Giant key Osrs – the best ways to get the item [2022]

One of the most exciting items to get in OSRS is the Giant Key, also referred to as the hill giant key. This unique drop gives you access to an amazing F2P boss named Obor. Players who want to grind out this boss will need a lot of Giant Keys. This can be rather hard if you don’t know the optimal methods. 

This Giant Key guide is going to show you the best ways to get this incredible item. 

What is the giant key?

The Giant Key is a unique item that gives you one-time access to the Obor lair. Unlike the Holy Wrench, the item is a consumable. The key is untradable. That means that once you use it to open the gates in the Edgeville Dungeon, it will disappear. Therefore, you can not buy it from other players. To enter the gate, you will need to use a new key. You will need to get a new one as a drop. The Obor lair is also known as the titan’s lair.

You can have more than one key in your bank or inventory. So you can grind them and use them to grind this OSRS f2p boss when your account has gotten stronger. This is a good idea since the boss is much more potent than the average monster that drops this item. 

Who drops the giant key in OSRS?

There are a ton of monsters that drop the Giant key (or hill giant key) in Old School Runescape. However, not all of these are worth it to grind. Many of them have a very high defense or hitpoints level, which makes them much slower to kill. Here is a helpful table of all the creatures that drop the giant key in OSRS. 

CreatureCombat levelAdditional infoGiant key rarity
Obor106This is the boss monster you can access after you get a giant key. He drops this item pretty often. You can only kill him once per key.1 in 16
Hill giants (wildy)28The Hill Giants in the wilderness have a double drop rate for this item.1 in 64
HIll giants (dark)28These are found in the catacombs of Kourend. You can also get totem pieces here, which give you access to Skotizo. 1 in 128
Hill giants28Regular ones are found all over Runescape. Most commonly these are fought in the Edgeville Dungeon. 1 in 128
Cyclops56Only the cyclops in the Arendougen Zoo will drop the key. The ones in the warrior guild do not have these on their drop table. 1 in 128
Black Knight120This is a quest monster you can fight once. Don’t count on getting it here. 1 in 128

What is the best place to get a giant key?

The best place to get the giant key in OSRS is by killing the Hill Giants in the wilderness. These can be found around level 20 wilderness. These monsters are only level 28 and can be cannoned. That means you can quickly get 2 to 3 of these on a low-level account in an hour. You can get five or more if you are at a higher level an hour.

Do keep in mind that the wilderness is dangerous. Other players can attack you here, and you will lose the keys in your inventory if you die. For F2P players, the wilderness is a lot safer. You can kill them with cheap magic gear or just a melee weapon. You can not be teleblocked, so you can teleport out when things get dangerous. The drop key for giant keys in the wilderness is 1 in 64, which is twice as high as the regular drop rate. 

The alternative is to go to the catacombs of Kourend. The hill giants there drop this untradable item only 1 in 128, but you can also get totem pieces here. These totem pieces will later give you access to the Skotizo boss. You can also get ancient shards for your arclight in the Catacombs of Kourend.

Gate giant key osrs obor

OSRS Giant key FAQ

Can you reuse Giant Key Osrs?

No, once you have opened the gates to the titan Lair, your giant key will disappear. However, keep in mind that if you leave the lair without defeating Obor or when dying in the fight, your key will still be consumed.

Can I have more than one Giant Key osrs?

Yes, there is no limit to how many Giant Keys you can have in OSRS. You can have multiple in your bank and your inventory. That means that once you get a drop, you can just keep on grinding monsters for more. 

Are Giant Keys tradable?

No, these keys are an untradeable item in OSRS. You can not buy them from another player, and you can not get them from the Grand Exchange. The only way to get them is to get them as a drop from hill Giants. 

Final thoughts

The giant key is one of the most extraordinary items you can get early on your account. They give access to the titan’s lair, where one of the F2P bosses resides: Obor. The best place to get them is level 28 monsters that you can start killing with magic or range from a safe spot. These Hill Giants have a low defense, and you can find them in the wilderness for double the drop rate. 

Please make sure you pick up all of the keys you get when you are grinding out your level since it is one of the best low-level items in the game! 

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