money. Regular non-restricted accounts might be better off doing other crafting methods, but this is a pretty decent way for ironman to get your crafting up to a higher level.

You can make about 1750 glass items in an hour if you concentrate well. If you are pretty AFK and do something else like playing another account, expect to make about 1500 to 1600 items an hour. You can get 29k XP an hour starting from level 1 (making beer glasses) up to 122k an hour when making empty light orbs at level 87. This is about as much exp as you would get when training a skill like woodcutting.

Molten glass crafting guide osrs 99

Crafting bracelets – best OSRS F2P crafting training

Crafting bracelets is a great way to train your crafting while making some money. Starting at level 7, you can make gold bracelets in F2P. These will give you 40k crafting exp an hour. Each gold bracelet will grant you 25 xp, and you will make a 150gp profit per bracelet. That means crafting gold bracelets in F2P is one of the best money-making methods and gives a good amount of exp. 

As a member, you can make a large variety of bracelets. Some make you a profit, and others will be a loss. Make sure you check the GE prices if making money is an essential part of your crafting training. 

A great P2P bracelet to make when a member is the sapphire bracelet. It gives you about 84k exp an hour making it and makes you a profit of 240 gp each. You can start making this bracelet at level 23 crafting, and they give you 60 xp each. 

Another suitable bracelet is unlocked at level 30 crafting. The emerald bracelet will make you over 105k exp an hour. This while still making a healthy profit of over 400k gp an hour.

Finally, at 74 crafting, you can get 150k crafting exp an hour while making dragon stone bracelets. These will make you 500k profit an hour and are a excellent alternative for d’hide bodies. 

Training crafting on OSRS for ironman: guidance and advice

This chapter will give you some tips and helpful advice to train crafting on an ironman. Unlike firemaking, this is a very hard skill to train on an (ultimate) ironman.

Do quests for your early training

A couple of exciting quests will give you a nice amount of crafting exp, allowing you to blaze through those early levels. The best ones are the Dwarf Cannon Quest, Murder Mystery, Observatory Quest, and Elemental Workshop I and II. These will get you up to almost 30 crafting. 

Stringing flax 

You can efficiently train a couple of early levels by crafting flax into bowstrings. The best place to do this is south of Seers’ Village. First, I would advise you to do Murder Mystery, which will get you to level 11. You need level 10 in this skill to spin bowstring so that you can start right away after the quest. There is a spin flax spell too if you have the money.

Spinning flaz osrs magic lunar

Do your birdhouse runs

Birdhouses only require five crafting to make them when starting with regular logs. While this method is mainly used to train hunting, the exp does add up over time. In addition, you can make multiple birdhouses runs a day, thus helping you passively train some crafting levels in the process. 

Wear a glory amulet while training mining

Wearing a glory amulet will give you double the gems while mining. Not only do gems give exp when you cut them, but you can also craft them into bracelets or amulets for even more exp. While this is only a bit of extra exp, it adds up over time, making decent money for an ironman account.

Most Useful quests for crafting exp

Murder Mystery: Murder Mystery will bring your crafting level from 1 to 11. Which allows you to skip the most boring levels straight away. 

Tears of Guthix: This quest gives you 1000 crafting exp and gives you access to one of the best minigames in OSRS. 

Elemental Workshop I and II – These two quests will give you a massive amount of crafting exp without taking up too much of your time. You only need 20 crafting for Elemental workshop II.

Nature spirit: This quest is speedy, and you only need level 18 to complete it. This quest gives 3k crafting exp as a reward. 

OSRS Crafting guide FAQ

Can you make money crafting in OSRS?

Yes, there are multiple great items to craft in OSRS that will make you money while giving a good amount of exp per hour. The best things to craft for money in OSRS are bracelets. Depending on the bracelet you make, you can make somewhere between 200k to 500k gp an hour. 

How fast is crafting in OSRS?

Depending on the crafting method you use, you can do 1 to 99 crafting in less than 24 hours. If you use a common method, like doing d’hide bodies, you should put aside about 40 hours to get all the way to 99. F2P crafting methods like bracelets are much slower and will cost you hundreds of hours to do.

What is the best way to train crafting in F2P?

There are a couple of options in F2P, and the fastest option is cutting gems. However, that method will cost quite a bit of money. The best way to train crafting while still making money in F2P is by crafting gold bracelets. This will earn you about 200k gp an hour and 40k crafting exp an hour.


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