Ice Giants OSRS Guide [2022] – Slay these monsters like Odin

Ice Giants have been around since 2001 in OSRS. They are one of the many types of giants you can find all over RuneScape. These, in particular, appear in some of the frozen parts of the game. 

These are the most substantial variant of giants you can fight as a F2P monster. They are pretty decent exp and money for higher levels and a ton of fun to fight. There is also quite a significant chance of an Ice Giant boss in OSRS shortly. This is why we decided to write an article on these amazing monsters. 

What are Ice Giants

Ice Giants are a type of monster that is closely related to the Hill Giant, Moss Giant, and Fire Giant. They are made out of solid ice and have a light blue color. There are two types of them, one wielding a longsword and another wielding a warhammer. 

They can be found in multiple locations and can be given as a slayer task by Vannaka or the Krystillia, the wilderness slayer master. Despite their relatively low combat, they are pretty powerful and should not be underestimated by low-level players. However, ice Giants are weak to stab, magic and range, so it is advised to use that kind of attack. 

Ice warriors always accompany this monster. These can be annoying if you are in a multi combat zone or want to focus on killing these monsters in a single combat zone. There are level 53 and level 67 Ice Giants. It is advised to kill the weaker ones if you are going for drops or more kills an hour. If you are going for more exp an hour, you should kill the level 67 ice Giants as their defense is the same, but they have more hitpoints. 

Level 53

Combat Level53
Hitpoints 70
Max Hit7
Attack StyleSlash
WeaknessStab, Magic and Range

Level 67

Combat Level67
Hitpoints 70
Max Hit10
Attack StyleSlash
WeaknessStab, Magic and Range
Ice Giants OSRS guide

Where can I find Ice Giants?

OSRS is one of the largest MMOs there are. So there are plenty of locations where you can find these monsters. So we will only discuss the top locations where you can find the Ice Giants. 

Asgarnian Ice Dungeon – The most common place to fight these in F2P is the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. There are three spawns here and a ton of ice warriors to worry about. However, you can easily safely spot whatever monster you want to kill behind the many rocks here. 

Frozen Waste Plateau – Ice Giants, can be found in the deep wilderness. We suspect this place will become a lot more prevalent when there is a boss variant of this monster in OSRS. The place is pretty easy to reach with the Wilderness Obelisk. However, like any place in the wilderness, look out for PKers! This location has the most spawns, 9 to be exact. 

Wilderness Slayer Cave – If you have a wilderness slayer task, the best place to kill Ice Giants is the Wilderness Slayer cave. Keep in mind that the monsters found here are a bit stronger than their ‘regular’ versions. This is the only place where you can find the more robust level 67 variant. There are six spawns in this spot.

Settlement Ruins – The best place to kill Ice Giants, in our opinion, is the Settlement ruins. You can reach this place by using your games necklace and teleporting to the Wintertodt Camp. Once you are teleported, just run south-west, and you will end up in the Settlement ruins. You can find five different spawns here.

Best location for ice giants osrs

Useful Ice Giants drops to pick up

This monster isn’t known for being a great moneymaker like the Ankou for free to play players. However, since the Ice Giants are a great monster to train on in F2P and you can safely spot them when using range or magic, you might be here quite a while. That is why we will discuss the drops you should pick up here when killing them. 

Tip: Don’t forget to bring your alch runes if you stay here for the long term and want to make extra money while doing so. 

Must pick up Drops

Big Bones – I would advise you to pick up the bones and bury them right away if you are a F2P player. It might not be worth it if you are a member, as there are much better and quicker ways to train your prayer. Also, I would not keep them in your inventory, as they are a 100% drop, are not worth a lot, and the locations are pretty far from a bank. 

Black kiteshield – This is an excellent drop to pick up and alch. You will gain 1k profit from doing this. Since about 1 in 32 Ice Giants drops this, it can add up to a bit if you are grinding them for exp. 

Adamant arrow – The adamant arrow drop is quite common. You can get five at a time here and put them in your arrow slot. These are worth 20 each and add up quite a bit. They are also valuable for just replenishing your ammo. 

Nature runes – One of the most valuable drops you can get here are the plentiful nature runes you can get here. You get these about once in 32 kills, and they drop six at a time. 

Death rune – Ice giants also drop death runes. About 1 in 128 kills, you will get a drop of 3 death runes. This is worth a bit of money and stacks. 

Blood rune – These monsters also have blood runes on their drop table. This is not a very common drop, and you get five blood runes at once. They drop blood runes one in 64 kills. 

Valuable seeds – Ice Giants have a lot of seeds on their drop table. However, it is pretty rare to get a valuable one here. You can get Snape grass seed, ranarr seed, snapdragon seed, and torstoll seed here. However, you only have a 1 in 265 chance to get a ranarr drop or a 1 in 10300 chance to get torstol seed as a drop. 

Curved and long Bone – The Curved bone and Long Bone are two notable drops to get. Make sure you don’t know, burry them. It would be best if you handed them in for construction exp, as that is the best way to use them. 

Giant champions scroll – You have a 1 in 5000 chance to get a giant champions scroll. I suggest you pick these up when you have to get a drop. Also, picking it up can be useful if you ever consider getting all the scrolls. 

Optional drops to pick up

Mithril sq shield – A pretty rare drop, but worth about 500 gp of alching profit. Since coins stack, you might want to consider picking them up and alching this drop right away. 

Cosmic rune – These runes are dropped four at once; pick them up if you have the inventory space. 

Beginner clue scroll – You would expect them to drop medium or hard clue scrolls, but no, they only drop beginner clues. These are pretty fun and easy to do so, so you should pick them up. However, if you don’t enjoy clues a lot, you are not missing out. 

Coins – A pretty common drop here are a stack of coins. About 1 in 2.5 Ice Giants is going to drop coins. Thee are worth picking up if you will be staying here for quite a while, as they really do add up quite quickly. 

How to effectively fight Ice Giants

This chapter is mainly focused on the level 53 variant. If you care about Wilderness slayer, you will probably have the stats to fight these effectively. 

Recommended stats

To fight these monsters effectively, I would suggest you have at least 60 attacks and strength. This will make you hit high and hard. Also, if you decide to range the Ice Giants, I would advise you to have at least 50 range and safe spot them. 

Using magic on these monsters is also a great idea. You can kill them quite effectively with a fire strike. However, do keep in mind that ice giants are not weak to fire magic. 

Recommended gear and items

Get the best melee armor and weapons you have and preferably use a stab weapon as they have less defense against this. If you are using range, then a bone crossbow or a magic shortbow is great to kill them fast. You should use at least mithril ammo here to make sure you hit often and you hit high. 

If you are using melee here, you should use something like monkfish or pineapple pizza. If you are using range and a safespot, you can use something like tuna since you won’t take a lot of damage. 

EXP and Profit

Depending on your combat stats, you will get about 40k ranging or melee experience killing Ice Giants. If you come here to make some extra coins on your OSRS account, that won’t be a good idea. At best, you will only get around 50k to 60k gp an hour here, which is not very much or well worth it. You are better off doing something like Brutal Black Dragons if you have high enough combat stats.

Ice Giants FAQ

How to get to ice giants on white wolf mountain

The easiest way to get here is by using the gnome glider. This will bring you straight to the top of the white wolf mountain. Another way to get here fast is by teleporting to Edgeville and going west. Just follow the path, and you will get there in 40 seconds or so. 

Osrs ice giants safe spot

At almost every location, there is an Ice Giant safe spot. Most often, this is just a rock where you can stand behind. However, do watch out for the ice warriors who might be able to maneuver behind the safe spot you have.

Best place to kill ice giants OSRS

The best place to kill ice giants is at the settlement ruins. You can get there very easily by going to the Wintertodt camp with your games necklace. For F2P players, the best place is the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. Both locations have rocks that you can use to safe spot them easily. 

Final thoughts

Ice Giants in 2007 scape are a pretty cool monster to fight in F2P and one of the best to grind for exp using range. However, their drops, just like cockatrice, are abysmal and make many coins here close to impossible, and there are no exciting drops here that are worth money. 

We at OSRS BOSS do think they will get a boss variant soon and will drop something like a frozen key. So keep your eyes out for updates! 

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