Osrs Dog Slayer Task Guide [2022]

When you are training slayer in Old School Runescape, odds are you will get a dog slayer task. Unfortunately, a lot of players tend to struggle with this assignment. This is mainly because there are not many real dogs in osrs that you can attack.

However, there are many alternatives for this monster. In this guide, we will discuss the best options. 

Best types of dogs to fight for a slayer task

There are a couple of options. However, some are significantly better than others, so we rank the top 4 best dogs to fight for your slayer task here. 

1. Guard dogs

Guard dogs are the most common type of dogs in osrs. They are found near teleporting hubs, so you can reach them rather easily. The guard dog is level 44, making them quite easy to fight. They give 49 slayer xp when you defeat one. The Hosidius marketplace has the most spawns. 

2. Wild Dogs

The second-best dog to fight is the Wild dog. These can be found in the Brimhaven Dungeon. You need to have an axe and 875 coins to access this dungeon. Don’t roam too far, as these monsters are found near the bronze dragons and the iron dragons

3. Reanimated dog

Another dog you can fight is reanimated dogs. You can buy a couple of ensouled dog heads from the Grand Exchange, get soul, nature, and body runes and use the Arceuus Spellbook to reanimate the dogs on the dark altar. 

To do this, you must have access to the Arceuus spellbook by getting enough favor. Next to that, you will also need 41 magic to cast the spell adept reanimation. These reanimated dogs don’t just give you slayer xp but also a decent amount of prayer xp. 

4. Jackals

The lowest level dogs are the Jackall. When defeating them, these are only level 21 combat and will give you 27 slayer xp. You can find these in the Southern Khardian Desert, so bring your waterskins or circlet of water. 

dog slayer task osrs

Top dog slayer locations

If you prefer to fight by place and not a monster, then you have three decent options for locations to do your dog slayer task in osrs. 

1. Hosidius marketplace

The best place to fight dogs for slayer in osrs is the Hosidius Marketplace. You can safespot the Guard Dogs and use your cannon here. There are six spawns, so the slayer task goes reasonably fast with a cannon, despite being a single combat zone. Check out this article to know the fastest way to Hosidius

2. Central Brimhaven Dungeon

If you want to fight wild dogs, you should go to the Central Brimhaven Dungeon. There are eight spawns there. Don’t forget to bring your axe and coins. This dungeon is a single combat place, you can use a cannon, and there is a spafespot that you can use. 

3. West of Nardah

To the west of Nardah, you can find seven jackals. You can safespot these by using the cacti nearby. You can also use a cannon in the desert to make the task go by quicker. However, just like all other locations, this is a single combat location too.

Final thoughts, advice, and tips

While the dog slayer task is not worth doing, you should not put it on your slayer blocklist or skip it. The task is over quickly, and you are better off grinding through it for the slayer points. 

If you are doing low-level slayer tasks, then the following guides are sure to help you out:

Dogs Slayer task FAQ

Do hellhounds count for the dog slayer task?

No, hellhounds and variants like the skeletal hellhounds and Cerberus do not count as a dog slayer task. They are their separate assignment. 

Can I fight Terror Dogs on my regular dog slayer task? 

No, terror dogs do not count towards the dog slayer task. This assignment is a completely separate assignment you can get from the masters. 

Which slayer masters assign dogs?

There are only two slayer masters that assign this task. These are Turael (and Spria), who assigns somewhere between 15 and 40 of these monsters, and Mazchna, who assigns up to 70 dogs as a task. 

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