Greater demons slayer task osrs [2022]

One of the easiest monsters you can get assigned as a Duradel slayer task in osrs are the Greater Demons. These monsters are found all over Old School Runescape and have been around since 2001. 

Five masters can hand out a greater demon slayer task. So, if you are going for 99, the odds are pretty high that You will often encounter them. This guide teaches you exactly how to deal with them most effectively. 

Greater demon weakness and stats

When you want to fight creatures in OSRS effectively, it is helpful to know what to expect and their weaknesses. So let’s start with the stats of this monster:

HitpointsMax hitAttack styleWeaknessCombat level
Greater demon weakness and stats

As you might have noticed, these are just a superior version, down to the weakness to magic, of the lesser demon. The greater demon hits pretty effectively and high for its combat, so it is advised that you use a safespot. Their strength is comparable to that of Fire Giants. If you are fighting them in a multi combat zone for your slayer task, you might take quite a bit of damage. 

greater demons osrs

Using magic is the most effective way to kill greater demons due to their -10 defense against the combat style. Because their attribute is demon, the arclight is effective on these monsters. However, since they are so weak, you are better off using your valuable charges on other creatures like the black demons

Greater demon locations

There are 10 locations in osrs where you can find the greater demons. We won’t discuss all of these, but only the spots where you can get to them the fastest or where it is most convenient to kill them.

  • Chasm of Fire: If you have a greater demon slayer task, you can use the chasm of fire to kill the greater demons with a cannon. The fastest way to get there is by fairy ring. This is my favorite location to grind this monster. 
  • Catacombs of Kourend: Close to the Chasm of Fire, you can find the Catacombs of Kourend. The significant advantage of fighting the greater demons here is that you can get totems and ancient shards here to fight the catacombs boss, Skotizo. The catacombs are multi combat, so you can AFK here quite a while. 
  • Brimhaven Dungeon: the classic location before osrs got a ton of updates, and new places like Zeah were the Brimhaven Dungeon. There are much greater demon spawns here, but getting here is quite a hassle, far from the bank. 
  • Karuulm Slayer Dungeon: One of the most recent additions to the underground world of Osrs is the Karuulm slayer dungeon. You can find these monsters here too, but you do need to wear a different pair of boots than helpful since the warmth of the floor can hurt you and slowly kill you. 
  • Demonic ruins: Not many people know this, but You can also find the greater demons in the free-to-play words near the demonic ruins. There isn’t an excellent teleport to that spot in f2p, so traveling there might take quite a while. You can use a cannon here, and it is multi combat. 
  • Wilderness Slayer Cave: the wilderness slayer cave is great for doing your osrs greater demon slayer task. It is multi combat, and you can use a cannon here. 
osrs greater demon slayer

Greater Demon slayer task Strategy and tips

Five slayer masters, including Nieve and Duradel, can assign you the greater demon slayer task in osrs. That means the odds are pretty high that you will get these quite often on your way to 99 slayers. 


Fighting greater demons is relatively straightforward. You can use both ranging and magic to kill them as they have low defense, and it is possible to safespot them. However, because magic is terrible for single combat DPS wise, it is strongly advised to use melee or range to fight them. 

Melee gear

If you have a greater demon slayer task, I recommend using melee and the proselyte gear. This prayer armor allows you to use the protection from melee prayer for over 4 minutes, depending on your prayer level. Moreover, you can also use a melee stat-boosting prayer to make the task go by faster. You can use Bandos or Torag to fight the greater demons, but this will be pretty annoying as they accurately hit. So you might have to go bank again.

Range gear

Using the ranging skill is a great option to kill greater demons in osrs. You can safespot the monsters or use god dhide and fight them straight on. The blowpipe with mithril or adamant darts is the best weapon to finish them quickly. Remember that this method is a lot more expensive than using melee. 

osrs greater demon cannon

Greater demon safespot locations

If you want to use magic or range to kill these monsters, you should go to one of the following safespots. 

The best two places to safe spot the greater demons are the Chasm of Fire and the catacombs of Kourend. Both are close to the bank and are thus easy to reach. If you want to use a cannon, too, then the Chasm of Fire is the top spot. 

F2P training tip

Fighting greater demons in the Demonic Ruins is one of the best ways to train your combat in F2P. However, you do need to have the protect from melee prayer to use this location to its full potential. The reason for that is that demonic ruins slowly restore your prayer. 

Bring some food, monks’ robes, an amulet of strength, and your bis f2p weapon and start fighting them. You can also use a prayer-like superhuman strength to increase your xp an hour.  

Moreover, you can also fight them with ranging using this method or safe spotting them and hawkeye. 

Notable drops

Don’t expect these monsters to drop rare or exciting items as the Lizardman shaman do. The greater demons’ most notable drops are the rune full helm and the hard clue scroll. Next to those two drops, you can expect the following loot here:

  • Chaos runes
  • Fire runes
  • Death runes
  • Adamant plate legs
  • Vile ashes
  • Coins
  • Ensouled demon head

You can also get ancient shards and totem pieces at a reasonable drop rate when you fight them in the Catacombs of Kourend. If you fight these in the wilderness slayer cave when you have a slayer task, you can expect to get a good amount more loot. 

slayer greater demon osrs


Do not skip this slayer task. You can cannon greater demons or AFK them by using your protection from melee prayer. These two factors make it a delightful assignment to do. 

The drops are not that interesting, but you might make a few extra coins if you solve the hard clue scrolls. You can expect to break even when you use prayer potions on this slayer task. 

If you enjoy doing slayer, the following guides might be interesting for you: 


Can you kill greater demons in osrs?

Yes! F2P players can fight greater demons in free-to-play and get the rune full helm as a drop. You can find them in level 45-48 wilderness near the demonic ruins. You can safespot the monsters there and use your prayer to kill them due to the passive prayer restoration effect of the demonic ruins. 

What is the best place to kill greater demons osrs? 

The best place to kill greater demons during your slayer task is in the chasm of fire. Since you can use your cannon there, it is straightforward to do this assignment in under 40 minutes. Alternatively, you can also go to the Catacombs of Kourend and use you’re protected from melee and afk them.

What is the greater demon weakness?

The greater demon is weak to magic. Therefore, the defense against this combat style is -10. Moreover, the magic level of this creature is 1. Therefore, this attack style is very accurate since the defense against magic rolls of the monster’s level in osrs. This accuracy is also almost unaffected when you are not using mage armor. 

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