OSRS Holy Wrench guide – how to use this item best [2022]

The holy wrench is one of the best items to get on your account early. For ironman, I would say it is a crucial item to have if you want to preserve prayer potions. So what does a holy wrench do, and how do you use it best?

A holy wrench is a special item that boosts your prayer restoration with an additional 2%, based on your prayer level, whenever you drink a prayer potion or a super restore potion. This bonus effectively means that every sip of your potions gets about 8% extra effective. 

The item is a bit more complex to use than most people think. When inventory space is sparse, it is more of a hindrance than an asset. You also need to consider that you have alternatives, like the prayer cape and ring of the gods (i).

In this guide, you will learn everything about the holy wrench and how to use it optimally. 

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How can I get a Holy Wrench on OSRS?

To get yourself a holy wrench, you need to have completed the Rum Deal quest, which can be started by talking to Pirate Pete, who is found at the dock north of Port Phasmatys. 

The requirements for the Rum deal quest are as follows:

  • Completion of Zorgo Flesh Eaters, which also requires the Big Chompy Bird Hunting and Jungle Potion. 
  • Completion of Priest in Peril

There are also a ton of skill requirements you need to have.

  • 42 crafting
  • 50 fishing
  • 40 farming
  • 47 prayer
  • 42 slayer

You also need to be able to kill a level 150 monsters. However, you can safespot this monster, so you will have no problem killing it even at a low level. 

Holy Wrench OSRS

When should I use a holy wrench in OSRS?

In 2007scape, there are a ton of interesting scenarios where having a holy wrench in your inventory is a nice bonus to prolong your trip. Here are the best uses for using this item while training or doing bosses in Old School Runescape. 

Training slayer

Proselyte armor and protection from melee combined with piety is one of the best ways to quickly finish your melee slayer tasks. While it does cost more than fighting with food, it is strongly recommended you train this way. Using piety and a prayer-boosting armor in combination with a wrench is a very effective way to train your slayer fast and effectively.

The time savings more than make good for the extra cost as you will be able to do profitable slayer monsters and slayer bosses a lot faster. 

Ironman with leftover inventory

As an ironman, rannarr weeds are very sought-after herbs. If you do not want to grind out monsters like Chaos Druids all day in and out, you have to be sparse with your prayer potions. Bring your holy wrench, too, if you have the inventory space when you are taking prayer potions out of your bank. 

The Holy Wrench will save up to 10% of your potions, which is a massive amount of potions over the lifetime of an ironman account. 

Easy bosses and safe spotting monsters

You can bring your holy wrench to extend your trip a bit when you fight a boss that does not require a lot of food like the KBD or the giant mole. This will cost one extra inventory space but will often save you one or even two prayer pots over the whole trip. 

When you can safespot a monster with range or magic, it is often a good idea to have a holy wrench with you and use prayer. These prayers are almost always worth it, and using a holy wrench can help you suppress the cost of the prayer potions.  

The fight caves

The fight caves are places where a holy wrench can shine. An experienced player will bring mostly prayer potions or super restores. Thanks the quest item, you increase the potency of those pots and decrease the number of times you need to take a sip. This helps you concentrate fully on defeating the Jad and getting your fire cape. 

Nightmare zone

You often use prayer potions in the Nightmare zone to make your exp an hour higher and more consistent. Since you can use user super range potions and overloads in the NMZ and stack this with piety or rigour, using prayer can give a massive boost to your exp an hour. In addition, you will hit higher and more accurately when you use prayer. 

Keep in mind that prayer potions cost money, but killing monsters faster and leveling up more quickly greatly improves your ability to make Gps in the long term. Therefore, it is strongly advised to use your prayers as much as possible, even if it costs you 300k an hour or more. 

Thesis of this guide

The holy wrench is a great item to have for an account. For ironman and hardcore ironman accounts, this is by far one of the best things to have on your account early on. It can prolong your trip and save you valuable resources. 

However, it is not a wonder item. The bonus is small and only useful if you are taking a great number of prayer potions with you. If you do not have a lot of free inventory space and are only using eight or fewer potions, you might want to leave the holy wrench in the bank. 

OSRS holy wrench rum deal quest reward

OSRS Holy Wrench FAQ

Does holy wrench work with super restores?

Yes, the holy wrench in OSRS works with both super restores and prayer potions. The effect stacks in the same way with super restores as it does with regular prayer potions. The holy wrench also works with sanfew serum and the prayer mix. 

How can I get the holy wrench back?

If you lose the holy wrench, you can get it back by talking to the NPC named Davey. You can find Davey on the island named Braindeath Island. While you can have multiple holy wrenches, their effects won’t stack with one another. 

Is the holy wrench worth it in OSRS?

Yes, it is a very interesting item to have. Even more so, if you are an ironman, wherever you use a lot of prayer potions, the holy wrench can save you 8% of them due to its effect. This 8% helps you save a lot of rannarr weeds. 
Rannarr weed is a herb that is always in short supply for ironman. Thanks to its prayer restoring effect, the holy wrench will make sure you have a buffer of these herbs. The good thing is that the holy wrench also scales with your prayer level.

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