Iron Dragons OSRS Guide [2022] – How to fight and slay these monsters like a pro

Iron dragons are some of the weakest metal dragons in OSRS. However, underestimating these monsters and their powerful Dragonfire would be a grave mistake. They are the perfect monster for mid-levels who want some AFK training or have a chance at a nice drop like a dragon visage. 

Old School RuneScape is all about slayer and grinding monsters AFK. This guide will tell you how to fight the iron dragons AFK and get some good exp in the process. I will discuss the drop table in-depth, where you can best fight them, and how optimally kill them. 

At the end of this extensive article, there is an FAQ section. Make sure you check it out to avoid making a costly mistake here!  

What are Iron Dragons

Iron Dragons are one of the many kinds of dragons found in OSRS. Unlike Brutal Black Dragons, their skin is not made out of dragonhide but out of metal, in this case, iron. These kinds of dragons have been around quite a long time. They were first introduced into the game in 2005 and have thus made their way into the 2007 OSRS game.

Iron dragons are a step up from bronze dragons, but are significantly weaker than mithril dragons and adamant dragons. If you do not have a Dragonfire shield or an antifire potion, they are dangerous to fight. As their Dragonfire attack can hit you 50s, you die pretty fast if you are not prepared. 

Since iron dragons have a pretty strong defense, it is advised that you fight them with a combat style they are weak to, like magical attacks. However, you don’t need to be too scared of this fight. If you have a Dragonfire shield and an antifire potion and keep your distance, you can ask them for minutes at a time. That makes them quite an enjoyable monster, even for lower levels. 

Just like Ice Giants there are two variants, a level 189 that is found all over 2007 OSRS and a combat level 215, which you can only find in the catacombs of Kourends. However, besides their combat level, the differences are minimal. 

Iron Dragons are often skipped as a slayer task since they take quite a while to kill. However, four slayer masters might give them as a task. These are Chaeldar, Konar Quo Maten, Nieve, and Duradel. 

The level 189 variant

Combat Level189
Hitpoints 165
Max Hit17 with melee with dragonfire
Attack StyleMelee and dragonfire
WeaknessMagic and stab

Level 215 variant (Catacombs of Kourend only)

Combat Level215
Hitpoints 195
Max Hit19 with melee 50 with dragonfire
Attack StyleMelee and dragonfire
WeaknessMagic and Stab

If you are going for quick kills, then the level 189 variant will be easier since it has significantly lower hit points. In case you want to AFK, the 215 will be better. The defense bonuses for both dragons are the same, so you won’t lose exp killing the stronger ones. 

Brimhaven iron dragon location

Where can I find Iron Dragons

Birmhaven Dungeon – The Brimhaven dungeon is where Iron Dragons first appeared in OSRS. It is a large dungeon that you can find on Karamja. The dungeon is quite easy to reach with a house portal. You need to pay 875 coins to enter the dungeon. There are 13 spawns here. Next to iron dragons, you can also find steel and bronze dragons here. 

Birmhaven Dungeon (slayer only) – If you have a slayer task and the iron dragons are crowded (which never happens), you can go to the task-only area. There you can find eight spawns that can only be fought when you have a slayer task. Fighting them here is a bit more afk since you can’t get attacked by other monsters. 

Catacombs of Kourend – The massive dungeon on the continent of Zeah has some of the most interesting monsters in OSRS. It is by far the best place to kill Iron Dragons. Not just because they have more hitpoints here, but you can not get attacked by other monsters, and there are some interesting drops on the drop table that make it worth the trip. The best way to get here is by teleporting to the city of Great Kourend.  

Isle of Souls Dungeon – The most recent addition to OSRS where you can find these monsters is the Isle of Souls Dungeon. You can fight them here if you have a slayer task. There also is a cool chest here which might give you a dark key. Finally, unlike the Catacombs, you can use a dwarven cannon in the Isle of Souls Dungeon. 

Useful Iron Dragons OSRS drops to pick up

Unlike more boring monsters like Cave Slimes, the Iron Dragons have a ton of drops on the drop table. They have two 100% drops, so picking up everything is not an option if you want to stay here for more than three kills. I will discuss the loot you can get here and how to make the most money out of killing these hunks of metal. 

Don’t forget that this guide is aimed at medium-level players, so you can leave a lot more on the floor if you have an impressive bank already. The average iron dragon kill is worth about 5.5k if you pick up every drop. 

I would strongly advise you to bring alchemy runes with you so you can alch the armor drops you get here right away. This will save you some inventory space. 

Must pick up Drops

Dragon bones – I would always pick up the dragon bones here. You don’t need to keep them and bury them right away for the 72 prayer exp they will give you. If you bury these in the Catacombs of Kourend, you will restore your prayer points by 4. This is a 100% drop. 

Dragon plateskirt – About one in a thousand kills will get you a dragon plateskirt. This is worth 161k and is great money for an ironman since that is also the number of coins you get when you high alch the plateskirt. 

Dragon platelegs – Dragen platelegs are also a one in a thousand drop. They alch for the exact amount of coins as the dragon plateskirt. In OSRS, these are worth the same as 

Rune dart (p) – A pretty common drop you can get here are rune dart (p). They drop 9 at a time, and these are worth 3k combined. Since they stack in your inventory, it is a good idea to pick them up. 

Adamant 2H sword – This is a great drop to alch right away. As an iron man, this will give you a bit of extra cash. A similar drop to pick up here is the adamant battle axe. The iron dragons drop these about one in 42 kills.  

Adamant SQ shield – Another decent drop here is the adamant square shield. This is another great drop to alch. Pick these up for an easy 2k profit. 

Rune med helm – A 1 in 128 drop here is the rune med helm. This drop is worth 11k per drop. It is a good idea to just alch it right away. They don’t drop these often, but it is a nice addition to your overall loot tab. 

Rune battleaxe – Another great item to get at the iron dragons is rune battleaxes. These are worth quite a bit of money. Alching these will net you 24k. They are dropped 1 in 128 kills, so don’t count on these getting dropped a lot. 

Blood runes – These metal dragons are quite a good source for blood runes. On average, one in seven iron dragons will drop 15 blood runes at once. This drop is worth 4.5k. It is a pretty useful drop for ironman as these runes are hard to get and expensive. 

Runite limbs – Rune limbs are a drop that you often get here. You can use them to make rune crossbows or alch them for a profit. These are quite common, so this drop adds up quite fast. 

Hard clue scroll – At OSRS Boss, we love doing clue scrolls. That is why we almost always recommend you to pick these up. Hard Clue Scrolls can make you quite a bit of money if you are lucky. 

Rune knifes – These creatures drop 5 rune knifes at a time. This is worth 1.5k. Since they stack and are a pretty useful item, you should pick it up. 

Draconic visage – The draconic visage drop is the most valuable drop you can get here. If you get it, this drop is only worth 3.6m, so don’t get too excited. As an ironman, I would not advise you to grind these. You are better grinding skeletal wyverns since only 1 in 10 000 iron dragons drop these. 

Catacombs of kourend ranging iron dragons

Optional drops to pick up

Adamant bolts – You can get adamant bolts here too. If you have your arrow slot free, pick these up. If not, you can leave these on the ground. They add up quite a lot and are very useful for ironmen who want to make diamond bolts (e). 

Adamant axe – this is only worth about 450 coins. However, you will still make a profit when alching this drop. So you might want to do this. 

Rune javelin – A rune javelin drop is quite common here. You will probably never use these if you are an ironman, so I wouldn’t pick them up. However, regular accounts can sell them for a tiny profit.

Soul runes – about 1 in 25 kills will get you three soul runes. These runes are not worth a lot, so they aren’t worth making extra inventory space if you are not staying long. 

Coins – you can get quite a lot of coins here. I never pick them up, but if you do, they do add up if you are grinding these for exp or for a draconic visage. You will get a few extra k here by picking them all up. 

  • Note that only the iron dragon in the Catacomb of Kourend drops the tertiary drops. These are ancient shards and dark totem base, middle and top pieces. I strongly recommend you to pick all of these up.

Best way to kill iron dragons osrs

Iron dragons are pretty similar to steel and bronze dragons, so you can easily use similar tactics to defeat them. So what is the best way to kill iron dragons in OSRS?

The best way to kill iron dragons in OSRS is by using magic. Iron dragons are weak to this attack style and can not hit you if you have anti-fire protection. That makes killing them with magic extremely effective and much better than other combat styles.

Also, since they are dragons, dragonbane weapons will be very effective in easily killing these monsters. However, those kinds of items are pretty expensive and are not essential here. 

Recommended stats

In theory, you can kill these with level 1 magic at combat 3 if you have an antifire shield and antifire potions. However, that isn’t going to be effective. You will need to have decent stats to kill 20 or more an hour. The shield is not as important as it is at e.g. cockatrice since dragonfire damage can be blocked 100% with potions.

To fight these metal monsters effectively, I suggest you have 70s in your combat stats. So 70 attacks, 70 strength, and 70 defense if you fight them with melee. Also, get 43 prayer to protect from their melee attacks. If you have 70 prayer, piety comes in very handy here and will make sure you defeat them a lot faster.

If you are killing them with range, you will need to have 70 range to hit them accurately and effectively. If you choose to fight them with magic, you can use chaos bolt if you have chaos gauntlets. However, it gets a lot more effective to kill them with magic at level 75 if you have access to fire waves and use a tomb of fire. Make sure you are using a super antifire when using a tomb of fire or the dragonfire attack will hit you.

Recommended gear and items

  • Magic: When using magic, it is strongly advised you maximize your mage bonus to hit more accurately. Use items like an occult necklace and an imbued god cape to kill them quickly. It is easy to kill them without taking damage with a super anti-potion. You need to make sure you stay out of melee range and always have your antifire active. Bring a mage potion or imbued heart. 
  • Ranged: Range is a great way to kill iron dragons. If you want to kill them quickly, use ammo like diamond bolts (e). Combine this with the dragon hunter crossbow, and you will get plenty of kills an hour. If that is too expensive, a dragon or rune crossbow with broad bolts is effective too. Don’t forget your ranging potion for extra accuracy. 
  • Melee: The best method to kill iron dragons is by using melee and the dragon hunter lance. Metal dragons are weak to stab, so you will hit accurately if you have decent gear. If you cant afford the lance, the Zamorakian Hasta is a very good alternative. Don’t forget to bring a combat potion with you to make sure you damage these monsters. 

Inventory for iron dragons

  • Good food like a shark or pineapple pizza
  • Prayer potions if using melee or if you want to boost your damage
  • Extended super antifire or two if using melee more if using range or magic
  • Super combat, ranging potion or imbued heart to increase your damage output
  • Fire runes and alch runes for high alching drops
Inventory for Iron dragons ranging melee magic

EXP and Profit

Depending on your stats, you can get about 60k combat experience here. The magic exp you get here is a bit higher; here, you can get 70k magic exp if you are using fire spells and the necessary damage boosters.

Your profit an hour at the iron dragons is about 300k. This is enough to cover all of your supply costs when you are using range or cheap magic spell-like chaos bolts. A large amount of this money is in the dragon bones, so if you don’t pick these up, you will get about 200k an hour. 

Iron Dragons FAQ

What weakness do iron dragons have?

OSRS Iron Dragons have three weaknesses. First, they are weak to magic attacks, stab attacks, and attacks with a dragonbane weapon like the dragon hunter crossbow and lance. 

Do baby iron dragon osrs exist?

No, there are no baby iron dragons. Only the chromatic dragons have baby variants in OSRS. There are no planned updates to introduce this kind of creature in the game at the moment.

What is the best method to kill iron dragons?

The best method to kill these for low levels is by using magic like a fire strike. However, if you are a higher level and you have some budget for good gear, the best way is to kill iron dragons with a dragon hunter lance or dragon hunter crossbow. 

Final thoughts

Iron dragons 2007 OSRS are among the best monsters for medium levels to fight. There are decent exp, you can fight them AFK, and you can make a profit while doing so. While they are not really worth it to go out of your way for, they are fun if you want to multitask or play an alt. 

The best location to fight them is the Catacombs of Kourend. You can AFK them here easily, they have more HP and the drops are better because you can get totem pieces and ancient shards. 

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