Hobgoblins OSRS Slayer Guide [2022] – Bigger, meaner but not greener

Hobgoblins are one of the oldest monsters in OSRS. This stronger version of Hobgoblins has been around since 2001. They are medium-level monsters that hit accurately and are not to be underestimated by new players. There are three types of Hobgoblins you can fight for slayer. These are level 28, level 42, and level 47. 

This guide mainly targets medium-level players who have these as a slayer task or F2P players who want to kill these for fun, exp, or profit. 

What are Hobgoblins

Hobgoblins are based on English mythology. Hobgoblins are monsters that are found all over the world of Runescape. In this guide, we will mainly discuss the level 28 variant. While their max hit is only 3, they hit accurately and can land you in quite some trouble if you aren’t paying attention. 

The hobgoblins can be assigned as a slayer task by the slayer masters Mazchna and Vannaka. They are an average slayer task and not worth losing the points skipping them. Keep those points for slayer tasks like bronze dragons. You can – in most cases – cannon them to finish your task very quickly. 

Below you can find a summary of all three variants. The rest of the Hobgoblin guide will discuss level 28. These are the easiest to kill and best to fight for a slayer task or F2P players. 

Level 28 Hobgoblin

Combat Level28 
Hitpoints 29
Max Hit3
Attack StyleCrush
Weakness0 in all defensive stats

Level 42 Hobgoblin

Combat Level42
Hitpoints 49
Max Hit5
Attack StyleStab
WeaknessMagic, range and crush

Level 47 Hobgoblin

Combat Level47
Hitpoints 52
Max Hit5
Attack StyleCrush
Weakness0 in all stats

Where can I find Hobgoblins?

Hobgoblins are some of the most widespread monsters in OSRS. There are over 10 locations where you can find them. The most prevalent is the level 28 Hobgoblin. We will not be discussing every spot in Runescape where you can find them, but the best ones and how to get there quickly. 

  • West of the Crafting Guild – The Hobgoblin Peninsula just west of the crafting guild is the best place to kill these monsters in OSRS. The best way to get there is with the skill necklace or crafting cape. 
  • Edgeville Dungeon – Another great place to fight Hobgoblins is the Edgeville Dungeon. This is a particularly good place to fight when you do not have the necessary teleports for the crafting guild. You can get here quickly with an amulet of glory or a Grand Exchange teleport and go through the house. You can find both level 28 and level 42 hobgoblins here. 
  • Godwars Dungeon – The god wars dungeon hobgoblins are pretty fun to fight if you want a bit of change of scenery. They are decent to get your kill count for Bandos. 
  • Bandit Camp mine – The bandit mine camp is where the most hobgoblins gather. There are 26 of them. This is the best place to fight them if you have a wilderness slayer task. You can use your cannon here, but look out for PKers since this is in the Wilderness. 
  • Tree Gnome Village Dungeon – If you want a unique place to fight Hobgoblins, you can fight 7 of them in the Tree Gnome Village Dungeon. You can get here quite easily with a spirit tree. This place is not all that special or great, but I never see people fighting them here. The hobgoblins here are level 28. 

There are a lot of other places where you can fight Hobgoblins, but these five spots are the best or most fun of them all. 

Hobgoblins map island where to fight

Useful Hobgoblins drops to pick up

Hobgoblins have quite a large drop table. Just like at stronger monsters like the adamant dragon, making sure you do good inventory management is important. You will need to make sure you know what to pick up and what to leave on the ground. Otherwise, you might see yourself banking too often and lose both exp and gp an hour. 

The average Hobgoblin kill is worth about 1k. Since you can quite easily kill over a hundred of them when your combat stats are above the 50s, they are a much better moneymaker than most people think. 

This chapter is mainly aimed at newer players that want to kill these. Higher-level accounts probably won’t find the majority of these drops useful. 

Must pick up Hobgoblins Drops

Chaos runes – Hobgoblins drop chaos runes 1/64 kills on average. Since they stack, it is good to pick them up even if they are only worth 192 coins. 

Nature runes – Hobgoblins also drop nature runes 1/64 on average. This stack, so makes sure you pick them up. This is one of their best drops, worth 800 GP per drop. Another great source for these runes are the moss giants.

Cosmic rune – They also drop two cosmic runes every 1 in 128 kills. This drop is worth 230 GP. So again, I advise you to pick these up. If you are an ironman, these runes are always a bit rare, so they are pretty useful to have in bulk. 

Law rune – The most often dropped rune here is the law runes. These runes are worth about 150 GP each and stack in your inventory. This further increases your GP an hour and gives you some nice runes to teleport all over OSRS if you are an ironman.  

Grimy harralander – This is a pretty decent drop that many people just leave on the ground. They are worth 700 GP each and are excellent to train your herblore with some low-level potion-making. 

Grimy rannarr weed – This is the most valuable drop you can get here. Grimy rannarr weed is worth 10k a herb, so make sure you pick them up. Next to that, you can make prayer potions with it. This is one of the most useful potions and is always in short supply for ironman accounts.

Other high-level herbs – There are a ton of good herbs that Hobgoblins rarely drop but are worth picking up. These are the irit, advance, kwuarm, cadantine, lantadyme, and dwarf weeds. All of these can make pretty decent high-level potions and are great to train your levels when you have reached a higher herblore. 

Snape grass seed – About one in 900 hobgoblins drops snape grass seed. They drop two at a time, worth about 3k each. These should always be picked up, as they are worth a lot. 

Limpwurt root: The most iconic drop you get at the Hobgoblins has got to be the limpwurt root. They drop about 1 in 6 kills, so your inventory will quickly fill up with them. If you go here for money, I suggest picking them up, as this is where the majority of your GP an hour will come from. 

Optional drops to pick up

These are the drops that might be useful to pick up but not worth it if your inventory is about to be full or if you want to prolong your trip as much as you can. 

Iron spear: Not many people know this, but iron spears are worth 500 GP each, about five times as much as steel spears. You might want to pick these up if you have some inventory spaces left. 

Hobgoblins also drop the basic fire, body, and water runes. They are stackable and are all dropped 1/64 kills on average. However, I don’t think they are a must-pick-up drop. However, you might want to get them if you are on your way out and have some inventory space left. 

Low-level herbs: The Hobgoblins also drop Guam, marrentill and tarromin herbs; While they are not worth a lot, it might be worth picking up if you are lower level, which will enable you to train your herblore. 

Hobgoblin OSRS guide

How to effectively fight Hobgoblins

Hobgoblins come in levels 28, 42, and 47. Since the drops are the same for all three, it is highly recommended you kill the low-level ones. 

I strongly suggest you fight them in the Hobgoblin peninsula. If you are a member, you can bank in the crafting guild, and as a F2P, you can easily bank in Falador. 

Recommended stats

When fighting them with melee, I suggest you have at least level 40 attack, strength, and defense. This allows you to use rune equipment. Also, if you are using ranging, you should have at least level 40 and use mithril arrows or better. 

These stats will allow you to easily kill over 100 Hobgoblins an hour. Even more so if you only kill the low-level 28s and concentrate while fighting. 

Recommended gear and items

You should have at least rune equipment or a maple short bow and green d’hide to fight them effectively. This will give you enough power to them quite easily without taking too much damage. Your inventory should consist of at least tune or lobsters as food. Better healing food is, of course, much better since you won’t have to bank as fast. 

Make sure you also bring combat potions or ranging potions to speed up our kills an hour. 

EXP and Profit

The expected profit at Hobgoblins is quite okay for being only level 28 monsters. You can expect to get up to 20k exp an hour and about 70k GP an hour if you fight these with mediocre combat stats. There are better options to fight, but they are much better at killing for money than similar combat monsters like Cockatrice. 

Hobgoblins FAQ

What are the Hobgoblins in OSRS weakness?

Level 28 and level 47 goblins are weak to every combat style. The level 42 hobgoblins, however are only weak to crush, magic, and ranging. Therefore, it is advised to kill them with your best combat stat to make sure you kill them as fast as possible. 

What is the best place to kill Hobgoblins in OSRS?

The best place to kill Hobgoblins is next to the Crafting Guild on the Peninsula. There are many goblins here to kill, and they are all low-level 28s. Right next to this spot, you have A bank chest. As a F2P player, you can go to Falador to the bank. It is advised you bring runes in that case. 

Should I kill OSRS Hobgoblins in the Wilderness?

You should only fight them in the Wilderness if you have a wilderness slayer task. This is because they are aggressive, and plenty of them are at the mine. However, since you are in the Wilderness, you can be killed by other players and lose your stuff. So make sure you pay attention and do not bring anything you do not need. 

Final thoughts

Hobgoblins are an Iconic OSRS monster that has been around for ages. Their drop table is quite good for their level, and you have plenty of locations to fight and kill them. As a final reminder, you should always fight the level 28s. They are much weaker than the level 42 and 47s but have the same drops. 

If you want to make money at this combat level, the Chaos Druids are a much better option to kill. These can net you over 200k gp an hour at lower combat levels. 

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