Hill Giants OSRS Guide [2022] – are they still worth it?

One of the most iconic monsters in OSRS is the Hill Giants. These monsters are often killed by F2P players for their big bones drop. Relatively recently, they have also gotten a boss variant named Obor. 

This guide will tell you all you need to know about killing these Hill Giants in OSRS, how to kill them and what to expect as a reward when you do. 

What are Hill Giants

Hill Giants are one of the giant monsters in OSRS. They are the weakest giant and significantly less powerful than the moss giants and fire giants. The Hill Giant is found in many locations in Runescape. However, the most notable one is in the far southern end of the Edgeville Dungeon. 

Hill Giants are pretty weak monsters. They have a max hit four and their defense is pretty low. 

Combat Level28
Hitpoints 35
Max Hit4
Attack StyleCrush
Weakness0 defense in all stats

Where can I find Hill Giants?

There are quite some locations in OSRS where you can find the Hill Giants. I am going to discuss the prime locations for killing them. Unfortunately, that means I will skip over a few of the spots because they aren’t fascinating.

  • Edgeville Dungeon – This is the location where just about every player in OSRS has killed Hill Giants for the first time. It is not too far from a bank, and there are plenty to kill. This is by far the best spot to kill them in F2P if you want to make money from big bones. You can also find hobgoblins in this Dungeon.
  • Boneyard Hunter Area – This is another excellent place for F2P players. It is far from a bank, but the best spot to kill them for the giant key. That is because in the Wilderness Hill Giants drop them twice as often.
  • Catacombs of Kourend – The best place to kill Hill Giants if you are a member is in the Catacombs of Kourend. If you teleport to a bank and the Catacombs, you can bank your big bones quite easily. It is also possible to get exciting drops like totem pieces and ancient shards here. 
  • Deep Wilderness Dungeon – The best place to kill Hill Giants if you have a wilderness slaying task is in the Deep Wilderness Dungeon. They can be cannoned here, so it goes very fast. Of course, you need to look out for Pkers that might try to kill you. 
  • North of the Observatory – A safe place to kill them fast and easy in P2P when you want to get Giant Keys is North of the Observatory. There are a few Hill Giants there that you can easily cannon. 
How to go to the hill giants OSRS

Useful Hill Giants drops to pick up

Hill Giants have some pretty valuable drops. There are, of course, the big bones that have a 100% chance of being dropped, but besides that, there are plenty of other things you might see around here.

Here I will advise you on what drops you should pick up and what is best left on the floor. I will discuss this from both an ironman and a regular player perspective. 

Must pick up Hill Giants Drops

Big Bones: Well, that is likely why many of you are here. Big Bones are great to train your prayer exp if you are low and need a quick level or two. You can also get some money for selling them. They average around 180 GP a piece. A lot less than dragon bones a black dragon drops.

Ensouled Giant heads: These heads are decent prayer experiences and money for beginning players. However, you can consider them a better kind of big bones. So make sure you pick them up! 

Giant Keys: Another great drop is the Giant Key. Pick these up even when your level is too low to fight Obor at the moment. It is one of the most fun low-level bosses you can fight, and the drops aren’t bad. 

Grimy ranarr weed: One of their best drops is grimy ranarr weeds. They do not drop these often, so make sure you pick them up. They are worth about 9k, more than four times as much as the other herbs. 

Snape grass seed: Another valuable drop is are the snape grass seeds that the Hill Giants drop. They drop two at a time. This drop is about 7k worth, and it stacks. However, you only have a 1 in 900 chance to get these from a hill giant. 

Other Herbs: A few other herbs are helpful to pick up. You should pick up a few herbs: kwuarms, avantoe, cadantine, lantadyme, irits, and dwarf weed. Those are all pretty high-level herbs worth more than big bones. 

Law runes: The Hill Giants often drop law runes, and you should certainly pick them up. They drop two at a time and stack, so there is no reason not to. 

Cosmic runes: Like law runes, they drop two at a time. They add up over time, so make sure you pick them up. 

Nature runes: Hill Giants also drop Nature runes quite often. They drop six at a time, and it is very much recommended that you pick them up as they stack pretty fast. A single drop is about 1200 GP. 

Limpwurt root: Hill Giants are a great source of limpwurt roots. They might even be better than Hobgoblins since they are much faster to kill. However, their exp an hour is not as high. So long story short, pick up the limpwurt roots you get from them! 

Death Runes: Hill Giants also drop Death runes. They do not do this often, but since it is a stackable drop worth more than big bones, I strongly suggest you pick them up. 

Body Talisman: You often get a body talisman here. These are worth 2k, so almost half an inventory full of big bones. You should pick these up. 

Optional drops to pick up

Optional drops for me are drops you should pick up, but only if you have the inventory space for them or if you are an ironman that needs some extra supplies. 

Fire runes: A drop you will often see at Hill giants are fire runes. They drop them pretty often and about 15 at a time. However, I would only pick them up if you need them for some reason or are staying very long because you are burying the big bones. 

Chaos runes: Chaos runes are a bit rarer. Hill Giants only drop them 1 in 128 kills. So they are not worth too much, but they are stackable, so it is helpful to pick them up if you stay for a long time and bury the big bones. 

Steel arrow: About 1 in 64 hill giants drops ten steel arrows. So this adds up pretty fast. You can put them in your arrow slot so they do not take up as much space. I would not pick up the iron arrows; that is a waste of inventory. 

Hill giants OSRS safe spotting in Edgeville Dungeon guide

How to effectively fight Hill Giants

Killing Hill Giants is a pretty decent way to make a bit of money when you are a F2P player or a very low level. Many players train on them to get some levels in magic, range, or melee and make a bit of money while doing it. 

Recommended stats

You don’t need very high stats to fight them. However, it is recommended that you 30 att and 30 str if you want to kill them effectively with melee. Preferably, you have 40 attacks to use a rune scimitar. 

If you want to use ranging, 30 range for a maple short bow and steel arrows (or better) is enough to kill them quite fast. You can easily safe spot them behind the stalagmites. 

Magic is a bit different; you only require level 13 magic, which is enough to hit 8s with a fire strike. That is more than enough to kill them pretty fast easily. 

Recommended gear and items

If you are using melee, I highly recommend using a scimitar. You will need at least an adamant scimitar to make sure you hit often and you hit high. If you are using range, you should use a maple short bow with at least steel arrows, but mithril arrows will be a lot more effective. When using magic, use an elemental staff. 

Armor-wise, you should wear whatever gives you the highest crush defense. You can safely spot the monsters if you are doing ranging or magic, so prioritize accuracy bonuses. 

The food you should bring with you is trout, salmon or tuna. You can use the river close to Barbarian Village to fish for trout and salmon. These can then be cooked and used there. However, if you are a regular player, just buying your food is much more efficient. 

EXP and Profit

With the set-up I have described above, you will be able to get around 15k of experience an hour in your combat stats. The profit an hour fighting hill Giants is 50k an hour. You will be able to kill around 110 an hour, depending on your stats and how well you concentrate. That means you will get around 1 Giant Key an hour.  

Hill Giants FAQ

What is the best way to get a Giants Key?

The best way to get a Giant Key drop is by killing Hill Giants in the wilderness. You can use a cannon to kill them to make it go faster, but you need to look out for PKers. For Free to Play players, the best place to do so is in the Edgeville Dungeon. 

What is a Hill Giants weakness? 

The hill Giants are weak to all the combat styles since their defense level is 1 for every style. That means you can easily kill them with ranging, magic, or melee. The difference in speed at which you kill them will be minimal. 

Should I bury the big bones I get at the Hill Giants?

If you are at a low prayer level, I will buy a couple of them until you get around 13 prayer. After that level, burying the bones is too ineffective. You can choose to either bank them to sell them or bank them to use on a gilded altar after that point. 

Final thoughts

Hill Giants are pretty great for lower levels. They make you quite a bit of money, you can kill them easily, and they don’t hit very high. Also, thanks to their low defenses, you can use any combat style to fight them, which makes them perfect to kill if you are a low level that wants to train and make a bit of money while doing it. If you want to read more about a monster of similar strength but better drops, check out the Cockatrice guide on OSRS Boss.

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