The essential OSRS Crawling Hands Slayer Task Guide [2022]

Have you just gotten a few slayer levels under your belt? Odds are your slayer master will give you a crawling hands slayer task! These low-level monsters are easy to fight as a new player, but there are a couple of things to look out for. So let’s take a dive! 

Crawling hand weakness and stats

Being one of the first monsters you get as a slayer task, crawling hands are feeble and can’t do much damage. Moreover, crawling hands, just like ghosts, are weak to crumble undead and the salve amulet because they are classified as undead. 

The max hit of the level 7 variant is 1, while the max hit of the combat level 12 can hit 2. The attack style used is crushed for all the attacks. Due to their low attack stats, they don’t hit very accurately when fighting them. Crawling hands are significantly weaker than other slayer monsters like the Cave Bug

Location of the Crawling hands

There are two locations where you can find the crawling hand. The Meierditch laboratories have 10, and the Slayer tower has 24 monsters.

The best place to kill crawling hands is the Slayer tower on the ground floor. The fastest way to the slayer tower is using the slayer ring teleport. You can also use the nearby fairy ring by entering the code CKS. 

The slayer tower is also the home to Banshees and other strong monsters. So do not wander too far into the tower if you are unprepared. 

crawling hands location fastest way

Crawling hand slayer strategy

To start killing Crawling hands, you need to have a slayer level of at least 5. If you are four or below, you will not be able to harm the monster. 

If this slayer task is not on your block list, the following slayer masters will assign you crawling hands as a slayer task:

  • Turael
  • Spria
  • Mazchna
  • Vannaka

The fight

Due to the fact that they have +0 defense in all stats, you can pick the combat style you have the highest level in. For example, if you have level 37 magic, you can use the spell crumble undead. This spell is super effective against the undead. 

Another handy item to bring is the salve amulet. This item will boost your attack and strength bonus against the undead like the crawling hands. However, unlike the mirror shield at the cockatrice, this item is not needed to kill them. 

Crushing hand superior

If you have unlocked the slayer perk Bigger and Badder, every kill on a task has a chance of spawning a crushing hand. This is the superior variant of the Crawling hand. This monster is more substantial and has some excellent potential drops like the eternal slayer gem and imbued heart. 

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Drops to look out for

Unlike Adamant Dragons, I would not suggest you grind crawling hands for money. They have some awful loot on their drop table. These are the only valuable items to pick up: 

  • Purple gloves
  • Yellow gloves
  • Red gloves
  • Sapphire ring
  • Emerald ring
  • Crawling hand (item)

Final tips and advice

When you are training slayer, you often get a task that seems not worth doing. However, skipping or blocking trivial tasks like this one will cost you too many slayer points, which you can use later to skip more annoying tasks. 

The only item to look out for is the Crawling hands drop. These can be brought to a taxidermist in canafis to stuff in your house. Besides that, only the gloves dropped by them have any value. 

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Crawling Hands FAQ

Are crawling hands worth it?

Yes, do not skip or block the crawling hands slayer task. However, the task is swift and will earn you some extra slayer points, which you can spend on a slayer helm or blocking other slayer tasks. 

What monster drops colored gloves? 

The only monster in OSRS which drops colored gloves is the crawling hands. These monsters drop four variants of colored gloves: Purple gloves, yellow gloves, red gloves, and teal gloves. 

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