Dark beast OSRS guide – the best slayer task strategies in 2022

You did it. Your account finally reached level 90 slayer, and you have unlocked Osrs Dark beasts. These monsters are pretty fun to fight but relatively rare to get as a task. So making the most out of it, xp and dropwise, will help you one step further to 99 slayer.

This Dark beast slayer guide is all you need to do this task efficiently. From getting there to killing them, OSRS Boss has you covered. 

What are Dark beasts osrs

The dark beast is a monster found in the Mourner Tunnels and Iorwerth dungeon. They can only be harmed by players who have a level 90 slayer or higher. They attack with both the melee and magic style. 

There are a couple of unique aspects that this monster possesses. The dark beast is the only osrs monster that drops the ranging weapon, the dark bow, and the runecrafting item, the Death Talisman. They also have a mechanic who does not lose their aggression after 15 minutes. That means Dark Beasts will always keep attacking the player. 

These creatures also have a superior variant, which can appear after unlocking the perk, named the Night Beasts, which has a 1 in 200 chance of appearing after a kill on a slayer task. 

osrs dark beast slayer task

Stats and weakness

Combat levelSlayer xpAttack styleHitpointsMax hit
Combat level 182225.4 slayer xpMagic and melee220 hitpoints17 melee, 8 magic
Dark Beast stat and weaknesses

Dark beasts should not be underestimated. They have two different attack styles and hit hard. They use magic and crush. The best attack style to pray against here is melee. 

Dark beasts are weak to stab attacks. Therefore, their defense bonus against that style of attack is only +30. However, you can also attack them with a decent crush weapon. 

Due to the monster’s high magic level, a twisted bow is an effective bow to use here if you can afford one. 


Three slayer masters can assign dark beasts as a slayer task:

  • Konor qua maten
  • Nieve
  • Duradel

To get this task, you need to have at least level 90 slayer and combat of 90 to get this task. Next to those requirements, you must have completed the quest Mourning’s end part II, part of the elven quest series. 

You should not put these monsters on your duradel slayer block list. The xp is quite decent, and the task weight is not very high. If you have enough points, you can skip them if you are going for the optimal xp an hour in the slayer skill. 

Dark Beast location 07

There are two locations where you can find the dark beasts in OSRS. Both sites allow cannons.  

  • Iorwerth Dungeon: the dungeon has ten spawns and can be accessed after completing the Song of the Elves Quest.
  • The Mourner Tunnels: these tunnels can be accessed after the Mournings end part II quest and have 19 different spawns. 

The best Dark beast teleport is using the teleporting crystal to go to the city of Priffdinas. Then just go south to the Iorwerth dungeon. If you have not done the quest, you can use the abyss to teleport to the death runes altar and the dark beasts that way.

Note: Dark Beasts have been removed from the Catacombs of Kourend in an update. You can no longer fight them there. Their spawns have been replaced with extra fire giants.

dark beast location osrs

Dark beast slayer task strategy

When doing a dark beast slayer task, you can choose from all three combat styles to fight these monsters. However, the melee combat style is the most effective against dark beasts. 

Dark beast AFK

 The monsters are very AFK if you use the right gear to fight them. You should have a good melee weapon like the Ghazier Rapier and an armor with a high prayer bonus, the proselyte armor being the best.

During the fight, you should always pray melee. Of course, you can use piety too, but you will need to restore your prayer much more often. There are a couple of good items to bring here: the Saradomin Godsword and the Holy Wrench will help you preserve prayer potions. 

If you are using a cannon, the dark beasts and night beasts may attack you with magic. So keep this in mind, and don’t go AFK for too long if you use the dwarven cannon. 

The slayer xp an hour at Dark Beasts using the AFK melee method is around 15k xp an hour. The amount of xp you get an hour when using a cannon is 35k slayer xp an hour. 


To do the Dark Beast slayer task effectively, I recommend you bring the following items. You can switch out some of these for inferior things if you can’t afford the BIS gear. 

slayer task dark beast osrs
  • Saradomin godsword
  • Super combat potions
  • Holy Wrench (or use ring of gods (i))
  • Gem bag
  • Seedbox
  • Herb sack
  • Bonecrusher
  • Prayer potions (up to 18)
  • Three sharks (only when cannoning) 
  • Cannon and cannonballs

Whether you are using the AFK melee method or are using a cannon, your inventory will look pretty much the same. Just bring a little extra food when using a cannon so you can tank the magic attacks.

Night Beast OSRS

Occasionally, when you are fighting dark beasts on a slayer task, a night beast will appear if you have unlocked the BIgger and Badder perk. This monster has a special attack that deals damage based on your hitpoints. Like a banshee slayer task, there is a 1 in 200 chance of a superior appearing after a kill. 

The strategy to kill the night beast is pretty straightforward. Keep your protection from melee up, and avoid the magic attacks coming your way. The Night beast can’t kill you with magic, as the damage is based on the current hitpoints. 

superior dark beast night beast osrs

Tips and advice

Always protect from melee – While dark beasts can attack with both melee and magic, their melee attacks are much more fearsome. 

Bring a herb sack – There are a ton of herb drops here. So bring your herb sack if you have access to one. 

Bring a rune pouch – If you want to pick up all the runes, a rune pouch will be handy for picking up valuable death runes, blood runes, and chaos runes. 

Kill them in the iorwerth dungeon – Just like the elves’ slayer task, it is a great idea to kill these monsters in the Iorwerth Dungeon. The reason for that is the crystal shard you might get here. 

Possible loot

The average dark beast kill isn’t only worth about 4.5k. Just like Cave Bugs, the monsters aren’t great moneymakers. So you aren’t going to leave this task with a ton of money. However, if you use a cannon, you can expect to break even or make a tiny profit. 

These are the dark beast drops you should pick up:

  • Rune chain body
  • Rune med helm
  • Rune full helm
  • Rune 2h sword
  • Rune battleaxe
  • Death, chaos, and blood runes
  • Various herbs
  • Adamantite bar (noted)
  • Adamantite ore (noted)
  • Runite ore (noted)
  • Elite and brutal clue scrolls
  • Crystal schards (iorwerth dungeon)

The dark beasts also have a unique drop, the dark bow. This bow is worth about 1m each, so make sure you pick it up. Killing them in the Iorwerth dungeon is a great way to get crystal shards. Every 24 kills, on average, you will get a shard. 

A way to increase your loot per kill on a task is by using Konar as your slayer master. Monsters will then drop the Brimstone key, which gives access to the loot from the brimstone chest. 

dark beast osrs

OSRS Dark Beast FAQ

What should I pray against dark beats?

The best combat style to pray against these monsters is the melee prayer. They often attack with this style and hit the most challenging using melee. So using that prayer will make sure you can easily do this slayer task.

How to teleport to the mourner tunnels?

You need to unlock the abyss and the death rune altar by doing the Enter the Abyss mini-quest. This will give you access to the crack that teleports you to the Dark Beasts.

How many dark beasts get assigned before and after extending osrs?

Before extending the task, you will get a random amount of 10 to 20 dark beasts assigned. If you have developed the slayer task in OSRS, you will get a random amount of between 100 and 150 dark beasts assigned after the extension. 

How do you unlock dark beasts Osrs?

You need to fulfill multiple requirements to unlock the dark beasts in OSRS. You need to have 90 slayer, have at least 90 combat, and have completed the Mournings End part II quest. Then, of course, you need to talk to a slayer master who assigns these monsters to get the task.

Final thoughts 

Dark beasts are a pretty fun slayer task to do if you want to train your skills AFK. Since they stay aggressive no matter how much time passes, you never have to restore aggro. If you enjoy a more energetic playing style, you can use a cannon to get more kills and xp an hour.

Despite being a level 90 slayer monster, the drops of the dark beast are not all that impressive. Therefore, you are better off skipping this task if you are doing slayer for the maximum amount of profit and xp an hour.

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