Guardians of the Rift guide OSRS [2022] – ultimate tips and strategies

Finally! A great way to train runecrafting without just running around and doing the same monotonous thing a couple of thousand times. This guardians of the rift guide will tell you everything you need to know about the minigame and how to get the best runecrafting exp possible. 

The guardians of the rift minigame are very new, so the ultimate guide is getting updated frequently with further information, the current meta, and the top strategies! 

What are the guardians of the rift minigame? 

Guardians of the rift is a brand new OSRS minigame introduced into the game on the 23rd of March. This non-combat activity is safe for hardcore ironman and hardcore group ironman accounts to partake in. 

The activity is located in a new location named the Temple of the eye. The Temple of the eye is located underwater in the Eastern Sea in the very south of Mortania. The goal of Guardians of the Rift is to help The Great Guardian close a rift that leads to the abyss. You need to supply imbued essence, which you can make using your runecrafting skill. 

The minigame trains your runecrafting skill. This means the days of endlessly grinding back and forward to the altar to make runes are over! 

Guardians of the rift best guide

The requirements for the Guardians of the Rift minigame

The activity has quite low requirements, which can be obtained in under an hour. These are the requirements for Guardians of the rift:

  • 27 runecrafting
  • Temple of the Eye
  • Rune Mysteries
  • Enter The abyss miniquest

You need to have 27 runecrafting and have completed the Temple of the Eye quest. However, if you have level one runecrafing, you don’t need to go out of your way to train it! Instead, you can just do the three quests, and you will be level 27 runecrafting thanks to the exp rewards you get for doing them. 

These are the minimal requirements for the guardians of the rift. Of course, you will get a higher amount of exp an hour when you have certain gear like full graceful and have a higher runecrafting level. 

How do you get to the Guardians of the Rift in OSRS?

The portal that transports you to the minigame is located in the Wizard’s Tower to the south of Draynor Village. Getting to the Temple of the eyes for the activity can be done in a couple of ways. 

Grouping teleport – the easiest way to get to the minigame is by using the grouping teleport. This activity can be found in the list with all the others. The teleport is free and can be done once every thirty minutes. 

Necklace of passage – This necklace is a silver jewelry teleport. You need to enchant a jade necklace and have level 27 magic to make jewelry. The necklace of passage has a direct teleport to the wizard’s tower. 

Fairy ring teleport – Using the code D I S, you can use a fairy ring to go to the wizard’s tower. Then just go downstairs, and you can teleport straight to the Guardians of the Rift minigame. 

Amulet of glory – if you, for some reason, don’t have access to any of these teleports. You can go from Lumbridge to Draynor village and go south or teleport with an amulet of glory to Draynor village and then to the wizard’s tower. 

Optimal gear for the minigame and alternatives

In the table below, I have included all the gear you can use to get a good amount of experience in an hour. You can interchange the items you find on this table. Try and recreate the ‘best gear’ section as close as possible, as that will get you the highest amount of reward points and runecrafting experience in an hour. 

Relevant slotBest gearMedium gearMinimum gear
HeadHat of the eyeGraceful hoodAny hat
CapeRunecrafting capeGraceful capeSpottier cape
Robe topRobe top of the eyeVarrock armor Graceful top
Robe bottomRobe bottoms of the eyeGraceful legsAny legs
WeaponCrystal PickaxeDragon pickaxeRune pickaxe
ShieldAbyssal lantern – filled with redwoodsAbyssal lantern – yew or oak logsAbyssal lantern – magic or blisterwood logs
GlovesGraceful glovesAny glovesAny gloves
BootsBoots of the eyeGraceful bootsBoots of lightness
RingCelestial ring or signetRing of enduranceAny ring
Best gear for the Guardians of the Rift minigame
Guardians of the rift best beginner outfit
Guardians of the rift beginner outfit

The hat of the eye, robe top of the eye, robe bottoms of the eye, and boots of the eye are bought with rewards points (abyssal pearls) from the minigame. So your first couple of games will be without this equipment. 

I strongly advise you to get the set as soon as you can. Each item has the effect that you get 10% more runes when runecrafting in the minigame. If you wear the entire set in Guardian of the rift, you get a 60% bonus! So complete the collection ASAP for max efficiency. 


Make sure you bring as many of these items as possible. These optimal items will make the minigame easier, and you will get more runecrafting exp an hour. 

  • Chisel: this item is used to assemble rune guardians during the minigame.
  • Essence pouches: bring the best possible essence pouches you have. Once you get an abyssal needle (a reward from the minigame), make sure you make the colossal pouch if you have the requirements for it. 
  • Rune pouch: your rune pouch must be filled with air runes, cosmic runes, and access runes. These are used to contact the NPC to repair your pouches when they break down. 

Don’t bring any other items. Getting more stuff will increase your weight and drain your stamina too quickly. 

Guardian of the rift inventory

Gear and inventory tips

The crystal pickaxe is bis here; however, it also quite expensive to use due to the charges draining so quickly. 

Graceful is not necessary here if you are in a big team like the recommended worlds. However, do bring your graceful if you have a low agility level or you are doing the activity in a small team. 

The logs in your abyssal lantern will help you increase your runes crafted. For example, the yew and oak logs will increase the number of points per game. Likewise, the magic and blisterwood logs will increase the number of runes you craft. 

While the Varrock armor is not a must-have, it will increase the number of guardian fragments or guardian essence you mine by about 10%.  

Easy strategy guide to effectively do Guardians of the Rift

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to effectively do Guardians of the Rift in OSRS. Of course, you can adjust this a bit so it fits your playing style. Your first few games might be a little rough, but once you get the hang of it, the Guardians of the rift minigame are one of the best runecrafting training methods

Step 1: Before a new round of the game starts, stand at a weak cell and around 5 to 10 uncharged cells. 

Step 2: Prioritize creating barriers as soon as they are needed. For example, if other players are at the cell tiles, you can create a guardian.

Step 3: Go to the east slope, where you can find the large remains. Start to mine these until you have around 160 fragments. Don’t get more than 180. You might get away mining fewer if you are in a large team. 

Step 4: Start crafting the essence. Once the second altar rotation has started, you should use an altar. 

Step 5: When this is done, use the portal and mine until you hit your maximum amount.

Step 6: Go and redeem your stones and the charged cell. Go and recharge a barrier or a guardian if there are too few.

Step 7:

  • Use the altar.
  • Redeem your stones and cells.
  • Deposit the runes you have just crafted. 

Step 8: Go and craft 40 essence. When this is done, you should use another altar. 

Keep doing steps 5 through 8 until the round is done during the round. When a round is done, make sure that you remember to repair your pouch. If you don’t, the rune pouches can break mid-game, which is annoying and will cost you exp.

This strategy changes a bit when you have access to the colossal pouch at 85 runecrafting and have bought the abyssal needle. 

  1. Instead of 5 cells, take ten uncharged cells and one weak cell. 
  2. Mine 160 fragments at the most, instead of up to 180. 
  3. When the portal pops, go to the portal and mine until the Great Guardian is at 91%.
  4. Heal the barrier and power up at the end of the round. 
Guardians of the rift strategy and tips

Tips to get more runecrafting exp and pearls

Prioritize repairing barriers – Once a barrier goes down, the great Guardian’s power plummets. This rapid decrease is even more profound when you are at the later stages. So these have to be repaired as soon as you can. 

More essence is more points and exp – When you are crafting runes, you will get exp and points based on the number of runes you craft. So do not wait for your favorite altar to become active. Waiting around for an altar will hamper your exp and points. 

Don’t use weaker cells for guardians – It is not a good idea to use a weaker cell for the guardians. These will have a lower damage output, and thus you will have to deal with extra creatures. These extra creatures, in turn, will cause you to have to pay more attention to repairing the barriers.

Craft combination runes with Raiments – I am not sure if this was an oversight by Jagex, but when you are wearing the raiment outfit you get here, you get an elemental stone for all the bonus runes you get. 

As the meta of the guardians of the rift is being defined, our team will add more tips. If you have found some interesting feedback or tricks, feel free to reach out, and we would be more than glad to consider adding them here. 

Best Guardians of the Rift rewards to get 

You can find the optimal order of getting rewards from guardians of the rift here. This order will prioritize maximizing exp and points here first, as I assume you will not use a lot of other methods to train runecrafting. Some rewards here are completely random and are part of the drop table of the guardian. 

All rewards are obtained from the rewards guardian. In addition, you will get elemental and catalytic attunement levels at the end of the game. For each level in both, you can search the guardian once. 

raiments of the eye outfit

There are four raiments of the eye you can get to complete the outfit. Each of them will allow you to craft 10% more runes at the altar. So if you complete the outfit by getting all four pieces, the amount of additional runes crafted goes to 60%. You can only get these pieces by doing the guardians of the rift minigame.

Since some of the components of the raiment of the eye outfit cost a different amount of pearls, there is an optimal order to get them.

This is the optimal order to get raiment of the eye outfit components:

  1. First, get the boots of the eye, these only cost 250 pearls. 
  2. Robe bottom of the eyes is the second piece; this costs 350 pearls
  3. Robe top of the eyes as the third piece; this component also is 350 pearls.
  4. Finally, get the hat for 400 points; this is the most expensive part. 

Ring of the elements

Only when you have all four components of the remnants of the eyes outfit should you start spending your points on something else. The next thing I would get is the ring of elements. You need 400 pearls to get this ring. The ring of elements will teleport you near an elemental altar. You will need a fire, water, air, earth rune and a law rune for the teleport charge. 

Guardians eye

If you have the previous rewards and a rift guardian pit, you can spend 3000 abyssal pearls here to get a cosmetic. The guardian’s eye will transform your rift guardian into a Grealish guardian. The only way you can get the Greaelish version is by completing a ton of Guardians of the rift rounds.


You can start exchanging your excess pearls you get from the guardian of the rift activity for talismans to sell them on the great exchange when you have these rewards. The Temple of the Eye is the only place where you can get a blood talisman. 

Type of talismanAmount of abyssal pearls needed
Air talisman10 pearls
Water talisman10 pearls
Earth talisman10 pearls
Fire talisman10 pearls
Mind talisman10 pearls
Body talisman10 pearls
Chaos talisman30 pearls
Cosmic Talisman30 pears
Nature talisman50 pearls
Law talisman50 pearls
Death talisman80 pearls
Blood talisman100 pearls
Talisman rewards from the guardian

Abyssal needle

The abyssal needle is a random reward you can get at the reward guardian. The needle is used to make the colossal pouch which you can use when you have 85 rune crafting. The Colossal pouch holds 40 essence! So this is a great item to have to increase your runecrafting exp an hour. 

You have a 1 in 300 chance per search of the guardian to get an abyssal needle as a reward. You can not use this needle to train your crafting. You need to use a regular needle to procure and craft other items.

Abyssal Lantern

The abyssal lantern is another random reward you can get here. Depending on the logs you use in the abyssal lantern, you can get a special effect that helps you during the game.

  • Normal logs: 10% extra chance to find portals
  • Oak logs: 5% chance to double your contribution points
  • Willow logs: you craft 5% more runes
  • Maple logs: 20% extra chance to find portals
  • Yew logs: 10% chance to double your contribution points
  • Blisterwood logs: you craft 15% more blood runes
  • Magic logs: you craft 10% more runes
  • Redwood logs: 5% chance double contribution points + 5% extra runes when crafting, and runecrafting pouches won’t degrade. 

Final thoughts about GotR 

Guardians of the rift have become our favorite way to train runecrafting. Not because the minigame is amazing, but because all the other methods to train the skill are solid F-tier material. 

The rewards for the Guardian of the rift activity are pretty decent if you want to make money or want to have an easier time doing some elite and hard diary requirements. The Guardians of the Rift minigame is just as useful for training runecrafting, as Tempoross is for training your fishing training. We give it an B-tier rating.

If you concentrate, follow an optimal tactic in a decent team and have a high level. You could get up to 70k runecrafting exp an hour, about what you get cutting teaks when woodcutting, here and make a decent amount of money from the rewards. 

Guardians of the Rift minigame FAQ

How much exp an hour can you get doing the guardians of the rift? 

When you are 85 runecrafting and have the abyssal needle to make the colossal pouch, you can get up to 70k runecrafting exp an hour doing the guardians of the rift minigame. It is still a good way to train this skill at lower levels. You will get around 30k exp on average at level 50, which is the same as doing cosmetics but much slower than making lava runes or other combination runes.

What is the best reward from guardians of the rift?

The best rewards from guardians of the rift are the remnants of the eye outfit pieces. These have the effect that you get 10% more runes when you make them on an altar. When you get the entire outfit, this bonus increases to 60%, which is quite a massive amount and makes runecrafting a much better moneymaker and a good way for ironman to make runes for training.

Is the guardians of the rift minigame worth it?

Yes, while guardians of the rift is slightly slower than doing AFK ZMI, it is still a very good method to train the runecrafting skill. Since the minigame is more fun, you won’t have to grind the same route all the time anymore to get some more levels. Of course, if you want to get an optimal amount of exp an hour, lava runes are still the way to go. 

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