The Ice warrior slayer task osrs guide [2022] – Fastest slayer xp 

These cold-hearted elemental warriors are a slayer task that you occasionally get from Krystillia, Mazchna, and Vannekka. However, since they aren’t fought all that often, and many players don’t know the optimal strategy for an ice warrior slayer task, we decided to write a walkthrough on how to do it effectively. 

Free-to-play players who want to grind these monsters or kill one or two ice warriors while slaying ice giants will also find valuable info in this article. 

Ice warrior’s weakness and stats

In osrs, Ice Warriors are weak to magic and crush attacks. Therefore, these monsters only have a +20 defense against crush and +10 against magic. Moreover, their magic level is only 1, meaning you can hit them with very high accuracy.

Combat levelHitpointsMax hitAttack styleweaknessSlayer xp
57596SlashCrush and magic59
Ice warrior weakness and stats

Low-level players should not underestimate the ice warriors. Despite their size, they are stronger than moss giants, and they hit very accurately if you have a low defense level. Their max hit of 6 is relatively high, so make sure you bring decent food. 

ice warriors slayer

Ice warrior locations

You can find the Ice Warriors in 5 different locations in OSRS. These are scattered all over Old School Runescape, and each comes with its drawbacks and advantages. Two of the locations are in f2p, and the other three are exclusive to members. 

Asgarian ice dungeon

The most prominent place where you can find the ice warriors is the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. You will enter a large room with both ice giants and these monsters when you run past the muggers, pirates, and the hobgoblins,. This location is in f2p. 

White Wolf Mountain

Many osrs players ask how they can get to the ice warriors on White Wolf Mountain Osrs. The first option you have is to go from the Traverley up North and follow the mountain path. You will come across two ice warriors. This location is for members only. 

Ice Queen’s lair

However, there is another location where they spawn on the White Wolf Mountain. There is a trapdoor north of the mountain, which is blocked by a rockslide. You need to have 50 mining to remove this rubble. In the Ice Queen lair, you can find multiple ice warriors. This location is for members only.

Frozen Waste Plateau (north and south)

The final location is in the wilderness. The Frozen Waste Plateau is divided by a fence into two areas. The Northern Frozen Waste plateau has 13 spawns and is only accessible to member regions. The South Frozen Waste Plateau has 13 spawns of ice warriors (and some ice giants) and is open to free-to-play players.

location ice warriors osrs
Asgarnian dungeon location

Slayer Task strategy for Ice warriors

If you get an ice warrior slayer task, you should not skip it or put the monsters on your block list. They have a low defense against magic and crush, and you can safespot them in most locations. Furthermore, since you can kill them with a cannon in multi combat, the task will be over in just a few minutes.

What to look out for

Ice warriors are a lot more accurate than other monsters around their combat. While they do not need a particular item to kill like rockslugs, you should not underestimate them. If you fight them with range or magic, ensure you safespot them, as they will fit through your defense.

The monsters are often found in multi combat zones and accompanied by ice giants, so make sure you bring decent enough training food like tuna potatoes, lobsters, or swordfish. 

inventory osrs ice warriors

Can you Cannon ice warriors

Yes, you can cannon the ice warriors in the Asgarian Ice Dungeon. Unfortunately, there are some ice giants you will attract while using the cannon. However, if you protect from melee, you can easily tank all the hits.

If you are low-level combat, you should go to a safespot and range or mage the ice warriors while reloading your cannon occasionally. 

You can also kill the creatures with a cannon in the wilderness. Remember that the Frozen Plateau is in level 50 wilderness, and other players can attack you. Do not bring more than 500 cannonballs. 

Tip: When trying to escape Pkers, do not pick up your cannon. If you pick up your cannon and a pker kills you, he will get your cannon as a drop. However, if you leave it on the ground, you will be able to reclaim it for free. 

How to Safespot ice warriors Osrs

You can safespot ice warriors by standing south of the exclamation point, indicating the dungeon entrance. 

If you kill them in f2p, you can safespot them in the Asgarnian Ice dungeon. There are multiple rocks in the northwest of the cave that you can stand behind. 

safespot ice warriors osrs


There are a couple of decent drops you can get as loot at the Ice Warriors during your task. You can get all kinds of proper runes like nature and law runes here, and they drop the medium scroll pretty often.

These are the must pick up drops:

  • Nature runes
  • Chaos runes
  • Law runes
  • Death runes
  • Blood runes
  • Rannar weed
  • Avantoe
  • Medium clue scroll

Final advice

  • Pick up the medium clue scrolls. These clue scrolls have a 1 in 200 chance of getting you 3.5 m ranger boots. If you get one of these, it is worth pausing your task to do the clue to get another.
  • The best place to kill ice warriors is the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. This preference is because you can cannon them and safespot them. The only downside is the ice giants nearby. 
  • If you have prayer potions and protect from melee, it is helpful to bring one. Ice warriors have a surprisingly accurate slash attack that quickly hits through armor. 

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