Elves slayer Guide OSRS [2022] – How to do the elf task best

If you train your slayer skill, you often get tasks that aren’t very straightforward. One of these tasks is the elf slayer task. There are several ways to do this task, some more effective than others. If you use the correct methods and strategy, the elf slayer task is worth doing. 

In this guide, I will tell you how to do the elves’ slayer task fast and get a good amount of gp an hour. The guide is intended for both regular players and ironman accounts. 

What elves to kill for slayer 

You need to have completed the regicide quest before you can get an elves’ slayer task. This quest will give you access to the Iorwerth camp. However, the elves found there are not the only ones you can fight to complete your slayer assignment. 

The Mournings end Part I quest will unlock an area named Lletya where you can find Elf warriors. Finally, there are also the guard elves of Prifdinnas. These can only be fought after completing the Song of the Elves quest. 

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Types of elves

So there are a couple of types of elves to kill in OSRS. I will discuss these types here, so you can make a good decision for your account on what to kill. That being said, I will also tell you which elves are objectively the best for xp and gp. 

Irowerth archer and warrior – The Iorwerth archer and warrior are found in the Iorwerth camp. The archer is level 90, and the warrior is level 108. These are the second-best elves to fight. You can use your cannon in the camp and quickly make this task go by. However, if you fight them in the dungeon under Prfiddinas, they are just as good as the guards. 

Elf archer and warrior – The elf archers and elf warriors found in Lletya are at the same combat level as those found in the camp. You can access them after starting Mournings End Part I. I wouldn’t recommend doing these as your slayer task. 

Mourners Mourners are elves too! You can cannon them as your slayer task. However, it isn’t my favorite elf to kill for my slayer assignment. If you have not done the quest Song of the Elves, you are better off doing those in the elves’ camp. 

Guard elf – The best elves to kill for your slayer task are the guards found in Prifddinas. They can be cannoned in the dungeon under the city and offer the best gp and xp available for the elf slayer task. 

We will only discuss the guards and Iowerth warriors in this guide, as they offer the best possible xp. However! The same tactics generally apply to the elves found in the Iorwerth Camp. Only the location and drops are different. The gear and inventory are more or less the same. 

Stats and weaknesses

The Prfiddinas guards are the strongest in Old School Runescape. However, that doesn’t mean you will have a hard time fighting them. They are pretty easy to kill, and you can use a cannon and prayer in the multicombat zone.

Combat levelLevel 108
Hitpoints level105 hitpoints
WeaknessRange and stab
Max hit10
Slayer exp107.5 xp
Assigned byVannaka, Chaldear, Nieve, Duradel 
Elf guard stats

Thanks to the guards being weak against both stab and range, these guards are great to kill with a cannon. They are close to one another, and you can easily kill over a hundred of them an hour. 

Combat levelLevel 108
Hitpoints level105 hitpoints
WeaknessRange and stab
Max hit10
Slayer exp107.5 xp
Assigned byVannaka, Chaldear, Nieve, Duradel 
Iorwerth warrior stats

The stats of the Iorwerth warriors found in the dungeon beneath Priffdinas are the same as these of the guards. They are my favorite elves to kill, as you don’t need to move around a lot, and they are very straightforward to fight. As an additional bonus, these monsters also drop crystal shards.

Elf locations

There are two locations where I would fight elves if you want to have the maximum amount of GP and XP an hour. Here are where you can find these OSRS monsters:

Iowerth dungeon: the dungeon beneath Priffdinnas has 13 spawns of Iorwerth warriors, which makes it very easy to cannon them. Since the warriors only attack with melee, you can just use your protection from melee prayer and not take any damage.

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Priffinidas: If you would prefer to fight guards, you should go to one of the gates at the city entrance. You can also use your cannon to quickly do your slayer task here. The guards are slightly slower, but you are closer to a bank. 

Iowerth camp: If you have not completed the Song of the Elves quest, you can teleport to the Iowerth camp and kill the archers and warriors found there. Fighting them there is relatively easy as you can use your cannon here too. However, you do need to keep your eyes open for the rangers, as they will fit through your protection from melee prayer. 

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Elves slayer task strategy guide

To be honest, there isn’t much strategy involved with killing elves on a slayer task. The tactics are the same no matter where you fight them and which variant you decide to fight for your task. 

Bring a cannon – to get the maximum amount of XP an hour; you will need to use a dwarven cannon. This cannon will make the task two to three times as fast. Using the cannon does cost more, but the amount saved makes it more than worth it.  

Use prayer and combat potions – While fighting the elves, it is strongly advised to use super combat potions. Using these potions will help you complete the slayer task notably faster. The same goes for prayer potions. These can make your kills about 20% faster. 

Use a melee prayer – No matter if you kill the elves in the camp or the dungeon, you should use your melee prayer. That way, you don’t have to restock on food and can quickly finish the task and even go AFK a bit. 

I recommend the following gear and inventory when you kill the elves on a slayer task.

You can switch out quite a few items if you don’t have the optimal gear. You should prioritize your stab attack bonus as this is the elves’ weakness when fighting them. If you are using prayer, you can avoid bandos or better armor as long as you use prayers that boost your melee stats. 

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Elf drop table

Iorwerth Warrior drops

The drops discussed here are from the Iorwerth Dungeon elf warriors. These are the ones that are optimal to kill. The average kill is worth about 3.5k. This is because you have a 1/1000 chance of getting the Enhanced crystal teleport seed worth over 3m. 

These Iorwerth warriors also have decent weapons and armor drops for you to alch. You can get a green d’hide body, green d’hide chaps. Mithril kiteshield, adamant full helm, and rune dagger drops here. They also drop nature and fire runes here, so you can alch these drops right away.

They also have helpful supply drops like the crystal teleport seed, the teleport crystal, sharks, and adamantine ore. However, these aren’t so useful to pick up, so don’t bother with them if you don’t have inventory space.

There are also some interesting tertiary drops to get here. The most useful are the crystal shards and the hard clue scroll. Make sure you pick these up. 

Drops summary

  • Enhanced crystal teleport seed
  • Green d’hide body
  • Green d’hide chaps
  • Rune dagger
  • Nature runes
  • Crystal shard
  • Clue scroll

Elf Guard drops

Alternatively, you can also kill the elf guards standing at the city’s gates. These have the same drops as the Iowerth Warriors in the dungeon. They also have the same drop rates, so there is no reason to kill one over the other if you look for a drop like the Enhanced crystal teleport seed.


Elves, just like Vampyres, are a pretty easy slayer task to do. As long as you are using a cannon and prayer to speed up the task, the task is well worth doing. While the drops are okay in general, there is one drop that stands out. That is the Enhanced crystal teleport seed. This is worth 3.3m gp. 

Elves slayer task FAQ

What is the best location to kill elves for slayer?

The best location to kill elves for your slayer task is the Iorwerth Dungeon. You can find this dungeon under the city of Prifdinnas. There are 13 spawns of Iorwerth warriors there, and you can use a cannon to finish them quickly. 

How much xp an hour is the elves slayer task?

When using a cannon and prayer, you can get around 40k to 50k slayer xp an hour doing the elves task. This is above average for a task, so training the skill here is quite simple. 

Should I cancel the elves’ slayer task?

No, the elves’ slayer task is an excellent task to get. You need to use a cannon and prayer to make the assignment go faster. If you fight the monsters in Prifdinnas or the Iorwerth dungeon, you can also make the money back that you spend on cannonballs due to the exciting drops.


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