The best OSRS f2p Magic gear [2022]

It is no secret that F2P players don’t get many updates. Especially armor-wise, it can take years before a new best-in-slot item for Free to Play players makes its way into the game. So, what is the best OSRS f2p magic gear you can use and why? 

The best f2p mage gear in OSRS are the wizard amulet, wizard hat, staff of air, black robe, and the zamorak monk top. These are the items that give the best magic bonus in F2P for their slot.

We will discuss the relevant slots in-depth in this f2p magic gear guide and tell you about a couple of additional items you can add to this mix to get a higher defense and prayer bonus.

The best f2p magic weapon – staff of air

There are four elemental staves in OSRS. The staff of air, the staff of water, the staff of earth, and the staff of fire. All elemental staves have the same magic attack bonus. So, which one is the best? That will depend on the number of runes you are going to save using it and how much these runes cost.

From an overall utility and cost-saving point, the best magic staff in f2p is the staff of air. This weapon will save you air runes. You need to use air runes for every attacking spell in f2p, so this comes in very handy and gives it the edge above the other staves, in my opinion. The staff of fire is a close second due to the power of fire spells and the cost of fire runes. 

The best shield for mages in f2p – Dragonfire shield

The best shield in f2p for mages is the Dragonfire shield you get from the duke of Lumbridge. This shield has no negative bonuses for magic and gives you a pretty good defensive bonus. However, this shield has become harder to get due to a couple of updates, and the requirements have gotten higher. 

A fantastic alternative for this shield is the wooden shield. This shield has no negative mage bonuses, and you get it for free when you make your account. If you have lost your wooden shield, you can go to Varrock east and go north to the wilderness edge. There is a spawn of a wooden shield there. 

Best chest and leg items for f2p mages

You can pick black or blue wizard robes in the chest slot. Both give the same bonus in for your magic stat. The black robes get our recommendation here above the blue wizard robes. These are a lot cheaper for the same bonus. You can kill black wizards in OSRS for this drop and the black wizard hat. Do not underestimate these, as they are pretty strong due to their high hits. 

There wasn’t a good leg slot for mages for a long time. This has changed. The best leg slot item for f2p magic gear is the Zamorak robe bottom. This gives you both a magic attack and defense bonus and is a must-have item for BIS f2p mage gear

Boots and gloves for f2p magic

There is no gear for the boots and gloves slot that give bonuses in magic for Free to play players. That means we will need to look for an item with a good defense bonus that does not provide a negative magic defense bonus.

The best gloves for mages in free-to-play are the leather vambraces. These don’t give a negative magic bonus and have a slightly better defensive bonus than regular leather gloves. But, again, these can be made with crafting. 

The best magic boots in f2p are the leather boots (or fancy boots). These boots give no negative bonus and will provide you with a slight defensive bonus. You can find multiple spawns of these boots in OSRS.

Best amulet to train magic in f2p

The amulet of magic is the best osrs f2p magic gear you can just do without. This amulet gives you a +10 massive magic bonus. The second best amulet, the amulet of power, only gives you a +6 bonus. The magic amulet is very cheap and easy to make as it only needs a sapphire amulet and a low-level enchant spell to make. Another alternative, and the worst out of the three, is the amulet of accuracy you get when completing the Imp Catcher quest. 

If you don’t need a magic bonus, for example, you can use a holy symbol if the monster has a low magic defense. This gives you a decent prayer bonus. 

What f2p cape and hat for magic?

The best f2p cape for magic is the cabbage cape. It only costs 150 gp and has a cool emote. The cabbage cape is also the best f2p cape overall, no matter your combat style. That means you can use it as a best-in-slot cape, whether you are using magic, melee, or ranging in free-to-play. Keep in mind that no cape in f2p gives a magic attack bonus. An alternative is the team capes. These offer decent bonuses too.

There is only one item in the head slot that makes the cut. This is the black or blue wizard hat. The cheapest of the two is the black wizard hat, so we prefer to get that one. There are no other hats that you can use to get a magic bonus in free-to-play. 

magic set up f2p

Final Thoughts

F2p magic gear in OSRS is pretty underwhelming. The only update this armor has gotten over the last few years is the bottom of the Zamorak monk robe. There are no gloves, shields, or boots that will give you a magic defense bonus. That means you won’t be able to hit any monsters with a high magic defense very accurately. Fortunately, this gear is all you need to rain your magic effectively in free-to-play. 

We can hope that Jagex will do some substantial updates to this skill and others in the future like add an item such as the holy wrench but for magic.

OSRS F2p magic gear FAQ

What is the most potent f2p magic spell?

The strongest f2p spell is fire blast. You need to have 59 magic if you are not boosting your magic level. This magic attack can hit up to 16. You will need to have a death rune, fire runes, and air runes to cast the spell. There is no way to boost the damage above 16 in free-to-play. 

What gives the best magic boost in f2p?

For non-members, there is only one item that gives you a magic level bonus. These are the wizard mind bombs. You can get this item in the pub in Falador. The wizard Mind Bomb will only cost you a couple of coins and can boost your magic level up to three levels. 

What f2p magic gear should I get first?

The first magic gear item you should get on a regular or ironman account is an elemental staff. These give a good bonus and will save you thousands of runes in the long term. The best elemental staff to get is the staff of air. You need a ton of air runes in OSRS, which will ensure you don’t have to buy them. 

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